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Beautiful sexy Northamptonshire escorts available to you.  Visit ladies for a Nuru massage in a Northampton massage parlour.  Northampton ladies will come and visit you in your home or hotel.  Hundreds of models to choose from.

Northamptonshire is a county in the East Midlands, the area was a renowned manufacturer of shoes.  Most of the shoemaking jobs have now disappeared to the Far East. There are still a few manufacturers in Northampton.  Other areas of Northamptonshire have also gone through a substantial change.  Corby used to have a steelworks employing many men, who could then spend their money on Northamptonshire lasses.  The works closed and unemployment became the new normal.  Corby was designated an Enterprise zone and now there is full employment again.

Northampton ladies and Northampton massage

The city of Northampton is the county capital of Northamptonshire.  Northampton is also the capital of the Northampton sex industry.  The legal regime in the city is fairly benign with the police having an enlightened attitude allowing Northampton escorts to work together in Northamptonshire massage parlours. There was also a street work tolerance zone where street workers can work without interference from the police.  This allows Northampton models to work without premises and to vet clients without hurry. I believe the area was still running in 2014

Northampton Massage Parlours

Northampton is host to two renowned Northampton massage parlours where Northampton escorts can work in safety and comfort.  There is the Northampton Soft Touch Massage Parlour renowned for its silky Nuru massages.  This Northamptonshire massage parlour has been in existence for a very long time.

The Temptations is a newer massage parlour in Northampton which has quickly built a good reputation for service, reliability and variety. You need to check regularly with their excellent and informative website which is updated proactively.

There are several other Northampton massage parlours including Thai massage, and many independent Northamptonshire massage specialists offering incall services.  I reckon you are spoilt for choice when living near to Northampton.  Northampton is excellent, but if you can’t find anyone, there is also Milton Keynes nearby.

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Northamptonshire Sex Work News

Date of Event: Thursday, May 4th 2023

Time of Event: 9:30 AM — 1:15 PM

Place of Event: Webinar

There were believed to be 105,000 individuals in the UK who are involved in prostitution, up from 72,000 in 2016. The vast majority of these are women. The cost-of-living crisis is pushing yet more women into sex work and forcing them to take work from violent and exploitative clients. A 2015 National Ugly Mugs Our survey with Leeds University found 49% of sex workers were “worried” or “very worried” about their safety and 47% have been targeted by offenders. Meanwhile, 49% were either “unconfident” or “very unconfident” that police would take their reports seriously. It is estimated that 152 sex workers were murdered in the UK between 1990 and 2015. The charity Beyond the Streets highlights that 76% of those involved in prostitution experience some form of post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of this work.

Currently, sex work is legal in England, Wales and Scotland, but many of the surrounding aspects remain illegal, such as solicitation or running a brothel. The UK government have stated though that whilst they do not intend to change the law around sex work, they are committed to tackling the harm and exploitation associated with sex work. The Scottish government has also been criticised for focussing their support in this area towards charities that are not backed by sex workers, and that are focussed on getting people out of the industry rather than supporting those in it.

The Home Affairs Committee’s 2016 report, Prostitution, recommended a shift to complete decriminalisation. Dan Vajzovic, the National Police Chief Council’s lead for prostitution, who is working alongside government officials to reassess brothel keeping legislation, has called on the government to review prostitution laws to ensure sex workers can work together on the same premises to remain safe. This would “better enable the police to focus our resources on protecting sex workers and tackling those who are controlling or exploiting,” Vajzovic argues. According to National Ugly Mugs, sex workers are ten times safer working indoors than on the streets.

Christine Jardine MP, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for women and equalities, who supports the decriminalisation of brothel keeping, has called for a proper government strategy to accompany it. Also supporting decriminalisation of brothels, Labour MP, Nadia Whittome, has highlighted that “Other laws aimed at sex work – such as soliciting – should also be repealed, to improve sex workers’ rights, safety and ability to leave the sex industry if they choose. Alongside decriminalisation, the government must urgently tackle the growing levels of poverty that are pushing more women into sex work to make ends meet.”

This timely symposium will provide sex workers, safeguarding boards, police forces, local authorities, and social care providers with an opportunity to identify and debate priorities for reform and develop strategies for protecting and expanding the rights of sex workers.

A guide has been published with information on the law relating to sex workers, and where to get help. The guide has information on working safley.


2022-08-19 elrond


We are a glamour and escort photography service specializing in adult photography and adult content creation. We are two female photographers with over 20 years of experience in the adult industry between us.


Derelict farm/ Chic Hippie Location

Swings – Use one our swings from tyre swings over stream, rope ladder swings and tree rope swings.

Barns and outbuildings – Two main barns and sheds to shoot in. The one barn has a beautiful Welsh stone outside staircase leading you to the barn loft. The barn loft features wooden floor and oak beans, beautiful Welsh stone walls and Welsh slate roof.

Derelict farmhouse – old derelict farmhouse although it’s perfectly safe to enter.

Derelict old kitchen, old dark bedroom, old stone and wood Mantle place, old stone walls with oak beams, and beamed walls in living room, old wood burner, cottage garden with old stone wall background.

Streams, natural springs, picnics

Are you brave enough for a nude stream glamour shoot? Or be adventurous on our robe tyre swing over the stream. We also have natural springs and ponds to shoot next too as well.  

Ever fancied a nude picnic shoot out in the countryside? Well, now is your chance! Put down your picnic blanket, set out the picnic table and strip off and start sexily posing in your birthday suit.

Old stonework backgrounds – The 18th century barns and outbuildings are built from Welsh stone and Welsh slate. Perfect for an Urban explorer feel photo shoot.

Haybale barns – Roll around in the haybales and have a farm country girl shoot!

Yurts, Tepee & Touring Caravan – shoot a hippie chick look in a luxury yurt, tepee, or touring caravan. Perfect for a relaxed hippie chic look or gypsy caravan shoot.

Gates and fences – pose sexily naked, topless, or simply in your wellies over gates and fence posts.

Wild gardens, Trees, woodlands and plants and flowers

Explore wild gardens with beautiful green fern background and pretty foxgloves. Shoot in beautiful green pine tree forests, oak woodlands, ash trees and crab apple trees and during the springtime shoot amongst the blossom’s trees and bluebells!

Mud shoot -ever fancied a mud fight or a mud wrestling match? Then our location is perfect for you! Plenty of rain and mud pools in Wales. Remember to bring your wellies or boots, raincoat, and water.

Sandwiches, snacks, and flask of tea / coffee will be provided.

With an amenedment to the unloved Police Bill in parliament, it could happen that the Nordic model is introduced to England. The Nordic model bans the purchase of sex, while 'decriminilising the escort' The Nordic model will also ban advertising sites. There is a fierce battle building up to fight this amendment, and hopfully amend the police bill to fully decriminilise the sexwork. Many celebrities are supporting the decriminilisation.

A newly-published open letter that calls for MPs to oppose the further criminalisation of sex work in the UK has received 150 signatures, including those of celebrities, activists, and human rights organisations (such as FKA twigs, Amnesty International, and Sisters Uncut), and figures across politics, the media, and academia.

Spearheaded by the UK campaign group Decrim Now, the letter takes aim at legislation that criminalises the purchase of sex — often known as “the Nordic Model” — warning that measures touted as solutions to sex trafficking and exploitation “will only exacerbate violence against women, including those who are being exploited”.

It also encourages politicians to take an evidence-based approach to the sex industry, and to engage with and listen to sex workers. This comes amid repeated attempts to criminalise paying for sex in the UK (including the recent Sexual Exploitation Bill put forward by Labour’s Diana Johnson, which Decrim Now links to the controversial Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill) despite evidence suggesting that the move is likely to prove ineffective, and may have harmful consequences.

“Evidence shows that the Nordic Model does nothing for the very groups it claims to protect,” the letter continues, citing a sharp increase in violence against sex workers after similar legislation was introduced in the Republic of Ireland in 2017. In 2018, the non-profit initiative Ugly Mugs Ireland reported that violent crime against sex workers went up 77 per cent after the ruling came into effect.