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Sasha Carter

Sasha Carter

Sweet, cheeky and authentic | Let's forget about life together, shall we?

Constantly travelling, please check my availability/tour schedule on my site ♡   _____   You seek an escape, a retreat from the craziness that life can sometimes become. Whether that means enjoying a laugh-filled dinner, stealing flirtatious moments at an art show or hiding together in a cosy nook of a wine bar, you're looking for that right someone with whom you can feel the world disappear. Am I that right someone for you? Maybe I am, maybe not. And, yes, I realise that I "should" be trying my hardest for you to want to spend time with me specifically on here. But I genuinely believe that for you to experience what you're looking for, you need to feel that certain draw, the one that can't be just persuaded out of you - and I've never been one to care too much about should's anyway. So what could draw you to me? Well, many things! (Perhaps my humility?) Despite my mischievous streak, I am often described as "sweet" and "lovely" (still feels strange to write this myself though!). I have many aspirations spanning a wide range of areas (from art and languages to maths and tech) and there is not much my mind doesn't enjoy exploring - and that applies to carnal pursuits just as much as to the intellectual ones. But above all, I am always my authentic self and, full disclosure, I can't act to save my life - I know, not something people normally brag about! But it means that when you see me enjoying our time together, you can rest assured I really am (trust me, you could tell otherwise!). You've gotten this far so it seems I'm the one you feel drawn to after all. Let's forget about life together then, shall we?

Sexy Mistress Jessica

Sexy Mistress Jessica

I´m a sexy Dominant Mistress who offers Domination. I´m a woman with curves in all the right places. When I´m dressed in your favouri

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Dublin Sex Work News

You don’t know who I am in Limerick. I will end you,” the man spat down angrily into Barbara Babeurre’s face as she attempted to push him out the door, trying not to inhale the stench of his armpits.

“I thought he was going to beat the shit out of me,” Ms Babeurre said.

“I told him I’d call the guards when he refused to leave and he said, ‘what about you? You’re working together, what you do is illegal. It's a brothel.’ 

“I was shocked. That’s the first time anyone ever said that to me.” 

The Sex Workers Alliance Ireland (SWAI), a peer-led service for anyone who sells sex, estimates that violence against sex workers has increased by 92% since the End Demand model was introduced in 2017.

The Sexual Offences Act 2017 prohibited the purchase of sex and increased penalties for workers sharing a premises.

SWAI has been calling for the legalisation and regulation of sex work which they say will better protect workers.

Ms Babeurre agrees. She has worked in Germany, France, the UK, her native Czech Republic and Ireland.

She said that she felt safest working in Germany, where both selling and buying sex are legal, regulated and taxed.

Criminalising women for working together — labeled as brothel-keeping — is endangering the lives of sex workers, she believes.

But she also believes that criminalising the buyer endangers sex workers by pushing the trade further into the shadows.


There have been 59 people prosecuted for paying for sex with a prostitute since it became illegal nearly four years ago.

According to Freedom of Information files, the offences allegedly took place in eight different counties.

Since April 2017, it has been illegal to buy sexual services from a prostitute and figures released by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) show there were no related prosecutions in 2017, seven in 2018, 29 in 2019 and 23 last year.

MORE than 50 per cent of sex workers are still having to work amid the Covid-19 pandemic while a fresh influx of women have turned to prostitution to survive after being laid off due to the lockdown.

Sex worker Kate McGrew opens up to us about how lockdown measures left them faced with the difficult choice of social-distancing with no income or continuing to carry out in-person work out of necessity at a risk to their own and others’ safety.

In an exclusive interview with the Irish Sun, Kate reveals how over half of sex workers are still having to engage in intimate work despite the number of Covid cases.

The sex worker, artist and activist blasts the Government for providing “a lack of supports for sex workers” despite the industry being hammered by the deadly pandemic, leaving many escorts with “no viable alternatives” to doing their work.

Brothel boss Martin ‘The Beast’ Morgan is now facing extradition and arrest after trying to dodge handing over three-months' worth of ill-gotten gains.

The fallout from that arrest continued this week in the High Court where a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

The Beast failed to pay €243,000 which had been calculated as the profit he made from the brothel between August and October in 2005.

At his criminal trial the lowest income from a single night of the brothel’s operation was €4,100.