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A very Yorkshire Brothel - 25th November 2019

Mother and daughter team Kath and Jenni run City Sauna, Sheffield's premier 'massage parlour'. City Sauna is now under more threat than ever before. Just 30 miles away, in Holbeck, Leeds, the council have closed down brothels and launched a controversial scheme to decriminalise street prostitution. With a major government enquiry underway into the buying and selling of sex, is it now time to rethink the law on brothels?

Sex Workers defend Sophie Wilson over 'anti-women' allegations - 6th November 2019

Sophie Wilson is bidding to replace Kevin Barron is a south Yorkshire constituency. Sophie was criticised by campaigner Sammy Woodhouse and others for attending a rally to stop a strip club closure. Ms Willson said she was proud of her record for defending workers rights. Cat Smith, a member of Decrim Now said Sex workers and other feminists are grateful to Sophie Wilson for supporting our rights. It should come as no surprise that a member of the Labour Party supports worker’s rights - that the workers in question are dancers is irrelevant.

There are concerns that the killer of Michaela Hague in 2001 is still around - 29th October 2019 

The mother was picked up from Bower Street and taken to a car park off Nursery Street and was stabbed 19 times in the neck. Michaela was able to describe the punter to the first police officer before she died. He drove a blue Ford Sierra, was around 38, clean-shaven and wearing a wedding ring, 38 years old, 6ft tall, wearing a blue fleece and glasses. He has never been found. The killer of Sheffield escort Dawn Shields has also never been caught.

30th June 2019  Leeds sex zone inspires calls for Sheffield to introduce a similar scheme in South Yorkshire

Owners of the massage parlour visited Holbeck Managed Zone and were inspired. So inspired they have called on Sheffield City Council to implement a similar model in South Yorkshire. The couple visited Leeds and spoke with sex workers on the street. Kath and her daughter, who run the Attercliffe Road massage parlour as a joint business venture, are looking to incorporate some of the principles of the Holbeck Managed Approach - but are asking the decision-makers in Sheffield to go one step further and fully decriminalise all sex work.

Read more about the Sheffield Petition in Leeds Live

11th June 2019 Strippers halt traffic with march backing new licence for Sheffield Spearmint Rhino Strip Club

Strippers halted the traffic in Sheffield in protest against the possible closure of the strip club Spearmint Rhino. The license for the strip clubs renewal. The renewal is in question after undercover investigators photographed sex acts taking place in the club. The dancers and supporters believe these investigators should be prosecuted for revenge porn offences. Gabby Willis, women's officer, from Sheffield Hallam was at the demonstration, supporting the right from women to earn money however they choose. It is important that we support women's freedom to use their bodies how they like to earn money in a safe environment.

Read more about the battle for stripers in Sheffield

4th June 2019 Should Sheffield have a red light district?

Jenni Wright has started a petition to decriminalise sex work. She said that Every day, sex workers have to put themselves in danger to avoid a criminal record. They can’t work together to keep each other safe, they can’t look for a safe working environment in a parlour, they can’t rely on the authorities for protection." Jordan Dean, who is supporting Spearmint Rhino in their fight to keep their lap dancing club open, has a friend and a relative who worked in the club, said: “I think having a licensed establishment makes it safer. There’s a lot of illegal brothels and things like that in Sheffield that aren’t as safe and secure. There’s always going to be sex work but to have licensed on it is a good thing.”

Read more in the Star

29th April 2019 Calls to decriminalise sex work in Sheffield

Jenni Wright submitted a petition to the council asking them to make Sheffield a pioneer for change, adding that laws were putting women’s lives in danger. Most Sheffield escorts are mothers and are supporting families, let us not hurt them. Attercliffe has the highest number of brothels in the city. Many people are calling of an unofficial red-light district away from the high street to better regulate sex work. The petition has  so far it has gained 37 signatures

Read more from The Star

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Navigating the Shift From Social Stars to Exclusive Content Creators

2023-12-19 elrond

Navigating the Shift From Social Stars to Exclusive Content Creators

It's no secret that the digital age has revolutionised how we consume entertainment. In recent years, we've witnessed a fascinating phenomenon: those catchy dance routines and viral clips on TikTok are becoming the gateway for creators to a more personal and lucrative venture. Indeed, TikTok creators turned OnlyFans stars are redefining fame, offering an exclusive glimpse into their lives to fans willing to pay for the privilege. This shift allows creators to form a more intimate bond with their audience and provides a platform that caters to more niche content.

Understanding the drive behind exclusive digital content

The allure of subscription platforms can't be overstated. Fans are drawn to the promise of content they can't find anywhere else, coupled with the possibility of interacting directly with creators. It's a unique combination that mainstream social media can't replicate: the satisfaction of supporting a favourite creator while gaining access to their most exclusive work. Whether it's specific kinks, aesthetics, or simply a personality they've grown to love on TikTok, subscribers enjoy tailored content that resonates with their personal tastes.

Ensuring a safe space in the online adult world

Diving into online adult entertainment as a creator or consumer comes with its privacy concerns. Therefore, navigating this space with discretion is paramount. Creators often adopt pseudonyms and employ strict privacy settings to separate their online personas from their personal lives. Fans, too, are urged to respect these boundaries for a culture of mutual respect. Conversely, creators need to be transparent about the content they provide, ensuring fans know what they're subscribing to, thus balancing explicit content gracefully with artistic freedom.

The global reach of digital content creators

The internet knows no borders, and content creators are tapping into international audiences with broader appetites and varied interests. This open market doesn't just expose fans to different cultures but also lets creators express their uniqueness without geographical constraints. Overcoming language barriers with subtitles or multi-language content broadens the appeal and allows trends from one region to influence or become popular in another, creating a truly global exchange of digital entertainment.

Monetising the personal touch in digital entertainment

As creators transition to platforms that allow for subscription-based content, understanding the financial perks becomes critical. There's a variety of revenue streams to explore, from pay-per-view messages to tipping, ensuring creators are compensated for their efforts. These platforms support creators not just artistically but financially, taking a cut while providing a service that's invaluable in the digital economy. Subscribers, on the other hand, are often happy to pay for this content, as it gives them a sense of investment in the creator's success, fostering a community unlike any other.

In a sweeping series of operations targeting car washes, nail bars, and pop-up brothels, South Yorkshire Police apprehended 48 individuals suspected of engaging in organized immigration crime and illicit labor practices. The crackdown resulted in the confiscation of £1,400 worth of counterfeit vapes, the discovery of over 100 cannabis plants, the seizure of £3,000 in cash, and the impoundment of four vehicles, all purportedly linked to instances of modern slavery and exploitation.

A total of four car washes across Barnsley, Rotherham, and Sheffield were shut down, with one employer facing a potential £60,000 penalty. The comprehensive sweep involved searches at more than 40 car washes, nail bars, pop-up brothels, and over 60 residential and vehicular locations, including trucks, under the umbrella of Operation Bubbles. Collaborating with agencies such as the Immigration Service, Department for Work and Pensions, Yorkshire and Humberside Regional Organised Crime Unit, and the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority, officers led the extensive investigations.

Detective Chief Inspector Anna Sedgwick underscored the link between unregulated hand car washes and broader organized crime, encompassing drug production, human trafficking, money laundering, and various forms of exploitation. Sedgwick emphasized the diverse nature of modern slavery victims, spanning men, women, and children from various countries and backgrounds, often affecting the most vulnerable or marginalized communities. This concerted effort aimed to combat exploitation in its multifaceted manifestations within society.

A senior Sheffield police officer has explained why South Yorkshire Police would rather see sex workers employed in saunas over attempting to pick up trade on the streets or in ‘pop-up brothels’.

Detective Superintendent Nikki Leach said the force’s ‘number one objective’ in their strategy around sex work is the ‘safeguarding’ of vulnerable men and women who are at risk of exploitation.

Another facet of South Yorkshire Police’s approach centres around ‘risk management,’ continued Det Supt Leach, explaining that if a sex worker is employed in establishments they can ‘engage with’ it means they can ‘risk assess’ and ensure ‘safe practices are going on’.

The cost-of-living crisis has forced many former prostitutes in Sheffield back on to the street to make ends meet.  The Sheffield Working Woman's Opportunities project supports around 40 sex workers each week, offering them food parcels, benefits system support etc. This charity claims more and more sex workers are having to go back onto the streets.

Tory austerity does not help women and their families.  

The real impact of anti-strip club 'feminist' campaigns

A very powerful piece by a stripper who worked in a Sheffield strip club where 'Feminists' filmed them a work.  The article shows how these so called 'Feminists' are supportiveof strippers and other sexworkers, unless they are the 'correct type of sexworkers'

I spoke about my experiences at a conference held at the university at the end of summer, where, again, a group of fully grown women affiliated with these ‘feminist’ groups, snuck in using fake details and heckled and interrupted my speech. I tried to talk to them afterwards, I tried to get them to see me, to really acknowledge me as a human worthy of respect, but they treated me so dismissively and cruelly that I cried in front of everyone while they left smugly. It was humiliating. I felt totally degraded.


Despite claims on Not Buying It’s website at the time to ‘support women exiting the industry’, they refused to engage with dancers at all. Our attempts to unionise for better working conditions with the grassroots union United Voices of the World was met with cynicism and horrendously objectifying language against sex workers.

Twenty-two-year-old Barnsley-born photographer Lily Miles became interested in the subject of sex work after watching a documentary on Channel 4 called A Very British Brothel. Taking viewers inside City Sauna in Sheffield, close to where Miles grew up, the documentary was raucous, all about hamming up the 'sexual antics' that take place there during working hours. What interested Miles, though, was creating an altogether quieter, more reflective engagement. "Watching that, I realised sex work is another subject that seems to be hidden in our culture and this made me curious and want to find out more. In particular, City Sauna fascinated me because it is run by women and, perhaps even more interestingly, it is run by a mother and daughter," she explains. "There are a lot of family-run businesses but people maybe wouldn’t expect that would apply to brothels, and I wondered if this would help to add another facet to the understanding of sex work."

A thug who slashed a Sheffield sex worker's face and brutally beat her up when she refused his sexual demands has been jailed for eight years, a court has heard. Krisztian Szabo approached the woman at 7.30am, on Sunday, August 11, 2019, on Rutland Road near the train station, and she got into the passenger seat of his white car.