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Advertising as an Isle of Man Touring Escort

All photographs used for IOM advertising will be reviewed.  If there is ANY doubt they are stolen, then these photographs will not be allowed on the site.  It will be up to you to prove the photographs are of you. I have to do this, because the use of stolen photographs is destroying the credibility of the directory amongst your clients.

I will also need a verification photographs taken on the Isle of Man in front of the Airport, Seaport or a major landmark which can be viewed with google street view.  This must be done for every tour, and the verification photograph will be on display  Click the green Verified Link, and the verification photograph is displayed..  So if you do not want your face in the verification photograph, then make sure the photograph is taken that way.

I would also advise that you have some selfie images taken with the same mobile phone as the verification photograph in your gallery.  These are more likely to be displayed than the pictures which are currenlly being entered into the gallery.

Isle of Man Escorts, IOM Escorts and Douglas Escorts

The Isle of Man is a small community, with the result there are not many local IOM escorts available on the island. Discretion makes it very difficult for Isle of Man escorts to live and work locally on the island.

The Isle of Man is not a completely no go area for men to meet escorts though. There are a growing number of escorts from the mainland who tour the Isle of Man on a regular basis. Please check this site on a regular basis to see who is visiting as an Escort to the IOM.  There are some escorts listed under Isle of Man who will visit on demand.  You will have to book them up several days in advance, and likely have to pay for their travel costs.  These Manx escorts do tour to the Isle of Man and Douglas on a regular basis.  There are IOM escorts who come on an adhoc basis.  A touring escort is better value.  You won't have to pay for their travel costs, and you will need only a short booking.

I am sure during the Isle of Man TT, you will be able to find one of many visiting escorts who have come to entertain the bike fans and the bikers.  The Isle of Man TT is held at the end of May and beginning of June.  There are also other motor racing events where Douglas Escorts will appear.  The Isle of Man rally is held in September.

Isle of Man model tours

Check out Select An Escort where the IOM escort will add a listing.  They will also announce their Isle of Man model tour in the tour section of Select An Escort.  Check this page regularly to see who has announced a tour in the next few days.  You should normally see an Isle of Man companion tour for pretty well every day of the year.  Douglas escorts will normally book a room in a hotel in Douglas, where they will work from.  When you phone the touring escort, she will give you an approximate location of where she is working.  On arrival at this location you will phone her.  It is likely at this stage she can see you, and is checking whether you are a good or bad customer.  If she feels you are safe, she will answer and give you the final directions to the hotel room.

Other Isle of Man escort locations 

There are other towns on the Isle of Man other than the major town of Douglas. Ballure is a small town in the North East of the IOM.  It has holiday lets and is on the Manx Electric Railway. Ramsey is next to Ballure on the North of the island, and is the second largest town after Douglas.  Ramsey Escorts and Ballure are known to operate out of some of the holiday lets. Peel is on the west coast of the Isle of Man, has a lovely sandy beach and a castle.  Peel has a Marina where tourist boats will visit.  Where there are boats there will always be a demand for the escorts, and that demand can be met by Peel escorts.  Castletown was the former capital of the Isle of Man.  The town has narrow streets and small cottages.  The town is close to the islands Ronaldsway Airport.  This makes Castletown a popular stopping off point for Castletown escorts and Ronaldsway escorts.

Isle of Man prostitutes normally visit the island on a touring basis. Isle of Man massage parlours, and Isle of Man dogging is not know.  If anyone has information on dogging in the IOM, please let me know.

Isle of Man Escort Alerts

To be alerted to the latest Isle of Man escort tour follow the twitter account  Those escorts who are tweeted are serious about their job, and have paid to be advertised on this escort directory.  


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