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Officers carried out the search warrant at a property in Butneys, in Basildon, Essex, on Friday, July 17.

Inside, they found what they suspected to be an appointment book, as well as knuckle dusters.

On Twitter, Essex Police shared the video and said: "Officers from Basildon’s Town Centre Team carried out a warrant at a suspected brothel in Butneys.

Plans for 2020

The start of a new year has been incredible for me and I hope it has for you guys too. I'm officially back full time and have been touring Basildon for about 2 months now, hotel living has it's pros and cons but for the most part I'm loving it. The next plan is to finally pick an incall flat and get my arse moved in and settled somewhere for the first time in 5 years, I'm a nomad and I must accept this and then break the habit.

As for right now though I'm enjoying the nomadic lifestyle of hotels and have even befriended a few fellow ladies that are working here. There is a lot of freedom when working this way and along with my camming you guys keep me very busy. So I'm still in the same quandry as last year, which is do I stay or go? Do I stay in hotels and live the way I like or do I follow society's 'rules' and 'settle down' somewhere but definitely NOT with someone. It's been a hard one from the beginning and now it's crunch time to make a choice.

Do you guys prefer hotels or flats when you visit someone, specifically me? There are many positives and negatives to both scenarios and I do like the idea of finally having somewhere to call home. That's my other issue, the road has always been my home even when I wasn't escorting and I am naturally a traveller, being in one place would bore me to tears. Do I go for the place that suits me personally or professionally?

I'm not looking for answers by the way just having a bit of a brain explosion in this month's edition. Watch this space for my decision in the coming months...

Peyton x