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Information Resource For Escorts

This section is for escorts and contains information for new and old escorts. Mainly these are links to resources relating to the laws on sex work in the UK, advice resource sites, safety sites, and health sites. The information provided is to the best of my knowledge, you should though check the resources thoroughly and consult a solicitor for further advice.

Becoming an Escort

The Law

Before touring a country you should check to see what is legal, and what is illegal.

The English Collective of Prostitutes have produced a know your rights leaflet for when you have to deal with the police. A printable document is available here. This is for England and Wales.

ScotPep have also produced a document for those working in Scotland where the law differs to England. The printable version of the advice document, The police and your Rights can be down loaded pronted and kept for reference.

Unbiased help

New to escorting, thinking about escorting, old hand at escorting, but want some advice, then there are many forums to go to and ask. First though I would like to suggest two of my favourite sites.

SAAFE - Support And Advice For Escorts This site is a gold mine of good advice for those working as escorts. Links to the Law, advice on those to avoid, there are some many out there trying to take your money. Advice on where to go for health checks. Where to advertise, and who to avoid. There is also a forum where escorts ask each other for help, and warn each other of scams and ugly mugs. The site is run by escorts for escorts.


Don't believe that sex work is tax free. Like all cash in hand jobs, the tax man is on the look out for you. Earning large amounts of cash is not easy to get away with, as soon as it enters the banking system or is used to buy large ticket items, the tax man starts to take notice. So if you start to earn, you should be paying tax. Like all businesses there are expenses you can claim to offset these earnings. That is where accountants can come in and help.

You can talk to SWISH about tax and benefits where they can give you more advice. Also take a look at the website produced by a sex worker friendly accountant called Tax Relief for Escorts. This goes through the tax rules, and lists a number of accountants who can help you.

Staying Safe use The Ugly Mugs Scheme

Sex work can be dangerous, if you are working legally, then you are working alone with strangers. The UK Network for Sex Worker Projects (UKNSWP) has an excellent more in-depth guide to safety that you can download here.

Below are some tips for when you are working. You should though make use of the Ugly Mugs scheme. Join the scheme and receive notifications of violence against sex workers in your area. You can use the system to check phone numbers on their register of bad dates. In the event you are attacked you have the option of reporting the attack to Ugly Mugs instead of the police.

  • Trust your instincts - your instincts are your best friend. By getting high, drunk or stoned when working, your instincts will be impaired.
  • Try to avoid drugs and alcohol when you are working.
  • Avoid working where your mobile has little or no reception
  • Stay alert - if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Trust yourself and get out of the situation.
  • Locate an exit - ensure you know where the exit is and how to get out quickly if you need to.
  • Be clear - be friendly but firm with clients. If you both know exactly what you are agreeing to, and for what price, things are less likely to go sour.
  • Stay firm - be firm with what you’re prepared to do and your prices. If you show a client you’ll negotiate, they may try and push you too far.
  • Be sure what you are taking - if a client offers you any drink/food/drugs, make sure it has not been tampered with and do not take anything your client isn’t also taking.
  • Be careful with protection devices - remember that personal protection devices (like attacker sprays) can be used against you.
  • Know the area - if you are going to work in a new area, find out how you could get out in an emergency - where are the bus stops? Research a local mini cab number etc.
  • Stay mobile - always ensure your phone is charged and has credit!
  • Dial 999 - if you are in an emergency, don’t forget that dialling 999 is free from any phone and for a non-emergency you can call 101 to speak to the police.
  • Looks can be deceiving - just because someone looks and sounds respectable, it doesn’t mean they are.
  • Use a buddy system - set up a ‘buddy system’ so someone knows where and when you’re working. Let them know when you have bookings and check in with them after the booking.
  • Use a code word - have a code word with your buddy/co-worker, so you can alert them to danger discreetly without arousing suspicion.
  • Use cameras - have cameras installed where you work. If you are on the streets, take down the car registration and text it to a friend.
  • Be alarmed - carry an alarm or have a few hidden in the flat.
  • Be cash careful - don’t keep large sums of cash in the flat but do have a small amount to bribe an intruder if necessary.
  • Keep your clothes close - if you are working inside, leave your clothes in one place where you can grab them quickly if need be.
  • Use Ugly Mugs - Sign up to the Ugly Mugs scheme.
  • Save Ugly Mugs - Save the numbers of Ugly Mugs (bad punters) or potential Ugly Mugs on your phone so you know not to answer in future.

Photography and Website Design

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Campaign for Sex Worker Rights

Escorts should seriously consider giving some of their time to voicing their desire to have the choice to work as sex workers, and to getting the law changed to make it safer to work.

There are groups with large funds, often millions donated by Government departments who have the aim of stopping prostitution. These groups come together with ill founded claims and persuade Government Ministers of the need to criminalise the client. In so doing, driving sex work further into the dangerous mirky back streets. The present law is dangerous to sex workers, in that it basically criminalises any safe working practices.

Sex workers must band together, forget their differences, form, or join existing campaign groups and fight those intent on criminalising sex work, and pushing back the barriers to safe working practices. This involvement might be providing funds, writing to MPS, to the papers, giving interviews, attending demos. There is something all of us can do no matter how discrete we have to be. There are several groups.

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