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Sasha Carter

Sasha Carter

The magical experience * Young cute pale blonde with big brown eyes * Sensual GFE * Naughty GFE

The magical experience Why magical? Well, I have been told on numerous occasions that a little part of me is magical... but I'll let you be the judge of that! WHO AM I? I've been asking myself that my whole life… Just joking! I'm Sasha Carter, a saucy little minx from Czechia who's insatiable appetite for sex, companionship and fulfilling someone’s fantasy has lead her to offer them to other people, now at a premium price! WHY ME? Besides my magic - uhm - parts and high sex drive, I have a witty, sharp mind (and tongue, when needed), big brown eyes that you'll drown in and an ass to die for. You'll find me riveting, genuine and, most of all, completely enwrapped in you and our time together. ABOUT MY SERVICES Your Only Girl (GFE) Let's forget about everything and everyone else - right now, it's just me and you. Whether you want to exchange some witty banter between the sheets, get cuddled to death or purely enjoy the sheer closeness of a female body (or any combination of these), you're at the right place! This is your pure vanilla girlfriend experience. After all, why mess with vanilla? It's classic and oh-so-delicious. Want something kinkier? Then this is for you: Only For You... (Naughty GFE) I do enjoy a bit of kink so I offer a "Naughty GFE" where I am very happy to engage in some light spanking, role play, gentle hairpulling and the like however anything hardcore is off-limit - including but not limited to being completely tied down, hard spanking, cane etc. I offer anal at discretion because while I love it, I want to do it only a limited number of times per week for everything to recover nicely - so if you'd like to be one of the lucky few, booking in advance is recommended! Though even then it's subject to one's size and attitude - I would like to think any sensible person can understand that :)

Louise Pearl

Louise Pearl

girl next door, kinky GFE, independent escort, travel companion

Hi There, and thank you for stopping by! Below you may find a few paragraphs to get to know me a little better and to see if we are a good match. Feel free to visit my website or twitter for recent photos of mine & be sure that the description `kinky GFE` suits me the best :-) ... According to Gallup, Empathy and Connectedness are one of the vital strengths that makes me unique, in life and especially in this field; I would say I can agree to that. It always came naturally for me to interact with people I have just met, to nourish the present moment, to connect with them and also to escape the worries many have in daily life. I don’t really offer myself for bags and designer goods, I don't have any loans to pay, or family to support. I have decided voluntarily to enter the field of escorting because I do love my freedom, I do enjoy meeting new people, I do love to play; simple as that, if we meet and this is interesting for you, I may elaborate on my life journey in more details. I am definitely not a materialistic escort aspiring to obtain symbols to uplift my status in society. Despite being introvert, my nature is actually pretty open and direct & since I do love sex & I’m very relaxed and uninhibited about it, you can talk to me about everything you have fantasized about or might have problems with, I don’t look down on people or judge them for anything, as long as their attitude is friendly and respectful. In regards to my public appearance - black, white, beige are my colors - smart business style. No flashy glitter type of a girl, sometimes I wear dresses, sometimes trousers with a blouse. I am a non-smoker + occasional drinker of Prosecco. Each date is a unique experience; no stereotypes - important is we do have fun together, whether I am your private tour guide, romantic dinner date, morning sex wakeup visit, horny girlfriend or all of them :-) as you read - playing is what I like the most & it is only up to what we agree on together. If Your desire is within light BDSM, please note submissive role is what comes naturally for me. As part of escort marketing, you may often read words like a high class, luxurious, VIP... that is why I have decided to be pretty natural in the way I present myself and it is up to You to evaluate, whether I am the right kinky match for Your Prague adventure. :-) Yours, Louise Pearl

Kinky Jessica, the renowned Elite, Premier Dubai Mistress

Kinky Jessica, the renowned Elite, Premier Dubai Mistress

I´m a sexy Dominant Dubai Mistress who offers Domination. I’m a woman with curves in all the right places. When I´m dressed in your favourite PVC or rubber, you´ll wonder why you hesitated!

I´m a sexy Dominant Dubai Mistress who offers Domination. I’m a woman with curves in all the right places. When I´m dressed in your favourite PVC or rubber, you´ll wonder why you hesitated! I´m a sexy Dominant Dubai Mistress who offers Domination. I’m a woman with curves in all the right places. When I´m dressed in your favourite PVC or rubber, you´ll wonder why you hesitated!

Sexy Mistress Jessica

Sexy Mistress Jessica

I´m a sexy Dominant Mistress who offers Domination. I´m a woman with curves in all the right places. When I´m dressed in your favouri

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Soaring rents and course fees are forcing Irish students to turn to sex work, a leading activist has claimed. We have young girls coming to us saying: 'I'm so glad you're here. I have been too embarrassed or ashamed to tell anybody that I'm doing this kind of work and it's very isolating and it's great to see you here.

She said: “The illegality and stigma forced on them by the new Swedish model of criminalisation means efforts by SWAI to ensure their health and safety is extremely difficult.

Three convictions to date under Ireland's sex buyer ban

Published: 2020-02-01 11:26:28.0 / elrond

Family lawyer Dr Geoffrey Shannon has produced an interim report on the implementation of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 2017 for a working group of stake-holders. There are 13 people currently pending prosecution for buying sex according to the latest Garda figures dated July 2019, it notes.

Vulnerable sex workers have not been given the supports and resources they were promised – supports which could help them leave prostitution and dismantle the illegal sex trade, a new report has found.

Additional resources were supposed to accompany the new legislation which would allow vital specialist services like the Women’s Health Service (WHS), Ruhama and other NGOs to support those in prostitution, help them plan new futures and leave it for good.

However, although those extra resources were promised, they were not delivered, leaving both State and NGO services struggling to meet needs, the report found.

Paragraph 5 of their manifesto states.

5. Deliver on the statutory commitment to review the legislation that criminalises the purchase of sex.

The impact of Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 2017 on “persons who engage in sexual activity for payment” is expected in 2020. Consideration of the impact of the existing law on sex workers should include references to its negative impact on sexual and reproductive health, increased vulnerability of sex workers to HIV, and increased vulnerability to violence and abuse.


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Ireland escorting in the News

Campaigners call on Government to decriminalise sex work at a candlelit vigil in Dublin -18th December 2019

A candlelit vigil takes place outside the Department of Justice in Dublin to mark International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Sex Workers. The campaign group Sex Workers Alliance of Ireland (SWAI) blames recent violent attacks against sex-workers on 2017 legislation criminalising the purchase of sex.

Gardai speak to 23 people suspected of purchasing sexual services - 29th November 2019

As part of operation quest, the Irish pigs have been looking at websites (intelligence-led)  and staking out areas of Dublin, Waterford, Cork, Mayo, Sligo and Louth. The days of action were to harass those participation in consensual sexual activity for payment. 


Three men to appear in court over attacks on sex workers - 20th November 2019

Five men were arrested concerning attacks on Irish Escorts in Dublin. Three of them are to appear in court on Thursday. The Gardai are appealing for information from anyone. If you feel able to, please contact them.

Seven targeted attacks on Sex workers since the middle of October - 14th November 2019

Since the middle of October, there have been at least seven targetted attacks on escorts in Ireland, mainly in the Dublin area. It appears they receive a booking from an online advertisement, on answering the door they are confronted by a group of men who violently attack the woman and steal money and property. The Gardai are seeking information from sex workers. The police are the same group who enforce the law on brothel-keeping and inform landlords that their property is being used to sell sex. It seems many women are not going to provide information to the police for fear of being evicted or prosecuted.

Gardai are urging sex workers to avoid online appointments following the results, as Cute Catriona comments,  This fucking headline is ridiculous - the vast, vast majority of appointments are made online. This is essentially telling sex workers not to earn money till these people are caught. Twitter Thread 

Rachel Moran seeks an injunction against Gaye Dalton - 14th October 2019

Rachel Moran, an ex-sex worker and author of  For: My Journey Through Prostitution who is often used to represent the evil side of sex work has often been accused of not working as a prostitute on the streets. Nobody has remembered seeing her work where she states she worked. A particular vocal sex worker, Gaye Dalton has been particularly vocal able her belief that Rachel never worked selling sex. She has all recently come to a head, and Rachel is seeking an injunction against Gaye. Judgement has been reserved until next week.


The judge has told Gaye, that she must cease posting false and defamatory statements about Rachel Moran. He deferred on costs because Ms Moran was alleged to have raised legal costs through crowdfunding. Read more here.


Conference on sex workers in Cork - 9th October 2019

THE Sex Workers Alliance of Ireland (SWAI) is hosting a focus group in Cork, aimed at gathering research on the issues sex workers face. The research is being conducted by Adeline Berry, who works with SWAI.  Berry believes the law needs to change. “It is unrealistic to say we are going to end demand by criminalising the purchase of sex.

New sex laws round up men in prostitution hit as farmers, office workers and business owners investigated - 7th October 2019

It is believed over 100 men from all walks of life are being questioned for the consensual purchase of sex from escorts working in the Republic of Ireland. Four men have been convicted, and 20 files have been submitted to the prosecutors.

Gardai question 38 people on suspicion of purchasing sex from a person involved in prostitution - 27th September 2019

As a part of an operation to target men purchasing sex, the Gardai ran an Operation called Quest, which was supposedly intelligently run. They targetted areas in Dublin, Kilkenny/Carlow, Cork City, Kerry, Galway and Donegal in both rural and urban areas. Some 38 men were spoken to and files are being prepared. This is the second national operation targeting the demand for prostitution in 2019 and further operations are planned. 


An Irish escort says Ireland's brothel-keeping laws are putting women at risk - 8th September 2019

Rachel Bloom (27) has been an escort for five years, starting out funding her college education. She had been having health problems and needed a job. Escorting fitted the bill, a job with flexibility and high pay when she could work. She prefers to work with someone else, but can't because of the risks of being caught for brothel-keeping. Over 85% of those convicted for brothel-keeping are women, with 27% being prosecuted, mothers.

The criminalisation of the purchase of sex punishes the wrong person - 22nd August 2019

From their lived experience, the new law has required them to be more secretive and thus has increased risk, made them less likely to seek help from gardaí and other authorities and has increased stigma rendering them more vulnerable to violence. In their view, the 2017 law has given the client even more transactional power over them.

Law change urged as migrant women overwhelmingly convicted of brothel-keeping - 8th August 2019

A study has shown the majority of those convicted of brothel-keeping in the republic of Ireland are women (85%). Those convicted are normally non-nationals, and in 27% of the cases, one of the women was a mother. In a large majority of the cases, the escorts pleaded guilty, which is concerning that they are not demanding their right to have a solicitor present when questioned. Additionally, in 90% of the cases, the women were named in the press. Senator Ruane said the research is proof the law has failed and should be changed. Policing policy around sex work clearly needs to be reformed to ensure that vulnerable people are not the targets of policing activity in this area

2nd July 2019 The new Irish laws have made Irish escorts lives more dangerous, says activist Kate McGrew

It has been two years since Ireland made the buying of sex illegal. The law targetted sex buyers and their pimps. Supports say the law is to protect sex workers by reducing demand for services. Critics of the law say it makes it more dangerous for escorts, forcing them to work alone. Sex workers are also more likely not to report crimes to the Gardai. The reported incidence of crimes to escorts has risen according to UglyMugs.ie. An organisation that collates reports from those working as escorts in Ireland.

Read more about the sex buyer law after two years of implementation in Ireland

7th June 2019 Kildare judge jails prostitutes for nine months

So the Irish state and the nuns want to protect women against exploitation by men. So how is it that two women in Newbridge have been jailed for 9 months each operating a brothel. The pair were charged with keeping or running a brothel, and evidence was given to the court by the gardai that the pair were also the prostitutes. The Irish Government were warned that this would happen and that most brothels in Ireland were operated by the women themselves. This Judge does seem to have a vendetta against escorts.  Their solicitor said that the women had a sum of money available that could be paid to a charity. But Judge Desmond Zaidan was not inclined to give them this opportunity. They weren’t forced into this position. and he then sentenced the pair to nine months in prison. This was despicable. the women were working alone and had not come to anyone's attention before.

Ms McGrew, director of the Sex Workers Alliance Ireland, said the change in the law in 2017 was "heralded as a law that would protect sex workers - but we at SWAI cannot understand how jailing two young migrant women will protect or rescue them." The facts of this case show the 2017 Sexual Offences Law is not fit for purpose.

Read more in the Leinster Leader

29th April 2019 36 people questioned by gardaí as part of a weekend operation targeting the buying of sex

The gardai stopped and questioned 36 people as they targetted the buying of sex. Six divisions operated from Friday to Saturday and a number of cases are being prepared. The first person to be prosecuted was in January and they received a fine of £200. The Sex Workers Alliance Ireland criticize this law. They have seen a large 95% rise in violence against sex workers since the law was introduced in 2017.

Read more in the Journal

20th February 2019 Sex workers say Google could put lives at risk if safety app functions disabled  

A change to permissions in Google Android apps means that the Saftey App produced by uglymugsie will no longer have access to SMS and call logs, rendering an important part of the safety app inoperable. Ugly Mugs IE applied for an exception to the policy, but was unsuccessful, and has applied a second time, however, if it is turned down again, it must remove all automatic call screening features from the app by March 3rd @GooglePlayDev has been contacted, and there has been a number of people contacting them through social media.

Read more from the Express and Star

15th February 2019 Man jailed for rape of a woman who was a sex worker

49-year-old Gary Doak who raped a sex worker after binding her hands and feet with cable ties has been sentenced to eight years. In addition to the jail term and sex offenders register, Judge Kerr also imposed a 12-year Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

Read more from the Irish News

15th February 2019 Father-of-four accused of violent sex attacks against prostitutes in Dublin granted bail

A dangerous man has been accused of carrying out two violent sex attacks on sex workers working in the city. He imprisoned, stripped and beat one woman and pulled clumps of hair out of the head of another woman.  He has been charged with rape, assault and robbery of a second woman on February 4th 2018. He has been granted bail and appears in court on February 19th

Read more for the Independent IE

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