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Campaigners call on Government to decriminalise sex work at a candlelit vigil in Dublin -18th December 2019

A candlelit vigil takes place outside the Department of Justice in Dublin to mark International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Sex Workers. The campaign group Sex Workers Alliance of Ireland (SWAI) blames recent violent attacks against sex-workers on 2017 legislation criminalising the purchase of sex.

Gardai speak to 23 people suspected of purchasing sexual services - 29th November 2019

As part of operation quest, the Irish pigs have been looking at websites (intelligence-led)  and staking out areas of Dublin, Waterford, Cork, Mayo, Sligo and Louth. The days of action were to harass those participation in consensual sexual activity for payment. 


Three men to appear in court over attacks on sex workers - 20th November 2019

Five men were arrested concerning attacks on Irish Escorts in Dublin. Three of them are to appear in court on Thursday. The Gardai are appealing for information from anyone. If you feel able to, please contact them.

Seven targeted attacks on Sex workers since the middle of October - 14th November 2019

Since the middle of October, there have been at least seven targetted attacks on escorts in Ireland, mainly in the Dublin area. It appears they receive a booking from an online advertisement, on answering the door they are confronted by a group of men who violently attack the woman and steal money and property. The Gardai are seeking information from sex workers. The police are the same group who enforce the law on brothel-keeping and inform landlords that their property is being used to sell sex. It seems many women are not going to provide information to the police for fear of being evicted or prosecuted.

Gardai are urging sex workers to avoid online appointments following the results, as Cute Catriona comments,  This fucking headline is ridiculous - the vast, vast majority of appointments are made online. This is essentially telling sex workers not to earn money till these people are caught. Twitter Thread 

Rachel Moran seeks an injunction against Gaye Dalton - 14th October 2019

Rachel Moran, an ex-sex worker and author of  For: My Journey Through Prostitution who is often used to represent the evil side of sex work has often been accused of not working as a prostitute on the streets. Nobody has remembered seeing her work where she states she worked. A particular vocal sex worker, Gaye Dalton has been particularly vocal able her belief that Rachel never worked selling sex. She has all recently come to a head, and Rachel is seeking an injunction against Gaye. Judgement has been reserved until next week.


The judge has told Gaye, that she must cease posting false and defamatory statements about Rachel Moran. He deferred on costs because Ms Moran was alleged to have raised legal costs through crowdfunding. Read more here.


Conference on sex workers in Cork - 9th October 2019

THE Sex Workers Alliance of Ireland (SWAI) is hosting a focus group in Cork, aimed at gathering research on the issues sex workers face. The research is being conducted by Adeline Berry, who works with SWAI.  Berry believes the law needs to change. “It is unrealistic to say we are going to end demand by criminalising the purchase of sex.

New sex laws round up men in prostitution hit as farmers, office workers and business owners investigated - 7th October 2019

It is believed over 100 men from all walks of life are being questioned for the consensual purchase of sex from escorts working in the Republic of Ireland. Four men have been convicted, and 20 files have been submitted to the prosecutors.

Gardai question 38 people on suspicion of purchasing sex from a person involved in prostitution - 27th September 2019

As a part of an operation to target men purchasing sex, the Gardai ran an Operation called Quest, which was supposedly intelligently run. They targetted areas in Dublin, Kilkenny/Carlow, Cork City, Kerry, Galway and Donegal in both rural and urban areas. Some 38 men were spoken to and files are being prepared. This is the second national operation targeting the demand for prostitution in 2019 and further operations are planned. 


An Irish escort says Ireland's brothel-keeping laws are putting women at risk - 8th September 2019

Rachel Bloom (27) has been an escort for five years, starting out funding her college education. She had been having health problems and needed a job. Escorting fitted the bill, a job with flexibility and high pay when she could work. She prefers to work with someone else, but can't because of the risks of being caught for brothel-keeping. Over 85% of those convicted for brothel-keeping are women, with 27% being prosecuted, mothers.

The criminalisation of the purchase of sex punishes the wrong person - 22nd August 2019

From their lived experience, the new law has required them to be more secretive and thus has increased risk, made them less likely to seek help from gardaí and other authorities and has increased stigma rendering them more vulnerable to violence. In their view, the 2017 law has given the client even more transactional power over them.

Law change urged as migrant women overwhelmingly convicted of brothel-keeping - 8th August 2019

A study has shown the majority of those convicted of brothel-keeping in the republic of Ireland are women (85%). Those convicted are normally non-nationals, and in 27% of the cases, one of the women was a mother. In a large majority of the cases, the escorts pleaded guilty, which is concerning that they are not demanding their right to have a solicitor present when questioned. Additionally, in 90% of the cases, the women were named in the press. Senator Ruane said the research is proof the law has failed and should be changed. Policing policy around sex work clearly needs to be reformed to ensure that vulnerable people are not the targets of policing activity in this area

2nd July 2019 The new Irish laws have made Irish escorts lives more dangerous, says activist Kate McGrew

It has been two years since Ireland made the buying of sex illegal. The law targetted sex buyers and their pimps. Supports say the law is to protect sex workers by reducing demand for services. Critics of the law say it makes it more dangerous for escorts, forcing them to work alone. Sex workers are also more likely not to report crimes to the Gardai. The reported incidence of crimes to escorts has risen according to An organisation that collates reports from those working as escorts in Ireland.

Read more about the sex buyer law after two years of implementation in Ireland

7th June 2019 Kildare judge jails prostitutes for nine months

So the Irish state and the nuns want to protect women against exploitation by men. So how is it that two women in Newbridge have been jailed for 9 months each operating a brothel. The pair were charged with keeping or running a brothel, and evidence was given to the court by the gardai that the pair were also the prostitutes. The Irish Government were warned that this would happen and that most brothels in Ireland were operated by the women themselves. This Judge does seem to have a vendetta against escorts.  Their solicitor said that the women had a sum of money available that could be paid to a charity. But Judge Desmond Zaidan was not inclined to give them this opportunity. They weren’t forced into this position. and he then sentenced the pair to nine months in prison. This was despicable. the women were working alone and had not come to anyone's attention before.

Ms McGrew, director of the Sex Workers Alliance Ireland, said the change in the law in 2017 was "heralded as a law that would protect sex workers - but we at SWAI cannot understand how jailing two young migrant women will protect or rescue them." The facts of this case show the 2017 Sexual Offences Law is not fit for purpose.

Read more in the Leinster Leader

29th April 2019 36 people questioned by gardaí as part of a weekend operation targeting the buying of sex

The gardai stopped and questioned 36 people as they targetted the buying of sex. Six divisions operated from Friday to Saturday and a number of cases are being prepared. The first person to be prosecuted was in January and they received a fine of £200. The Sex Workers Alliance Ireland criticize this law. They have seen a large 95% rise in violence against sex workers since the law was introduced in 2017.

Read more in the Journal

20th February 2019 Sex workers say Google could put lives at risk if safety app functions disabled  

A change to permissions in Google Android apps means that the Saftey App produced by uglymugsie will no longer have access to SMS and call logs, rendering an important part of the safety app inoperable. Ugly Mugs IE applied for an exception to the policy, but was unsuccessful, and has applied a second time, however, if it is turned down again, it must remove all automatic call screening features from the app by March 3rd @GooglePlayDev has been contacted, and there has been a number of people contacting them through social media.

Read more from the Express and Star

15th February 2019 Man jailed for rape of a woman who was a sex worker

49-year-old Gary Doak who raped a sex worker after binding her hands and feet with cable ties has been sentenced to eight years. In addition to the jail term and sex offenders register, Judge Kerr also imposed a 12-year Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

Read more from the Irish News

15th February 2019 Father-of-four accused of violent sex attacks against prostitutes in Dublin granted bail

A dangerous man has been accused of carrying out two violent sex attacks on sex workers working in the city. He imprisoned, stripped and beat one woman and pulled clumps of hair out of the head of another woman.  He has been charged with rape, assault and robbery of a second woman on February 4th 2018. He has been granted bail and appears in court on February 19th

Read more for the Independent IE

Ireland Sex Work News

Carrie Eisert, who works as a policy advisor for Amnesty International, said she was happy with the UN working group’s suggestion. She said:

“The suggestion says that sex workers’ rights should be better protected by international human rights law. This is important because sex workers face a lot of discrimination and violence all over the world.

“It also says that the best way to protect sex workers’ rights is to fully decriminalize adult voluntary sex work. This means that sex workers would not be punished by the law for doing their work, and they would be able to report any abuse or violence they face without fear.

The UN Working Group on Discrimination against Women and Girls wrote a paper about this suggestion. They talked to sex workers from different parts of the world before writing it, and they will present it officially on 11 October. They also mentioned some research by Amnesty International in Norway, some principles to stop the unfair criminalization of people and communities, and some advocacy work by a group of feminists who support sex workers’ rights.

The government's approach towards addressing demand for sex through prostitution laws is appropriate and requires legislative action. According to Helen McEntee, the Minister of Justice, a tender will be released this week to hire a leading researcher to conduct a comprehensive review of existing prostitution laws, which are governed by Part 4 of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) 2017.

The government is currently waiting for the completion of this review before taking any legislative steps regarding sex for rent demands. This follows the introduction of the Ban on Sex for Rent Bill by Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) TD Cian O'Callaghan, who initiated it after an Irish Examiner investigation revealed instances of landlords charging tenants for sexual favors.

However, the bill was rejected by the Oireachtas justice committee due to concerns about its potential impact on trafficked persons and those engaged in consensual sex work.

Subsequently, the Department of Justice promised that once the review is complete, they would consider introducing legislation. They have also stated their commitment to ensuring that any new law is consistent with Ireland's international human rights obligations.

The mandated review into the 2017 Sexual offenses act was due three years after the legislation was implemented. This act made it a criminal offence to purchase sex, along with other regulations which made it harder for prostitutes to work together in safety.  The individual in charge of the review has left the project. The review is now over three years late. SWAI are concerned the review is out of date and want the process to be started afresh. Linda Kavanagh of SWAI said "Despite numerous requests for information on the process, the report’s mechanisms remained opaque.

Linda states the review must have meaningful engagement with sex workers, and is troubled by the lack of transparency in the process.

According to Amnesty International’s annual report on human rights around the world, Ireland has failed to protect the human rights of sex workers. Fiona Crowley, Amnesty International Ireland’s interim director for Human Rights, said: “We have serious concerns about the human rights situation in Ireland in 2022. The criminalisation of some aspects of sex work puts sex workers at greater risk of violence and abuse, including rape, and makes them less likely to trust the police. The government also did not provide adequate truth, justice and reparation for women and children who suffered in Mother and Baby Homes. These are both grave injustices." Amnesty International also expressed concerns about the proposed use of facial recognition technology by Garda in public spaces and the need for a constitutional right to housing amid the worsening housing crisis. Amnesty International’s research published in January 2022 shows that the 2017 law that criminalises some aspects of sex work has a “chilling effect” on sex workers’ human rights. Amnesty International urges the Irish authorities to listen to sex workers and decriminalise all aspects of sex work. The Department of Justice has not yet published the report of a three-year review of the 2017 law. The report also criticises Europe’s double standard on immigration.

Hey, did you hear about this guy Mark McCormick who ran six brothels in Dublin and got caught in 2010? He only spent 16 months in jail and then he asked Google to hide his dirty past from the internet. How crazy is that?

Well, the Irish Independent wrote an article exposing his sneaky move and Google took it down this month. But they put it back up after the newspaper complained. The legal guy at the paper said Google’s way of dealing with these requests is shady and can be easily abused.

He said Google has to weigh up different factors when someone asks them to erase their history, but no one else gets to check what they’re doing.

Gardaí carried out two days of action last week targeting the purchasing of sex across the country. As a result, 46 people were identified as having allegedly purchased sexual services.

There were 65 safeguarding visits conducted, with a view to eliminating the possibility of sexual exploitation and advice was given to 112 sex workers during these visits.

During this period, gardaí will be reaching out in 16 languages to communities across Ireland, offering support and protection to victims of gender-based violence.

A text message campaign has been launched, with over 400 messages sent to sex workers this week alone.

A Co Down man recently sentenced for a catalogue of human trafficking and prostitution offences has appeared in court accused of breaching his Slavery and Trafficking Prevention Order (STPO).

Appearing at Belfast Magistrates Court by video link from police custody, 59-year-old Martin Heaney was charged with breaching the STPO on July 23 by accessing “websites which advertised in person sexual services.”

As part of the STPO imposed by Judge Patrick Lynch QC, Heaney is barred from accessing a plethora of named websites which advertise escort sex services.

We are told by the radical feminist that prostitution is exclusively men buying women.  This is factually incorrect. on several levels.

Men buy the services of women, not the women.

Females also buy sex from men. Often this is on holiday where they give gifts to young men while having sex with them.  They don't consider this as prostitution, but it is.

There are women who do buy the services of men, this has come more into the open since the film Good Luck to You, Leo Grande starring Emma Thompson.

In this SUN article we hear about Jane*, a 56-year-old married PA from London, who says she pays for a male escort – and it’s worth every penny.  He built me towards my first orgasm in decades. And it was worth every penny of the £300 an hour I was paying him to pleasure me.

She continued to see the escort. The escort taught her so much about sex.  Her life got better, she lost weight and felt happier.  Her sex life with her husband has got better.

The Sex Workers Alliance Ireland (SWAI), which promotes the human rights, equality and participation of sex workers, said it was “absolutely devastated to hear this news”. Dr Conway “was an incredible ally to sex workers, hosted several sex workers and allies on her Policed in Ireland podcast and was a massive pro-choice legend with Lawyers for Choice,” SWAI tweeted.

Bob Collins, chairperson of the Policing Authority, said: “Vicky’s contribution to policing was rooted not only in academic curiosity but in a genuine desire to ensure that everyone’s engagement with the Garda Síochána, in particular those most vulnerable in our society, was rooted in a respect for their humanity and a vindication of their human rights.


Gheorghe Goidan was jailed for 20 years on the in 2019 for the "ultra-violent" rape of two sex workers on the same day in separate hotels has failed in a bid to have his conviction quashed and his sentence reduced on appeal.

After arranging to meet them in hotel rooms, he pulled a knife and threatened them before repeatedly assaulting and raping both women in two separate attacks.

He had pleaded not guilty to rape and sexual assault at a hotel in Portlaoise on September 7, 2017.

He had also denied rape, oral rape and anal rape of a second woman at the Maldron Hotel in Galway city on the same day.

Ugly Mugs IE has alleged that predatory men are posing as the Guards to illicit free sex and to rob vulnerable sex workers. Ugly Mugs have handed over a dossier of reports going back to 2016.

Despite selling sex is legal in Ireland, sex workers still view members of the Irish police with suspicion.

Ugly Mugs Ireland is extremely disappointed that a speaker at the International Association of Women in Policing (IAWP) Conference, currently taking place in Dublin , was yesterday permitted to use the prestigious event as a platform to try to discredit important Ugly Mugs data on violence against sex workers in Ireland.

Ugly Mugs (UM) Ireland, a sex worker safety scheme, has published statistical data and reports that show, comparing the two years pre and the two years post the adoption of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 2017 in Ireland, sex workers’ crime reports to UM increased by 91% and violent crime reports specifically increased by 92%.

Lucy Smyth of Ugly Mugs says this increase in violence against sex workers should be being taken seriously by the Gardaí. But, instead, the Garda and IAWP Conference permitted speaker Ruth Breslin of the Sexual Exploitation Research Programme (SERP) at University College Dublin to use their conference as an opportunity to try to completely discredit Ugly Mugs data.

In a report titled We live within a violent system Amnesty International have called for sex work to be decriminilised. A Noridc model law was implemented five years ago in the Republic of Ireland. This law has jeopardised the safty if Irish Escorts, rather than improve their saftey.

The law penalised brothel keeping, supporters of the law arguing that this improves the saftey of sex workers.   Amnesty say the law has a chillin effect, by preventing sex workers from working together for saftey. Sex workers say this can be extremely dangerous. They fear the guards more than the occasional dangerous client.



A day of action saw the Irish police question people in the Irish escort trade looking for expolited people. One person was identified as exploited and a man was arrested for borthel keeping.

Additinally 77 men were questioned on suspicion of buying sexual services.

This is the question that Kate McGrew, arguably Ireland’s most recognisable escort, asks people to consider as she sits down with Angela O'Shaughnessy

“Part of our work is parsing out perceptions around sexuality, age-old stereotypes and repression. We should be focusing on what sex workers really need and not getting mired down in our old ideas about bad sex versus good sex,” says artist Kate McGrew. McGrew is arguably Ireland’s most recognisable escort. A 20-year industry veteran, she’s also the director of sex-worker led organisation Sex Workers Alliance Ireland, where she gives voice to one of the most...

The Sex Workers’ Alliance of Ireland (SWAI) has received €135,000 from the state in equality funding, despite being refused money from the Department of Justice last year because the group did not accept that “prostitution is inherently exploitative of vulnerable people”.

SWAI, which lobbies for the decriminalisation of sex work to allow those in the industry to work “without fear, judgment or stigma”, got the grant from the Equality Fund, which is administered by Rethink Ireland.

The Sex Workers’ Alliance of Ireland (SWAI) has received €135,000 from the state in equality funding, despite being refused money from the Department of Justice last year because the group did not accept that “prostitution is inherently exploitative of vulnerable people”.

Half of the money came from the Peter Kinney and Lisa Sandquist Foundation, established by the Irish-American philanthropists, and the rest from a dormant accounts fund jointly administered by the Department of Rural and Community Development and the Department of Children and Equality. SWAI was one of 11 organisations

Human trafficking into Ireland for prostitution has remained hugely problematic during the Covid-19 pandemic, the State’s human rights institution has told the European Union.

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC) has raised concerns with the EU about the “systemic failures” in identifying victims of trafficking in Ireland.

The IHREC told a private meeting of rapporteurs that there is an “urgent need” for a national identification referral process to be put in place, and for the HSE to embrace their role in assisting victims of trafficking.

A SPECIAL GARDA unit has been set up to tackle organised prostitution.

The national unit has been established under the Garda National Protective Services Bureau. It will police “all aspects of organised criminality within the sex trade, including the enforcement of legislation criminalising the purchase of sexual services”, according to a garda spokesman.

The unit is under the responsibility of the Assistant Commissioner in charge of Organised and Serious Crime, based at Harcourt Square in Dublin.

You don’t know who I am in Limerick. I will end you,” the man spat down angrily into Barbara Babeurre’s face as she attempted to push him out the door, trying not to inhale the stench of his armpits.

“I thought he was going to beat the shit out of me,” Ms Babeurre said.

“I told him I’d call the guards when he refused to leave and he said, ‘what about you? You’re working together, what you do is illegal. It's a brothel.’ 

“I was shocked. That’s the first time anyone ever said that to me.” 

The Sex Workers Alliance Ireland (SWAI), a peer-led service for anyone who sells sex, estimates that violence against sex workers has increased by 92% since the End Demand model was introduced in 2017.

The Sexual Offences Act 2017 prohibited the purchase of sex and increased penalties for workers sharing a premises.

SWAI has been calling for the legalisation and regulation of sex work which they say will better protect workers.

Ms Babeurre agrees. She has worked in Germany, France, the UK, her native Czech Republic and Ireland.

She said that she felt safest working in Germany, where both selling and buying sex are legal, regulated and taxed.

Criminalising women for working together — labeled as brothel-keeping — is endangering the lives of sex workers, she believes.

But she also believes that criminalising the buyer endangers sex workers by pushing the trade further into the shadows.


There have been 59 people prosecuted for paying for sex with a prostitute since it became illegal nearly four years ago.

According to Freedom of Information files, the offences allegedly took place in eight different counties.

Since April 2017, it has been illegal to buy sexual services from a prostitute and figures released by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) show there were no related prosecutions in 2017, seven in 2018, 29 in 2019 and 23 last year.

MORE than 50 per cent of sex workers are still having to work amid the Covid-19 pandemic while a fresh influx of women have turned to prostitution to survive after being laid off due to the lockdown.

Sex worker Kate McGrew opens up to us about how lockdown measures left them faced with the difficult choice of social-distancing with no income or continuing to carry out in-person work out of necessity at a risk to their own and others’ safety.

In an exclusive interview with the Irish Sun, Kate reveals how over half of sex workers are still having to engage in intimate work despite the number of Covid cases.

The sex worker, artist and activist blasts the Government for providing “a lack of supports for sex workers” despite the industry being hammered by the deadly pandemic, leaving many escorts with “no viable alternatives” to doing their work.

Brothel boss Martin ‘The Beast’ Morgan is now facing extradition and arrest after trying to dodge handing over three-months' worth of ill-gotten gains.

The fallout from that arrest continued this week in the High Court where a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

The Beast failed to pay €243,000 which had been calculated as the profit he made from the brothel between August and October in 2005.

At his criminal trial the lowest income from a single night of the brothel’s operation was €4,100.

Men paying for sex are seeking women to act as their “real girlfriend” or a “real porn star” – or even both – and write online reviews complaining when they don’t get what they want, according to a new study.

The research says violence is “endemic” in the sex trade, with many women reporting fear of violence and actual physical and sexual violence.

A study conducted by the Sexual Exploitation Research Programme in UCD said that on a typical day there were more than 650 people advertising their services on Escort Ireland, the country’s largest prostitution advertising platform – about a third of them outside urban areas.

The report, funded by the Department of Justice, said traumatic consequences of prostitution, and trafficking, include physical injuries, long-term chronic pain and severe mental health problems.

They said the most effective way of doing this was to cut off demand.

The research-backed laws, introduced in 2017, criminalising the purchase of sex – a law which is currently being reviewed by the Department of Justice.

More than eight in ten people investigated for brothel-keeping since laws were changed to protect sex workers were women, according to new figures.

Helen McEntee, the justice minister, said that there have been 60 reported incidents of brothel-keeping since then. Of the 37 suspects, 31 were female and six were male. Of the 20 suspects charged or summoned, 17 were female and only three were male.

Amnesty International Ireland has called for legislation which protects sex workers.

It has made a submission to the Dept. of Justice on the review of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 2017.

AI says the law, which criminalises the purchase of sex, has prompted a 92% increase in violent attacks on sex workers.

The law banning the purchase of sex, introduced in 2017, has had a profoundly negative impact on the health and wellbeing of sex workers, a new report has found.

Key findings from the research highlight the extent to which sex workers manage their lives within the context of ‘structural violence’ and exacerbated by the current law.  As a result, sex workers experience poorer protection from violence and abuse, increased risks from unsafe sex including HIV, and limited access to key health supports and interventions.

Participants in the research outlined how sex workers are limited in their abilities to manage health risks in a context where they must operate covertly to avoid detection. This had an additional negative impact on mental health outcomes.

Migrant sex workers described the need to remain invisible in order to conceal both their sex work and their migrant status, leading to increased vulnerability and compromises on health and safety.

To me, there is no services, everything that there is, there’s no place to go if you’re hurt, I mean I would never go to the cops in a million years. Where are you going to go, who are you going to say anything to?

As a sex worker if someone does something to me, I should be able to find someone to help me. But I absolutely cannot, even though I am just doing a job like any other job.

So many people live absolutely horrible lives, not because of what they do, but because they don’t have any protection when anything happens, unlike any other group in society/


More than 80 academics, lawyers, doctors, criminologists have lodged a submission advocating repealing Ireland's sex work laws.

The current law increases sex workers’ vulnerability to sexual violence, assaults, coercion, and financial abuse, and makes it more difficult for them to seek protection from the gardaí and the courts for assaults committed against them.

oin Glow West for another live podcast, this time with Kate McGrew from Sex Workers Alliance Ireland. Kate explains how covid has impacted sex workers in Ireland, and why it is important for sex workers and allies to contribute to the current review of sex work laws in Ireland which closes on Sept 11th. Under the current law, violent attacks on sex workers have increased by 92%. Kate also explains the differences between the Nordic model and decriminalisation, and why harm reduction can help keep sex workers safe.

The Department of Justice on 18 September 2019 laid in the Assembly a report of an independent review into the operation of the offence of purchasing sexual services.

It is quite unambiguous in its findings. The law appears to have failed in almost every conceivable respect.  The report is unique among Nordic Model jurisdictions in that it had a prevalance data from before the law was brought in. No other jurasdiction bothered to scope the sex industry first, so no one else has before and after statistics.

Most entrants to sex work stated money was the reason. Veru fe stated being forced. 93.3% said they had never been coerced or trafficked. 64.6 % said they dipped into and out of sex work, while 46% said they had another job. 1in 5 were full time students.

77% said the abstained from alcohol while working and 97.5% said the same about drugs. This is a complete contrast to the drugged up hooker sterotype.

56% said the law mad sex work more dangerous, while 14% said it was less dangerous since the law was enacted.

The PSNI say the paramilitary are not involved in trafficking. The PSNI also stated thay online ads helped them in detecting victims of trafficing.

The report also discussed the laws's impact in helping sex workers leave. In other words zero help at all. No ne support has been offered.


Kate McGrew, Sex Workers Alliance Ireland (SWAI) Coordinator, spoke to about the various efforts made to support sex workers during this uncertain time.

Kate told of how some sex workers have moved their work online, arranging virtual appointments with clients — however this isn’t an option for everyone.

The organisation also set up a hardship fund so they could send money out to people, roughly €100, and are relieved to be able to send out a second round of the fund,.

Sex trafficking is an affront to human rights, but a group representing sex workers say they were excluded from all discussions on an Irish law enacted in 2017 aimed at tackling the problem but which they say will make it worse

The Republic of Ireland’s new Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 2017 (2017 Act) criminalised sex purchase. Drawing on primary data from reports made by sex workers in Ireland to, we analyse trends in violent and other crimes against sex workers in Republic of Ireland (hereafter Ireland). Examining the four-year period 2015–2019, we highlight the various crimes sex workers experience, including incidents of hate crime. Analysis of data found that crimes (including violent offences) against sex workers increased following the introduction of the new law and continued with low levels of reporting of said crimes to the police. The data suggest that the 2017 Act heightens the risks for sex workers. Here, we advocate an intersectional framework to provide a more nuanced understanding of how sex workers in Ireland experience violent and other hate crimes (ICRSE, 2014)[Per journal style, abstracts should not have reference citations. Therefore, can you kindly delete the reference citations]. We suggest that considering the international research evidence, the most conducive framework in which to reduce violence against sex workers is that of full decriminalisation (Platt et al, 2018). But as others have pointed out that legal reform needs to be in tandem with other policies and a refocusing of police resources on sex worker safety, better enabling reporting and access to justice.

The Sex Workers Alliance Ireland rights group was told it could not access government funding unless it accepted that "prostitution is inherently exploitative of vulnerable people".

The decision from the department also flies in the face of The World Health Organisation (WHO), which has advised the inclusion of sex workers in the development and implementation of health measures during Covid-19.

SWAI says more than 160 new sex workers have come to its group for support this year alone.

Angry misogynists who commit murder aren't lone wolves — they're part of an increasingly violent movement

This is something sex workers have known for ages. Though many of their clients are good and respectful, there are a number of clients who are women haters and expect women to do their bidding. Additionally, there are many non-clients who believe they have the right to free sex from all women who target sex workers. These are the dangerous sex workers try to stay clear of.  As a powerful tweet by @SWAIIreland stated:

Sex workers are so often the canary in the coal mine for male violence. Sex workers have been targeted by men's rights activists and have been doxed, nuisance reported to the IRS and even killed.


Sex workers in Ireland we need your help

2020-08-05 elrond

Sex workers in Ireland we need your help

Are you a sex worker in Ireland? Currently working sex workers in Ireland are central to the review of the law. We need your input and we have a way in which you can submit to the review of the law anonymously.  Cont us on to find out how.

Time is critical, the submissions end on the 11th September

“The long-awaited review of the Review of Part 4 of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 2017 law governing sex work is underway. This is an opportunity for policymakers in this country to listen to current sex workers about how the decriminalisation of sex work will keep everyone safer, including those who have been trafficked” says Kate McGrew, director of the Sex Workers Alliance Ireland (SWAI) and current sex worker.

She continues “Globally, sex work prohibitionists have been successful in conflating all sex work as trafficking. This, combined with the fact that other forms of labour draw more trafficking victims into Ireland, has meant that resources are being misspent on a strategy of criminalising the purchase of sex that has not been proven to stop trafficking. This conflation has also meant that consenting sex workers working together for safety have been caught up in so-called brothel raids. In fact, the only people who have been arrested for brothel-keeping in Ireland have been young, migrant women. The Sexual Offences law 2017 is being applied in a racist way, which has been noted by IHREC.” 

“US State Dept Trafficking in Person’s Report, released earlier this month, highlights how Ireland struggles to identify victims of trafficking. No one has been arrested for trafficking in Ireland since 2013. In fact, our laws have caused a 92% increase in crime against sex workers. What use are these laws, if not to protect people?

SWAI turned down for funding

2020-07-22 elrond

Sex Workers Alliance Ireland (SWAI) was specifically turned down for COVID related funding from the Irish Government. This was specifically because they do not advocate that all sex work is gendered violence. IThe Iris Government, instead of listening to sex workers, they actively exclude sex workers.

SWAI has worked hard to provide emergency funding to sex workers, all the contributions they have made were donated to SWAI by private individuals and organisations. Nothing from the Government. SWAI was contact with more sex workers that the 'charities' who work to end sex work.

The Irish law on sex work, the criminalisation of the purchase of sex along with the so-called decriminalisation of sex work. (Not actually true as brothel-keeping laws are used against sex workers) is now to be looked at. Sex workers and other stakeholders are to be asked their views in the review of Ireland's prostitution laws. There will be an online survey as part of the consultation, and written submissions will also be accepted.

The Sex Workers Alliance Ireland said the forthcoming review “will show the current law is a failed experiment”.

Almost €26,000 has been raised for sex workers in Ireland who have seen their trade plummet due to the COVID-19 restrictions. This was raised by the Sex Workers Alliance of Ireland.  This organisation was not given any money by the Irish Government, because SWAI does not consider sex work to be violence against women.

As they are not eligible for the pandemic unemployment payment, many escorts are reported to lack enough funds to pay for basic needs.

Ruhama, a charity that profits from those affected by prostitution, believes that the Government should be focused on getting women out of this industry.



The Gardai in Ireland have been texting sex workers. Around 900 texts have been sent. These were sent on three occasions.  The majority who answered were concerned about money and accommodation. The texts were sent in March, April and May. Those sex workers who had accommodation issues where put in touch with the relevant authorities. A small number (The Gardai don't say how many) were seeking help from criminals.


It must also be emphasised, that the organisation SWAII have been helping sex workers financially.