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Ema – Mature Petite 34D Busty Asian Escort

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East of England Area Description

East of England Escorts, and East Anglian Escorts

East Anglian Escorts marching under the East of England flag

East Anglia is a diverse area.  This location covers the very rural areas of Suffolk and Norfolk, the university and rural county of Cambridgeshire.  The counties of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire have both rural areas and large industrial and commercial cities.  Finally, the county of Essex has some quaint rural areas merges into North London.  There can be quite a contrast for South Essex to the Northern coastline of Norfolk.

You will find escorts in all the major towns of East Anglia. Norwich as well as having independent and agency escorts have quite a large red-light district in the Rosary Road area.  Great Yarmouth, Ipswich, Cambridge are cities where there are sex workers available.  Street sex work has returned to the streets of Ipswich and has always thrived off the street.

Norwich City had a huge reputation for brothels many years ago. It was said there was a pub for every day of the year and a church for every week of the year. I don't know what the figure was for brothels. Y

You should be able to book and East Angla Escort who works in the cities of Norwich or Great Yarmouth, and all through the county. Eastern Counties Escort Agencies also provide a large number of ladies who work in the cities and can come out to see you in the rural areas.

Cambridgeshire escorts provide services to the areas in the Western part of the area, often made up with students from the various colleges in Cambridge. Suffolk escorts in the past have had a raw deal from the police who have taken a zero-tolerance attitude to sex work in the cities. Despite this, you can still see an Ipswich escort working the streets near to the football stadium, and women working in and around Burty St Edmunds.

East Anglian Escorts are not just country bumkins, East Anglia has a large number of cities where there the large proportion of escorts in East Anglia work. Don't be alarmed if you live in the country, many city-based East Anglia escorts are able to travel out into the rural areas. Many Anglia escorts will travel over much of the area, visiting Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. Those east Anglian escorts living in Essex can often be found working in London on outcall appointments or touring and staying in a hotel. 

There are a couple of large airports in the region where escorts may tour and make use of the hotels. In Bedfordshire, there is Luton airport, and between Hertfordshire and Essex, there is the large important Easyjet and Ryan Air airport of Stanstead. Both these airports are sometimes called London airports, despite being a considerable distance from London. They do have hotels in easy reach of the terminals, and many East Anglian escorts make use of these.





East of England Sex Work News

The Swedish model, which criminalizes the purchase of sex but not the sale of sex, is often misrepresented as a form of “partial decriminalization” of sex work. However, this is a misleading and inaccurate description, as sex workers still face legal sanctions and risks under this model. For example, sex workers may be evicted from their homes, prohibited from working with other sex workers or support staff, banned from advertising their services, and harassed by the police and social services. A more appropriate analogy would be to imagine that robbery itself were not illegal, but all the activities related to it (such as entering a business with intent to rob or possessing stolen money) still were. It would be absurd to claim that robbery was partially decriminalized in such a scenario. Therefore, it is important to recognize that the Swedish model is not a form of decriminalization, but rather a form of criminalization that harms sex workers and violates their human rights.

Sex Work T-shirts and Hoodies

Sex work T shirts

I have no affiliation with this website, and they have not asked me to advertise them.  This is posted just for your information.

Reasons never to go into prostitution, the horrors of it and UKpunting Rant.

I have seen many posts talking about working as a escort or sex worker and some of them being in a positive light and some women doing this while married or having a partner.

Well i wanted to write this not just as a rant for myself and to get it off my chest but to let other's know who might consider doing it that there is not that many positives to it. Quite a long detailed post but a necessary one.

I first started doing it 12 years ago and since i have come back the last 2 years i dont want to go into details of exact reasons of why i did it but i had my reasons. I want to give a honest account and hope not to be judged. People in my private life would never guess i do this i am not a typical stereotype nor do i have any addictions or have a husband or partner leeching off me. It was my decision and not taken lightly but there was reasons why i needed money this way.

17th December 2021 marks the 18th International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers (or IDEVASW), a day when sex workers and allies around the world gather to remember those we have lost due to stigma, marginalisation and harm.

Last year, and in previous years, National Ugly Mugs (NUM) invited you to join us and say their names. This year, we ask you to do more. We ask all of you to take time to remember our colleagues and friends alongside us, and then resolve to continue fighting for equal rights for all members of society.

Olease watch the Nationl Ugly Mugs video which includes a statement fron @NadiaWhittomeMP Nadia Whittome is a Labour MP who supports decriminilisation of sex work.



OnlyFans stumbbled,  they told their creators there would be not adult work hosted on their site. This was because Mastercard drew up draconian rules on payments for adult content. Since then OnlyFans has relented. (It had to relent, they would have folded without the content)

Twitter is jumping into the market with Super Follows. Twitter announced on Wednesday that it has finally, officially, started the rollout of Super Follows.  Wirh Super Follows, people can monotise behind the scenes content to their most engaged followers..  The feature allows users to charge a monthly flat fee in exchange for access to additional content. Of course Twitter takes a cut.

Presently it is being rolled out to a select few US twitter accounts,  Will it allow adult content?  The present standards for adult content on twitter are.

Twitter defines "adult content" as "any consensually produced and distributed media that is pornographic or intended to cause sexual arousal." The company writes that users "can share graphic violence and consensually produced adult content within your Tweets, provided that you mark this media as sensitive."

So in theory the answer is a yes. Well lets wait and see what happens.


So to all escorts, who want to supplement your income through other channesl other than OnlyFans, you shall have to wait and see. It is always a good idea not to put all your eggs into one basket.

Strip clubs and escort services could lead to a substantial fall in sex crimes, new research has found.

The study, published in The Economic Journal, discovered the existence of adult entertainment venues triggered a fall in the number of sexual offences carried out close by.