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City and Borough of Birmingham Escorts

City and Borough of Birmingham Escort Area Description

Flamboyant Birmingham Escorts and West Midlands Escorts

We present the widest range of Birmingham escorts, escort working independently or working from agencies. We can point you to Birmingham Tantric massage providers, erotic massage and Birmingham BBW girls.

Birmingham the second largest city in the United Kingdom has always been supported by many Birmingham escorts, courtesans and strippers. The gentleman’s clubs of Birmingham have always been a magnetic draw for the local population and those further afield. A night out in Birmingham for a group of men would invariably mean a drink in a pub, an evening in a gentleman’s club and the hope of pulling a ‘bird’. Invariably a Birmingham stripper or Birmingham escort would fill the gap between promise and reality.

In years past many of the streets of Birmingham had a thriving sex trade running from the streets. In those days of the 60’s there seemed to be a lot less opprobrium in the sale of sex. Indeed, is was often seen as a necessity to live at a time when there was less of a social safety net. Also, at the same time there seemed to be less of a movement to ‘save women from their own decisions. We know what is right for you’. Where sex work, escorting and self-determination is concerned there seems to be so much less tolerance in this digital age of instance gratification.

Nowadays the search for an escort in Birmingham is more likely to be achieved by the Internet. This might be a straight forward search using a search engine, visiting one of the many Birmingham Escort Agency websites or visiting the Birmingham page of an Escort directory. A few customers will still use the age-old method of contacting Birmingham courtesans in hotel bars or driving to a street location to find Birmingham women selling sex.

Escort Agencies in Birmingham

When you search for Birmingham Escort Agencies, you will find somewhere a little over 100 results returned. These vary from dedicated websites providing courtesans to the population of Birmingham, to irrelevant sites advertising jobs in IT. A quick count of the results shows

  • Twenty Agencies advertising escorts exclusively in Birmingham
  • TenAgencies who are national, but provide courtesans in Birmingham
  • Several Escort Directories, either local or national advertising escorts or agencies in Birmingham
  • Some National and not specific advertising sites who have a Birmingham personal section, selling adult services
  • Several independent Birmingham escorts providing sexual services to Birmingham residents.
  • A few newspaper articles all about the seedy side of prostitutes in Birmingham along with articles about the glamourous Birmingham Courtesans.
  • A few books on academic research into the sex markets of Birmingham and gender politics.
  • Finally, if the search engine is doing a bad job, or does not know where you are located, you might get listings of escort agencies from Birmingham in the states.

Saunas and Parlours in Birmingham

One avenue for finding a sex partner in Birmingham is not readily available, and that is the established parlour. There have been some Birmingham brothels in the past, but in recent years they have often been closed. The puritanical Birmingham police and city council have been inadvisably closing saunas and clubs. The belief amongst these mandarins and law keepers is that they are protecting the Birmingham escorts from sexual exploitation. What in fact they are doing is denying these women from employment and placing them in greater danger as they must work alone, or on the street. Often now short-term property rentals are made by escorts in Birmingham, where they will work for a few days, before leaving or are evicted, or chased out by the police. These short-term rentals are now named Birmingham pop-up brothels after there was a lot of media hype, and self-congratulatory discussion in parliament.

In the area of Hagley road, and other inner-city locations in Birmingham there are ample opportunities for several West Midland brothels to operate without causing offense to residents. There are plenty of locations where clubs, saunas and flats could operate from. Safe working locations where several Birmingham escorts can work together and employ security seems such a simple, but powerful idea. The improvement in security and a working companionship between the sex workers would also lead to a much-improved mental health and physical health. In what other job are Birmingham sex workers forced to work alone for legal reasons. One of the commonest complaints from most Birmingham escorts is the lack of friends, someone who you can talk to, someone you can unload with. A flat, brothel as well as providing safety, would provide workplace companionship. In between servicing men, couples and women they could chat and drink tea.

Independent Birmingham Escorts

The city of Birmingham, and the whole of the West Midlands has a thriving supply of self-employed Birmingham escorts working in the area. There are of course several types, the professional Brummie escorts who have made this a long-time career. Some may have entered escorting early in life, while others take to the profession after some milestone event in their life. This could be getting divorced after having children. Working as anWest Midlands escort becomes a quick and easy way to pay a bill.

A large majority of escorts will be working for a relatively short time. The younger Birmingham escorts paying for their university education. Once educated and working full time, they may never go back to escorting again. Other older escorts working in Birmingham may go out and work for a short while, to pay for the rent or buy clothes for the family. They stop when the task has been completed, only to start again when another item of expense must be paid for.

There is the large cadre of migrant Birmingham escorts who come from other European countries. They come from poor areas of Romania, Bulgaria and Poland, come here to work and generate enough money so they can buy a house when the get back home. Again, they are working in this country selling sex for a relatively short time, maybe several years. When they go home they have the resources to better their future lives.

The Escort Areas of Birmingham

Birmingham is a large city and is divided up into different areas. Many Birmingham courtesans will also advertise their services by the area in which they work. This is especially true for the escort incall appointment where you go and visit her. The location of her home, flat working apartment becomes an important part of your decision to see a Birmingham escort.

Birmingham Escort Area

This area is the central area of Birmingham, the heart of Birmingham where the restaurants, hotels and clubs are. This is going to be the location where business men stay, or people come in to the theatre or stay for a night out. Most of the Birmingham escort agencies and independent escorts in the area will be higher priced than the rest on the Birmingham conurbation.

Escorts in Bournville

Bournville is renowned for its chocolate factory, Cadbury’s. There is even a brand called Bournville, a dark chocolate with a more sensual and wicked taste. Bournville was set up by Quakers who provided housing for their workers. There was not even a pub, let alone any Bournville escorts. Though the pubs and clubs are there now, the escorts are far and few between.

Edgbaston Escorts

Edgbaston has it fair share of escorts working in the area. The Hagley Road in Edgbaston is an area where brothels have and continue to operate despite the best endeavours of the police.  Edgbaston has also been an area where street work is based. A residential area between Hagley road and Dudley was a well-used area by clients and Edgbaston escorts. The police in 2017 were cracking down on the trade and threatening to fine clients a thousand pounds if caught. I have not heard any more about this initiative, I am assuming the police cut backs have put an end to this. Policing sex markets is expensive in time and money. The area of Hagley road is within easy reach of the centre of Birmingham. Clients looking for a greater choice of Birmingham escorts should consider visiting Edgbaston. Then of course there is the cricket!



City and Borough of Birmingham Sex Workers

City and Borough of Birmingham Escorts

Farah Delaney

I am a friendly girl, I will never rush you, after a booking with me you will leave fully satisfied with a smile on your face wanting to see me again. I will put the most nervous client at ease. Check out my enjoys list, OWO is a specialty I enjoy. I work from a flat in Birmingham, but a

I am a friendly girl, I will never rush you, after a booking with me you will leave fully satisfied with a smile on your face wanting to see me again. I will put the most nervous client at ease. Check out my enjoys list, OWO is a specialty I enjoy. I work from a flat in Birmingham, but also travel around the country. Check my website to see where I am working.

Farah Delaney

   Age:26    Dress:8    Chest:32 E    Height:5' 9"    Hair:black/long    Smoking:   Tatoos:   Piercings:   Pubic Hair:shaved   Date updated: 2015-11-10 23:08:03.0    Date created: 2015-09-14 17:21:40.0

Fantasy Escorts Birmingham  Christina

black haired Birmingham Escort Christina

Are you looking for girlfriend experience, you want to have fun with an elite lady aged 25 years? A new British lady just arrived at Fantasy agency of escorts. With an impressive body, this naughty brunette has a height of 5ft6 and sweet blue eyes. Christina loves to wear the sexiest tights and dresses size 8. If you like what you see in pictures and if her hot 34C cup impressed you, then you must also know that this woman gives 100% girlfriend experience. Available for you, Christina is willing ...More

Fantasy Escorts Birmingham Christina

   Age:25    Dress:0    Chest:3 C    Height:5' 6"    Hair:black/    Smoking:   Tatoos:   Piercings:   Pubic Hair:   Date updated: 2018-09-17 06:34:43.323    Date created: 2018-09-17 06:34:42.127

Fantasy Escorts Birmingham  Hazel

brown haired Birmingham Escort Hazel

Vivacious, vibrant, voluptuous and va va voom, Hazel certainly has the V factor!! With looks and a figure to die for, this exquisite lady is certainly a charm to behold. With her frame of 5ft7 and a stunning 10 dress size and a perfect 34B cup size, she was most certainly built to make your dreams come true. Black hair and oh so dreamy hazel eyes, this luscious Birmingham escort has magic running through her veins to make your every moment filled with pure pleasure as Hazel immediately makes you ...More

Fantasy Escorts Birmingham Hazel

   Age:27    Dress:0    Chest:3 B    Height:5' 7"    Hair:brown/    Smoking:   Tatoos:   Piercings:   Pubic Hair:   Date updated: 2018-09-06 06:38:18.6    Date created: 2018-09-06 06:38:17.438

Fantasy Escorts Birmingham  Melody

brown haired Birmingham Escort Melody

For a warm taste of British heaven then look no further than mouth-watering Miss Melody. This amazing new addition to our team is already showing talents above and beyond any expectations. At just 21 years of age, this lady has every attribute you could desire. Her fantastically curvy 5ft4 frame with a jaw-dropping 34B bust and a booty to make your eyes pop out will make you plan journeys you never thought you had imagined. With meltingly enticing brown eyes and shimmering brunette hair, this te ...More

Fantasy Escorts Birmingham Melody

   Age:21    Dress:0    Chest:3 B    Height:5' 4"    Hair:brown/    Smoking:   Tatoos:   Piercings:   Pubic Hair:   Date updated: 2018-09-01 13:51:53.0    Date created: 2018-09-01 13:51:53.0

Fantasy Escorts Birmingham  Lucy

black haired Birmingham Escort Lucy

Amazing, beautiful and young, Lucy is a new bombshell available through Fantasy Escorts Birmingham in all areas of The Midlands and even in the surrounding regions. This sexy brunette with sweet brown eyes is only 25 years old, but Lucy has the most significant desire to meet the most demanding gentlemen to improve her life experience. If you like fresh women, it is time to taste the pleasures of life with the right companion for you. This lady is the perfect representation of passion and innoce ...More

Fantasy Escorts Birmingham Lucy

   Age:25    Dress:0    Chest:3 C    Height:5' 2"    Hair:black/    Smoking:   Tatoos:   Piercings:   Pubic Hair:   Date updated: 2018-08-26 10:34:47.0    Date created: 2018-08-26 10:34:46.0


Full service Polish escort in Birmingham

Georgia is a full service girl who loves to delve into the naughty and erotic services of the sexual kind. Not many women in the world, and especially not in Birmingham, are as liberal and broad minded as escort Georgia. Hence why so many clients go to her to act out their most desired sexual fantasies. However, you will soon discover that she is also an extremely likable and bubbly lady, of intelligence and sweetness. You will find that she makes talking and being your companion in general ...More


   Age:30    Dress:8    Chest:32 A    Height:6' 0"    Hair:blonde/medium    Smoking:socially   Tatoos:discrete   Piercings:discrete   Pubic Hair:shaved   Date updated: 2018-08-23 12:51:36.0    Date created: 2018-08-23 12:41:33.0


Gorgeous girl Kelly in Birmingham!

Kelly is a very classy and intelligent young lady who is very willing to satisfy your desires in the most delightful and sensual of ways. Kelly is very open minded and the kind of girl who is perfectly suited to any environment and appointment. Escort Kelly is based in Birmingham, for incalls and offers outcalls throughout the West Midlands at very low prices. Making her the most high class girl you will find, but, offers the lowest prices too. You are sure to be amazed by the second to non ...More


   Age:23    Dress:8    Chest:32 B    Height:5' 5"    Hair:brown/medium    Smoking:no   Tatoos:none   Piercings:none   Pubic Hair:shaved   Date updated: 2018-08-23 11:20:02.0    Date created: 2018-08-23 11:16:11.0


Alia is an exciting young African escort in Birmingham

African Birmingham escort Alia is a must for gents who have a partiality for ebony stunners. This young lady is exquisite in every way, having a sun drenched smooth caramel complexion with her soft dark skin inviting hands to feel its softness. This young lady who originates from South Africa is warm and friendly with a big white smile which is very welcoming allowing and any pre appointment nerves to evaporate leaving you in a relaxed state so you can enjoy her company to the fullest extent. O ...More


   Age:25    Dress:10    Chest:34 B    Height:5' 5"    Hair:black/medium    Smoking:no   Tatoos:visible   Piercings:discrete   Pubic Hair:shaved   Date updated: 2018-08-08 11:27:26.0    Date created: 2018-08-08 11:15:56.0


Liberated free thinking ebony for lots of fun

Mixxy brunette Birmingham ebony escort has the physical appearance that will excite anyone and is used to getting a lot of male attention. When on a night out with friends she is always the one to get chatted up as she gets noticed as soon as she walks into a bar no matter how crowed it happens to be, The same sort of thing happens when brunette ebony escort in Birmingham Mixxy when she first open the door to a client as they are amazed at how gorgeous she is in the flesh and how perfectly well ...More


   Age:24    Dress:8    Chest:34 B    Height:5' 8"    Hair:brown/long    Smoking:yes   Tatoos:none   Piercings:none   Pubic Hair:shaved   Date updated: 2018-08-07 11:34:42.0    Date created: 2018-08-07 11:21:59.0


Gabriela is a graceful and skilled sex siren in Birmingham

Gabriela mature petite Birmingham escort is one of the classiest ladies on the escorting scene. This slim lissome woman has style and panache She is the type of companion you would choose if you were looking for liaisons such as dinner dates, over night arrangements, perhaps if you are a discerning gent staying away from home for a few nights and want to take the edge off loneliness. It is a bonus going out with someone who knows their way around to city. If you are looking for an accomplished c ...More


   Age:33    Dress:8    Chest:32 A    Height:5' 5"    Hair:brown/shoulder    Smoking:socially   Tatoos:discrete   Piercings:discrete   Pubic Hair:shaved   Date updated: 2018-08-07 20:34:23.0    Date created: 2018-08-07 20:28:39.0



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