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Hannah Woods

Hannah Woods

naturally beautiful and warm hearted companion

Hi there! I'm Hannah from Germany. First off, I’m pretty much bi-lingual and speak German and English, so we’ll have no trouble communicating. Maybe more importantly for you is that I’m in natural condition. I don’t use photoshop on my pictures. Nature has been kind and I see no need to tamper with it using enhancements whether physical or digital. People tell me I’m pretty so I’ll take their word for it. I might be running the risk of giving myself a too-high standard to live up to here but I’m confident enough to know you’d have a great time with me, physically and mentally, so I’ll take that risk... So, you might ask: ‘why does she do this?’ Well, that’s simple: it satisfies my curious, experimental nature. I tried it, I liked it, the experiences were great and naughty activities with strangers gave a great balance to my life. Of course, sexual gratification is a wonderful thing but, believe it or not, it goes beyond that. There’s a real joy in connecting with a person who wants to try something different from day-to-day and that joy can be had in numerous ways.   Maybe you’d like to snuggle up to my gentle curves without saying too much, forget your everyday life and just take in the scent of my long hair. Maybe you want to avoid all those usual social hurdles of meeting someone and focus your energy where it matters most. You don’t have to worry about what I think – I’m not a complicated lock you have to unpick. I’m not a game you have to play. The fact I’m there means I want to be there and make you happy. This can be suitably ‘unromantic’ if you like, or uninhibited - even dirty and wild. You might even prefer relaxed and unspectacular. You could treat me like your ‘girlfriend’; enjoy a simple, tender touch, conversation, tell stories, tell jokes. All you have to do is be honest with me and I can make your ideas and desires a reality.   I will say this though as a disclaimer... There are limits to my considerable skills. I’m useless at striptease and role-play! I’m not an ‘actress’. I can’t do the ‘dirty talk’. I’m ‘real’ – I do ‘real’ things.   OK then, my pictures have pulled you in, you’ve read my bio/novel, your curiosity is piqued. If you’re still scratching your head as to what to do next, well let me make it simple for you: there’s only one way to make those images in your mind a reality. But before you take that next step please read the ‘etiquette’ section as it’s absolutely vital to set boundaries from the outset. My relaxed manner is a by-product of your knowing and accepting my rules. If these are OK with you and you’d like to meet I will end by saying I look forward to hearing from you.

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