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Prostitution, often referred to as the “world’s oldest profession,” is a persistent phenomenon that has existed in various forms across different cultures, societies, and locations throughout history. However, the moral and legal status of prostitution varies widely among countries, and so does its prevalence. A relevant question that emerges is: which country has the highest rate of prostitution?

To address this question, one must take into account the multiple factors that influence the occurrence of prostitution. These may include socioeconomic conditions, legal frameworks, and cultural norms. Moreover, obtaining reliable data on this sensitive topic is challenging, as it often depends on estimates and research on the illicit trade. Nevertheless, based on the available information, it is possible to identify some countries with notably high rates of prostitution.

It should be noted that some countries are renowned for having large sex industries due to tourism, local demand, or economic necessity. Countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, and parts of Germany (where prostitution is legal and regulated) are frequently cited in debates about the sex industry. However, having a prominent sex industry does not necessarily imply that these countries have the “most” prostitution; it simply means that it is more visible and regulated.

Prostitution is a widespread phenomenon, with varying rates across different countries. This section provides an overview of the countries where prostitution is most common.

Germany has legalized prostitution, resulting in an increase in the number of sex workers and brothels. Thailand has a large sex tourism industry, attracting visitors from around the world. Brazil also has a high rate of sex tourism, especially during the Carnival season. China has technically outlawed prostitution, but it is still prevalent, particularly in urban areas.

Colombia has a sizable prostitution market, driven mainly by drug-related violence and poverty. India and the Philippines also face high rates of prostitution due to poverty and a lack of employment opportunities for women. Spain continues to struggle with the issue of prostitution, as it is neither fully legal nor criminalized.

Australia, Finland, Bolivia, and the Netherlands have some regulation of sex work, leading to a degree of tolerance toward the industry. France and Denmark have illegalized prostitution, but it still occurs in these countries, partly due to their appeal to tourists.

Mexico, the United States, Argentina, Canada, and Nevada (where it is legal) have considerable levels of prostitution, with authorities attempting to regulate or combat the industry. Japan, South Korea, and New Zealand have significant issues with prostitution despite efforts to curb the trade.

Some European countries, such as Lithuania, Austria, Latvia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Belgium, Italy, and Slovenia have varying degrees of regulation or penalties for prostitution. Finally, even in countries like Zimbabwe, where prostitution is illegal, it persists as an underground business.

The factors that contribute to high rates of prostitution in these countries include poverty, unemployment, drug addiction, and global demand for sex services. These factors should be taken into account when discussing prostitution in a specific country.

Sex workers in Brazil are demanding to be included in the Covid-19 help package

2020-03-20 elrond

Sex workers in Brazil are demanding they be included in the government’s plan to help the country’s 38m informal workers during the Covid-19 crisis, writes Sam Sowie in São Paulo.

Earlier this week, following public pressure, Brazil’s economy ministry proposed a BR$200 (£33) monthly stipend to assist informal workers like Uber drivers and street venders.

Cida Viera, director-general Association of Prostitutes of Minas Gerais, a sex workers union has demanded that Brazil’s estimated 1.5m sex workers must be able to access the benefit too.

“If they are going to help truck drivers, they have to help prostitutes too,” she said.

“We’re talking about a vulnerable group, which needs more attention,” she said. “How will they survive if they stop working?”

Viera also demands that the government draw up a prevention and assistance program for sex professionals to avoid Covid-19 contamination during the crisis.

In the meantime, her union has made several recommendations to its members such as wearing gloves, avoiding lip to lip contact and breathing too closely to the client.

In Brazil, sex work is a legal and officially recognised profession but it’s not regulated by law.