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Sasha Carter

Sasha Carter

Sweet, cheeky and authentic | Let's forget about life together, shall we?

Constantly travelling, please check my availability/tour schedule on my site ♡   _____   You seek an escape, a retreat from the craziness that life can sometimes become. Whether that means enjoying a laugh-filled dinner, stealing flirtatious moments at an art show or hiding together in a cosy nook of a wine bar, you're looking for that right someone with whom you can feel the world disappear. Am I that right someone for you? Maybe I am, maybe not. And, yes, I realise that I "should" be trying my hardest for you to want to spend time with me specifically on here. But I genuinely believe that for you to experience what you're looking for, you need to feel that certain draw, the one that can't be just persuaded out of you - and I've never been one to care too much about should's anyway. So what could draw you to me? Well, many things! (Perhaps my humility?) Despite my mischievous streak, I am often described as "sweet" and "lovely" (still feels strange to write this myself though!). I have many aspirations spanning a wide range of areas (from art and languages to maths and tech) and there is not much my mind doesn't enjoy exploring - and that applies to carnal pursuits just as much as to the intellectual ones. But above all, I am always my authentic self and, full disclosure, I can't act to save my life - I know, not something people normally brag about! But it means that when you see me enjoying our time together, you can rest assured I really am (trust me, you could tell otherwise!). You've gotten this far so it seems I'm the one you feel drawn to after all. Let's forget about life together then, shall we?

Vancouver Sex Work News

A new temporary Vancouver shelter offering street-based sex workers a safe, warm place to sleep 24 hours a day, seven days a week will soon be opening in the Downtown Eastside.

"There are so many women who have been using the WISH drop-in as a de facto shelter," explains Beyene. "Women would often sleep in the drop-in, but it means sleeping in armchairs, which I mean we can't really, really rest and we can't really get comfortable when your neck is contorted to sleep in those chairs.

“A shelter exclusively for sex workers has been a need for quite some time, but COVID has now deeply exacerbated the pre-existing crises of poverty, homelessness, and a poisoned drug supply. A temporary, emergency shelter like this is absolutely critical—now more than ever.”

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — As businesses around the province close and their workers self-isolate, sex workers in B.C. are facing increased challenges to their health, safety and are experiencing an overwhelming financial strain.

During this time, Davis says some clients have even been trying to take advantage of the decline in business.

“[Some] trying to offer less money, trying to negotiate for a better price, asking for services that the workers don’t usually provide.”

She says clients are negotiating, “because they know that workers are getting more and more desperate.”

Hamilton, who died on December 23, was a noted advocate and activist for sex workers' and LGBT rights.

The gathering is scheduled to run between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. at St. Paul's Anglican Church (1130 Jervis Street) in the West End of Vancouver.