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Glasgow Escorts and Sex Work in the News

Sex workers to attend vigil and remember lives lost - 17th December 2017

A vigil will be held in Glasgow to mark the International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers. This is being organised by Umbrella Lane, a peer-led charity working to improve the health and safety of sex workers. There are an estimated  1,500 sex workers in Scotland. Umbrella lane has an online following of around 350 sex workers and welcomes 30-40 to their hub each week. As a sex worker-led service, Dr Ryan says, they are trusted not to stigmatise those who access their services. We talk about a full decriminalisation framework which means workers will work together for safety but also that third-parties are not criminalised so sex workers that want to work for a manager could do so.

10th July 2019 Glasgow lap dancers speak out about the threat to close clubs

More and more strippers are coming together to fight the threat from Glasgow council in its bid to close the three-strip clubs in the city. The fear is that if these strip clubs are closed, then a domino effect will take place and other clubs in parts of Scotland will also be closed. While the dancers say they are not being listened to and are determined to make their voices heard, Glasgow City Council has been repeatedly emphatic that the 12-week consultation is open to everyone to respond to.

The article shows that the clubs have a good duty of care to the strippers, ensuring they get home safely by taxi and a ferociously protective House Mum who looks after them. Many of the strippers state they received more unwanted attention in their 'civilian jobs' than they do as lap dancers and strippers. More strippers are joining the GMB Scotland union to fight their cause. The branch G206 is expected to be ratified next week. It is named after the date of International Sex Workers' Day - June 2.

Please support the #AskThe700 campaign and demand that these clubs remain open. The campaign is named after the estimated 700 lap dancers in Scotland

Read more about Glasgow lap dancers speak out about the threat to close clubs. A very fair and good article by @LadyCatHT who has allowed sex workers their voice.

21st June 2019 Strippers across Scotland to protest plan to ban Glasgow lapdance clubs

As previously reported, strip clubs in Glasgow could be banned. The council has the power to license Sexual Entertainment Venues (SEVs). It can set a zero number of venues in the city. Presently there are four such venues in the city with 700 dancers across the whole of Scotland. Some MSPs, such as Sandra White have made it their mission to close these venues. More than 3,000 people have signed a petition in support of the Glasgow strip clubs and this will be delivered to the council by former stripper and dance Mandy Rose Jones. Mandy says she will be carrying a sign on Saturday's protest stating, My body, my choice. The consultation will run until August and considers the location of strip clubs, (near to schools and churches), incidents of anti-social behaviour in the area, sexual assaults and Glasgow escorts providing sexual services.

Jan Macleod another combatant is looking for a zero limit, and existing clubs to be closed. She views lap dancing is a form of sexual exploitation and incompatible with gender equality. 

The battle lines have been drawn.

4th June 2019 Glasgow could be the first in the UK to ban lap dancing clubs

Here we go again, banning lap dancing clubs. Glasgow is looking to set the number of Sexual Entertainment venues to zero, zilch, none. There is a consultation open until August 26th, asking the public's view on these clubs. The council is asking if there should be any or none at all. Presently there are 4 venues, Diamond Dolls, Forbidden, Platinum Lace and Seventh Heaven. Of course, there are those campaigning to have the number set to zero.  Jan Macleod, of the Women's Support Project in Glasgow, said it wanted a limit of zero and for existing lap dancing clubs to be closed. Her views are these clubs put women at risk. This is absolutely untrue, and it has been proven many times that there is no increase in sexual violence in areas with lap dancing clubs. If anything the correlation is the opposite. This was shown by Brooke Magnanti who totally debunked the statistics from a similar campaign to shut down lap dancing clubs in London.

The consultation closes on Monday, 26 August

Read more in the Scotsman 

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