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Abigail Lexington

Abigail Lexington

Fun, friendly and beautiful. Educated, part-time English escort with petite 5'2 figure.

Hey there! I’m Abigail, though you can call me Abby.   I’m likely here for the same reasons you are, as I have the deep desire to spend an amazing night with someone seeking personal companionship, or even a couple! I’d definitely consider myself a bit of a city girl, having lived in London for the past few years, I love the hustle-and-bustle atmosphere! Though I’m not set in my ways, and am excited to see what your city has to offer as well! Dressing up to match the mood of where I am is always an amazing feeling, while I’m sure you’d also enjoy dressing me up.   As a companion, I like to become the key to our relaxing and intimate time together, letting everything melt away until it’s just us left. Bringing that luxurious feeling to your business trip, becoming a dream made into reality with a dinner date together, or even as an addition to an established couple, they’re all little fantasies of mine…   My perfect date? It’d have to start with some good food! We could settle down in our restaurant of choice, talking the night away as we exchanged a few teasing glances. Then you’d have to show me around your neck of the woods, giving away all of the local tidbits that make your city feel alive! Naturally, I think we’d both be struggling to hold back what we want, and our night would quickly steer back towards our place, though I will let the details of what happens next remain a mystery.   When it comes to entertaining evenings and night-life, I’m always drawn to the amazing food that London has to offer! I’ve been lucky enough to attend Hawksmoor’s supper club, savour the flavours at some of London's finest restaurants, and of course, I’ve spent a night or two dipping my toes into a few cocktail bars. Outings like this are perfect for our first get-together, and I’d love to be led around by you to all of your favourite places. Of course, we’ll be ending the tour at your hotel for a nightcap.    A few tidbits about me personally? Well, I like to consider myself rather well-spoken and educated, as I have a degree in computer science from a high-profile university. So don’t worry if you’re a bit of a nerd sometimes, as I can certainly keep up with you! I’m also a bit of a people-pleaser, how you’d like to interpret that is up to you.   With all of that in mind, the best way to get to know me better is for us to spend time with one another! Feel free to send me an email, or even take a look at my website, and I look forward to meeting you

Lilly Watson

Lilly Watson

Irresistible, unforgettable, confidential.

MISS LILLY WATSON: LONDON'S MOST WANTED HIGH-CLASS ESCORT AND SENSUAL DOMINA. Experience erotic intimacy and fulfilment by sharing a discreet rendezvous with someone who understands your desires. 5* INCALLS in Central London, Canary Wharf and Heathrow Airport. 5* HOTEL OUTCALLS anywhere vaguely between London and Cornwall as well as Birmingham and the Midlands. PROFESSIONAL DUNGEON INCALLS AND OUTCALLS.  I understand your desires. I feel the same way you do. I understand you. I understand what you want and need. I can fulfil you. Leap into sensual fulfilment. Enjoy, and you will be enjoyed. I am very curious to hear your fantasies, no matter how unusual or taboo they might seem. Perhaps we could live out your fantasies for real. I must admit that any situation or activity that allows me to time travel to the glamorous first half of the Twentieth Century is guaranteed to get me in the mood. Can it be any surprise that London and Paris are my favourite cities? My most highly rated personal fetish is probably the threesome (called a "duo date", as you book two ladies instead of one). Whether we are a pair of excitable girlfriends giving the Client a lesbian show and then taking it in turns to be ravished, a team of dominant ladies ganging up on a poor subbie Client, or are creating some sort of exciting chain of command between the three of us ("forced bi", anyone?)- the fact that there is three of us really turns me on! The visual and physical stimulation is literally doubled for all involved, whatever the scenario happens to be. I'm so into threesomes that I even have a dedicated address book for threesomes. Equally high on my list is sensual clothing to adorn and enhance the beauty of my breathtaking figure such as sheer and vintage lingerie, fully fashioned stockings worn with a six-strap suspender belt, fishnets, leather gloves, lace, satin, veils, masks, French knickers and full tulle or tight pencil skirts, especially when worn with red lipstick and nail polish and a seductive pair of high heeled boots or shoes. Louboutins are the perfect choice. I am a natural tease and often enjoy showering and bathing with my lovers; tantalisingly strip-teasing piece by ever-slower piece to fascinate my lover's appetite; playing with nylon stockings in novel ways; doing whatever I need to do to gradually build the tension until you can barely contain yourself. I am a trained actor and absolutely thrive on roleplaying games in the bedroom or dungeon, especially if I am allowed to involve costumes and props. Perhaps I am your dominant boss in a tight blouse, pencil skirt, stockings and stilettos, who makes you stay after work and then threatens to fire you unless you satisfy my needs. Or perhaps you turn the tables; you have noticed some financial irregularities in the company accounts, and you threaten to expose me unless I immediately serve your every humiliating desire. Perhaps I am a strict headmistress at a traditional English young women's boarding school, complete with tweeds, pearls, leather heels, and of course, the cane. I have received reports that you have been caught spying on the girls in my care and have called you to my office for some very traditional punishment, administered for your own good... Or could I be an international hitwoman, and you, a man with a price on his head? I cunningly corner you in your hotel room and decide I might as well have some fun with you before I complete my deadly mission, while keeping my leather gloves on at all times. More fanciful yet, I could be the very latest AI sexbot android- an experimental new model that needs testing. Time to take me out of the box and try out all the features... I adore foot worship (and receiving body worship in general… what a feeling!); giving and receiving oral pleasure, including face-sitting; classic bondage; giving training, humiliation and discipline, including caning and corporal punishment (I was both Head Girl and a prefect at a formal English girls' school, and still have the badges to prove it! as well as my summer uniform); dressing boys up as girls; CFNM; pet play; wax play; playing with vibrators, including my clever remote control prostate massager (highly recommended for use during dinner somewhere formal), and giving warm champagne showers from my personal and very private reserve (a particular forte of mine. They don't call me Lilly "Racehorse" Watson for nothing). Sometimes it's nice to just get together and f*ck, though, don't you think? If you have similar interests and would like to meet, I invite you to contact me. We will get on very well indeed.

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