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Newcastle Sex Work News

Scientists found a 2,000-year-old sex toy near Hadrians Walk

The object measured six inches. Credit:Newcastle University

Move over Ann Summers, because forget your modern gadgets, the ancient Romans had their own version of adult playthings—a 'non-miniaturized, disembodied carved wooden phallus.' Imagine the wisdom passed down through the ages!

In a discovery that'll make you raise your eyebrows higher than a Roman aqueduct, scientists have dug up what they believe to be the earliest example of a Roman sex toy in the UK. Picture this: a 2,000-year-old phallic-shaped piece of wood, a solid 16cm in length. Or, well, it might've been larger back in the day, but you know how wood behaves over time—always shrinking when you least expect it!

This relic of raunchiness was stumbled upon over two decades ago near Hadrian's Wall in Northern England, lying next to shoes, dress trinkets, and other knick-knacks. At first, it was written off as some sort of sewing tool—imagine the surprise when someone had the bright idea to take a closer look!

Rob Collins, a senior lecturer in archaeology at Newcastle University, couldn't help but chuckle at the situation: "I mean, seriously, who cataloged this thing as a darning device? Perhaps someone was just a tad uncomfortable admitting that the Romans indulged in such... uh, peculiar activities."

But wait, there's more! In a scholarly paper that's bound to raise a few eyebrows (and maybe even elicit a snort or two), researchers proposed not one, not two, but three possible uses for this ancient phallic find.

First up, the obvious: a good old-fashioned dildo. Although, let's be clear, it probably wasn't exactly a hit for penetration—more like a novelty item for clitoral stimulation. Ow!

Then there's the slightly less scandalous suggestion that it was used as a pestle for grinding up medicine. Can you imagine asking your local apothecary for one of those?

And finally, the most bizarre theory of them all: it could've been some sort of lucky charm, placed at the entrance of businesses to, uh, promote prosperity. Talk about a unique marketing strategy!

Collins sums it up best: "Whether it was for pleasure, pain, or just plain luck, one thing's for sure—ancient Romans definitely had a creative streak when it came to their... ahem, personal items."

Diana R. Johnson Chair, Home Affairs Committee, Chair, Home Affairs Committee

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, what steps her Department is taking to stop commercial websites partly or wholly dedicated to advertising prostitution from facilitating trafficking for sexual exploitation and other sexual offences.

Chris Philp The Minister of State, Home Department

Tackling modern slavery, including online sexual exploitation remains a top priority for this Government, and we are committed to stamping out this abhorrent crime. Since its introduction, the Modern Slavery Act 2015, has given law enforcement agencies the tools to tackle modern slavery, with maximum life sentences for perpetrators and enhanced protection for victims, including children.

We know that traffickers may use adult services websites (ASW) to advertise victims of modern slavery for sexual exploitation and that is why we are working closely with law enforcement partners and online companies to ensure they live up to their responsibilities of preventing their services from being used for criminal activity. Through Project AIDANT, the series of National Crime Agency-led operational intensifications, operational activity to target exploitation associated with ASWs has increased.

Furthermore, under the Online Safety Bill, all in scope companies will need to take action to prevent the use of their services for criminal activity. Illegal content will need to be removed expeditiously and the risk of it appearing and spreading across their services will need to be minimised by effective systems. For priority categories set out in legislation, companies will need to take particularly robust action. This includes sexual exploitation offences contained in the Sexual Offences Act (2003). For these offences, companies will need to consider the necessary systems and processes to identify, assess and address these offences based on a risk assessment. This might mean more resource for content moderation or limiting algorithmic promotion of content.

The Home Office is also providing £1.36m over the next 3 years to ‘Changing Lives’ for their Net-Reach project, which will tackle Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) online, providing early intervention and targeted support for women and girls at high-risk of commercial online exploitation and the risk on online sexual harm.

This article is written by a sex worker. She found that countless clients were using her services to heal from body shame. Most specifically penis size.

One twenty something client opened up about his cock size, and thus his ability to give pleasure t a woman.  He opened up, and I realised he had grown up watching porn, and that his manhood was not as big as the Porn Star studs.

The story (ed. I have heard the myself), is that sex work can often be healing work. Helping to boost confidence, helping to process grief. This sex worker found she was part therapist, part pleasure provider and part healer t her clients.

Definitely a good read.


LAST week Diane Abbott MP tweeted about the “sex worker” training that Durham University was offering its students. Her detractors were soon out in hordes insisting that “sex work” just needs to be made safe and she is simply not progressive enough to understand.

The Universites are being positive in providing saftey advice. No one denies that selling sexual services can be dangerous. The attitude of sweeping it under the carpet, and criminilising those involved (buying or selling) make the work even more dangerous.  Rather tham implementing the Noridic Model as proposed by Anna Fisher of Nordic Model Now! (

A total decriminilisation is called for. Peer reviewed research in sex work comes out positively on the benefits of decriminilisation as implemented in New Zealand and New South Wales. The Nordic Model Now have a few people who have worked in the sex industry who fight for the end of the sex industry. This is opposed to the hundreds of thousands working in it now.

Durham, Newcastle and Manchester are the only Russell Group universities that have policies in place to support their students who work in the sex industry. There is an estimate that there are 214,200 student sex workers. That does sound high to me, but not all those student sex workers would be student escorts.

It is a pity that other Universities do not provide advice to those who are sex workers. Advice on STIs, the law, and organisations they can turn to for help.

Outside the Russell Group unis, Leicester University released the Student Sex Work Toolkit. The safety resource includes details for staff on how to communicate with students about their sex work and signposting of further sources of information. They also outline a guide on the legalities of sex work and tips for students to keep themselves safe.

None of this is encouragement to students to work as escorts, but rather to help those who already work in the sex industry to be safe.

Student escorts need to be supported. This article is about a student escort who worked as a full-service escort during her undergraduate degree and then continued after her degree. She enjoyed the job. After she wanted to leave she had no choice but to continue because of poverty and then started to feel trapped by the job.

It is important in this job to plan your exit strategy, save your money and invest it to secure a way out in the future. (editor)

She then approached counselling and found no help. She was even discharged from a rape recovery centre because she was deemed as putting herself in debt. 

After many years she finally met a Community Psychiatric Nurse who believed her and told her there was no shame in being an escort.

From her experience, she has set up a group called Support for Student Sex Workers, a sex worker-led organisation. It is the only one in the country.  Her group has trained universities throughout the UK.

It hurts her that people have said we are ‘pimping out’ our students because it simply isn’t true.

If you are a student and want their help, the contact

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I chatted with Sarah from Decrim Now about the laws around sex work and why it's an issue at the moment. We cover the current position (which is partial criminalisation), the Nordic Model (which criminalises the client), and full decriminalisation (which is what sex workers and many big unions and charities are calling for).

As I mentioned in last week's show we would please encourage you to use this template to email your MP about it and if you have clout or belong to an organisation that does, please sign the open letter

Three men have been arrested in raids targeting the suspected trafficking of women from Eastern Europe for sex work.

Northumbria Police raided four properties in Newcastle earlier as part of an investigation into modern day slavery.

Four "vulnerable" women were taken into police protection, a spokesman said.

The three men were arrested on suspicion of modern day slavery and trafficking offences are being held in police custody.

Northumbria Police believe the women, most of whom are from Romania, were being brought to the UK and kept in cramped houses while being forced into sex work.

The invite-only social media app, which lets people gather in audio-only "rooms" for free-flowing discussions, is in the midst of an explosive growth spurt. With reportedly over 10 million users as of mid-February, the demand for accounts is so high that people are trying to sell them for as much as $100. The real challenge, however, lies in deleting an account — a potentially serious safety concern for users now struggling to do so as they see their professional and personal lives unwillingly mixed. 

With full access to your contact list, and with a database matching phone numbers to Clubhouse accounts, the app both prompts you to follow users whose phone numbers are in your phone and "lets you see which of your friends are on Clubhouse" — even if those "friends" don't have clubhouse accounts in their real names. 

While valuable from a Silicon Valley-growth perspective, this kind of discoverability can cause serious problems for historically vulnerable populations — for instance, sex workers — who often attempt to keep their work lives separate from their personal lives. As we've seen time and time again, people outed as past or present sex workers have faced harassment, been fired, and been made to deal with other real-world consequences.

As we previously reported, the only way (as of the time of this writing) to delete a Clubhouse account is to email the company with a request. That doesn't mean the company will respond, however. Clubhouse ignored four written account-deletion requests, starting Feb. 11, from this very reporter before responding on Feb. 26.

Even then, the Clubhouse support team didn't delete my account — it asked me to link an email to the account, and provided instructions for doing so in-app that didn't work. As of the time of this writing, my Clubhouse account still remains on the platform. 

An insightful and hilarious new play will launch late this autumn in a bid to shed light on what life is really like for a UK sex worker. Lor Production's Sex is Hard Work, inspired by the book of the same name, sheds light on what life is really like for a UK sex worker - telling the story of a former Tyneside escort - with a story so outrageous that it will turn people's views on the trade forever.


12th - 14th November


The Cluny & The Cluny 2

34-36 Lime Street


Newcastle upon Tyne


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Homeless and vulnerable people turned to sex work during lockdown, police reveal. What a surprise!!!!!

Officers were concerned that some members of the homeless community were putting themselves at risk after migrating to the area from the city centre.

Some had even worryingly turned to sex work to survive.

Officers in the North East warned they have also received increased reports of brothels operating in Newcastle.

Northumbria Police said there had been a "shift" into the "exploitative world of sex work" in order to pay rent or buy drugs.