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Sasha Carter

Sweet, cheeky and authentic | Let's forget about life together, shall we?

Constantly travelling, please check my availability/tour schedule on my site ♡   _____   You seek an escape, a retreat from the craziness that life can sometimes become. Whether that means enjoying a laugh-filled dinner, stealing flirtatious moments at an art show or hiding together in a cosy nook of a wine bar, you're looking for that right someone with whom you can feel the world disappear. Am I that right someone for you? Maybe I am, maybe not. And, yes, I realise that I "should" be trying my hardest for you to want to spend time with me specifically on here. But I genuinely believe that for you to experience what you're looking for, you need to feel that certain draw, the one that can't be just persuaded out of you - and I've never been one to care too much about should's anyway. So what could draw you to me? Well, many things! (Perhaps my humility?) Despite my mischievous streak, I am often described as "sweet" and "lovely" (still feels strange to write this myself though!). I have many aspirations spanning a wide range of areas (from art and languages to maths and tech) and there is not much my mind doesn't enjoy exploring - and that applies to carnal pursuits just as much as to the intellectual ones. But above all, I am always my authentic self and, full disclosure, I can't act to save my life - I know, not something people normally brag about! But it means that when you see me enjoying our time together, you can rest assured I really am (trust me, you could tell otherwise!). You've gotten this far so it seems I'm the one you feel drawn to after all. Let's forget about life together then, shall we?

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Prostitution, often referred to as the “world’s oldest profession,” is a persistent phenomenon that has existed in various forms across different cultures, societies, and locations throughout history. However, the moral and legal status of prostitution varies widely among countries, and so does its prevalence. A relevant question that emerges is: which country has the highest rate of prostitution?

To address this question, one must take into account the multiple factors that influence the occurrence of prostitution. These may include socioeconomic conditions, legal frameworks, and cultural norms. Moreover, obtaining reliable data on this sensitive topic is challenging, as it often depends on estimates and research on the illicit trade. Nevertheless, based on the available information, it is possible to identify some countries with notably high rates of prostitution.

It should be noted that some countries are renowned for having large sex industries due to tourism, local demand, or economic necessity. Countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, and parts of Germany (where prostitution is legal and regulated) are frequently cited in debates about the sex industry. However, having a prominent sex industry does not necessarily imply that these countries have the “most” prostitution; it simply means that it is more visible and regulated.

Prostitution is a widespread phenomenon, with varying rates across different countries. This section provides an overview of the countries where prostitution is most common.

Germany has legalized prostitution, resulting in an increase in the number of sex workers and brothels. Thailand has a large sex tourism industry, attracting visitors from around the world. Brazil also has a high rate of sex tourism, especially during the Carnival season. China has technically outlawed prostitution, but it is still prevalent, particularly in urban areas.

Colombia has a sizable prostitution market, driven mainly by drug-related violence and poverty. India and the Philippines also face high rates of prostitution due to poverty and a lack of employment opportunities for women. Spain continues to struggle with the issue of prostitution, as it is neither fully legal nor criminalized.

Australia, Finland, Bolivia, and the Netherlands have some regulation of sex work, leading to a degree of tolerance toward the industry. France and Denmark have illegalized prostitution, but it still occurs in these countries, partly due to their appeal to tourists.

Mexico, the United States, Argentina, Canada, and Nevada (where it is legal) have considerable levels of prostitution, with authorities attempting to regulate or combat the industry. Japan, South Korea, and New Zealand have significant issues with prostitution despite efforts to curb the trade.

Some European countries, such as Lithuania, Austria, Latvia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Belgium, Italy, and Slovenia have varying degrees of regulation or penalties for prostitution. Finally, even in countries like Zimbabwe, where prostitution is illegal, it persists as an underground business.

The factors that contribute to high rates of prostitution in these countries include poverty, unemployment, drug addiction, and global demand for sex services. These factors should be taken into account when discussing prostitution in a specific country.

According to a statement by the Italian police, Joy Jeff, a 48-year-old Nigerian woman who has been on Italy’s most-wanted list since 2010, was extradited from Abuja to Rome on Wednesday. She has been sentenced to 13 years of imprisonment for her involvement in various criminal activities, including leading a prostitution ring that exploited women from Nigeria and other countries. The statement said that Jeff was a prominent member of the Nigerian mafia and that she was arrested in Nigeria on June 4, 2022, based on an international warrant issued by Italy. The extradition was made possible by a treaty signed between Nigeria and Italy in 2020. Investigators from Ancona, a city in eastern Italy, said that Jeff used violence and threats to force women into prostitution in Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. She was convicted in absentia by an Italian court. The Italian police also released a video showing Jeff being transported from Abuja to Ciampino airport in Rome, where she was taken into custody by the police in a wheelchair. Rizzi (2023), an Italian police chief responsible for international coordination, stated that “Africa today is a strategic location when looking for fugitives and fighting organised crime.”

Monza president Silvio Berlusconi has promised the club's players "a bus of whores" if they beat Serie A big boys AC Milan (opens in new tab) or Juventus (opens in new tab) later this season.

On Wednesday, a video emerged on social media of the former Italian Prime Minister talking about the rather crude incentive. At a Christmas dinner with the team on Tuesday, he said 

"I told the guys ... now you will play Milan, Juventus. If you win against one of these top teams, I'll bring a bus of whores into the locker room."

A rightwing mayor in central Italy has banned women from "dressing like prostitutes" in a clampdown on sex work in the city that has backfired.

Local women have taken is as an assault on their freedom to dress as they like.     They have been backed by the local centre-left opposition who said "this is not Kabul, and women should be allowed to dress as they please".

Two weeks ago, Father Andrea Conocchia was approached by a trans sex worker in his Blessed Virgin of the Immaculate Church. He gave her food and basic supplies from Catholic charity Caritas when she asked for help.

In total around 20 trans women, mostly from Latin America, turned up at Conocchia’s church looking for vital supplies. The majority of the women are sex workers who were left without vital funds to pay for rent and food during the pandemic.

But Father Conocchia was unable to offer enough financial support to help the women weather this storm — so, he sent a message to Pope Francis asking for assistance.

The Pope gave the go-ahead for papal almoner Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, the administrator of the papacy’s charitable work, to send money to the community of trans women last week.

The women sent an audio message to Krajewski to be played for Pope Francis in which they expressed their gratitude to him.

This as-told-to essay from Jana, a sex worker in Bologna, Italy, has been transcribed, translated,

I’m a 51-year-old woman, and I’m a prostitute. I’m not that young anymore, but I still have my charm.

I stopped receiving clients at home on March 5; it is too dangerous. My job requires physical contact—my job is, in fact, all about physical contact—and keeping a safe distance is impossible when you are having sex.

My partner knows about my job, and he doesn’t judge me. He is a courier and he works during the day, so that’s when I agree to answer some calls from my clients.

Believe it or not, the calls are never erotic. Over these five weeks of quarantine, I have realized how much of a “comfort” I am for them. Many find support in our relationship. It’s not about how I fuck—anyone can do that—but rather it’s the special attention that I give: I listen.

GENEVA, 8 April 2020—The COVID-19 pandemic, as with other health crises, exposes existing inequalities and disproportionately affects people already criminalized, marginalized and living in financially precarious situations, often outside social protection mechanisms.

During these difficult times, the Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) and UNAIDS wish to draw attention to the particular hardships and concerns facing sex workers globally, and are calling on countries to ensure the respect, protection and fulfilment of sex workers’ human rights. 

UNAIDS calls on countries to take immediate, critical action, grounded in human rights principles, to protect the health and rights of sex workers. Measures should include:

  • Access to national social protection schemes for sex workers, including income support schemes.
  • An immediate firewall between health services and immigration authorities in order to ensure that migrant sex workers can access health services.
  • Emergency financial support for sex workers facing destitution, particularly migrants who are unable to access residency-based financial support.
  • An immediate end to evictions and access to appropriate emergency housing for homeless sex workers.
  • Stopping raids on sex workers’ homes and sex work premises and ensuring that all measures to protect public health are proportionate.
  • An immediate halt to arrests and prosecutions for sex work-related activity, moving away from punitive measures and criminalization towards reaching and serving those most in need.
  • An immediate end to the use of criminal law to enforce COVID-19-related restrictions, including forced COVID-19 testing and related prosecutions.
  • Automatic extensions on visas due to expire as travel restrictions tighten. Immigration detention systems must support detainees in safe accommodation.
  • The engagement of sex worker communities in responses—the meaningful involvement of sex worker-led organizations in emergency public health planning groups.

UNAIDS, as ever, stands ready to support countries in the implementation of the above recommendations.