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The North East of England consists of the following counties, Tyne and Ware, County Durham and Northumberland. The East Coast with Newcastle, Gateshead and Sunderland make up a very important area for British escorts. The phrase Angel of the North does not only describe the work of Antony Gormley, but also the type of escort you will find in Newcastle, Gateshead and Tyne and Wear. So take the plunge and search for a North East escorts.

Newcastle is well known as a party town with plenty of opportunities to find young Northern Newcastle escorts to accompany you on a night out and to get laid. They will visit you in your hotel or for a quickie at their working flat. There though are a lack of brothels and saunas in the city. This is a shame as they do provide safe working places for escorts.  The police should be ashamed in the way they don’t abide by the accepted good guidance given by their national lead on prostitution.  

Personally, I have good experiences with Amour, Newcastle Escort Agency who have provided me with some excellent Newcastle escorts on short notice. This Northern escort agency caters for Newcastle, Tyne and Ware and most of the North East. Amour also looks after the escorts they represent, providing advice on how to stay safe. They work with the police and other advocacy groups and have participated in sex work research.

There are many Newcastle escorts in the area. With a Newcastle companion there is often a greater choice of services. Many different Gateshead escorts with different personalities, ages, and body sizes are available to you. They are often providing many more specialist services. Many mature Darlington escorts and North East BBW escorts advertise on these pages.

The Dark Side of Escorts in the North East

There is a dark side of sex in Newcastle. During mid-2017 grooming gangs were found guilty of rape, trafficking of vulnerable women and girls. This though is the hidden underbelly of abuse which does occur in some peer groups of people.  Those guilty of this crime have quite rightly been sentenced to imprisonment. I know those visiting this site will not tolerate abuse, and if you are suspicious and feel there is abuse occurring, that you will pick up the phone and call Crime Stoppers.

Working with independent Northern escorts, and reputable North-East escort agencies will ensure you are meeting consenting adult sex workers. Please though be on your guard, and if anything looks wrong, STOP.  Even though a sex worker has consented to you, please remember that consent must be sought for anything you do. Don’t just assume you can do anything after paying. If you want to touch your Sunderland escort somewhere, ask her first. 

Have fun and enjoy your search for Escorts in the North East.

North East Escorts in the News

8th February 2016 Thousands of North-East men paying for sex every day with North East Escorts

A report concludes that 3,400 men in the North East are purchasing sex from sex workers every day. The study found 1,700 women and men involved in sex work in the region. Around half were involved in survival sex. The other half was more commercially aware and selling sex in brothels, agencies or through the internet. The researchers found 20 brothels in Newcastle, 12 in Durham and Darlington with 11.

Read more about North East escorts in the Northern Echo

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Trixie a female glamour photographer

I’m Trixie a female glamour photographer.

I offer a fun and relaxed shoot; I want you to get the very best out of your photoshoot and make it a unique experience.  

I shoot many styles from hippy chic, boudoir, artistic nude, glamour, fetish, fantasy and cosplay, urban explorer, outdoor in nature shoots and more.  

Exclusive locations in South / Mid  Wales

Victorian House – Exclusive location – South Wales

The Victorian house is close to Newport, South Wales. It’s a high spec house with original Victorian features. This is an exclusive location no other photographer is using.

Available all year round.

Farm location – Exclusive location – South / Mid Wales

Situated in 4 acres of private land with a range of farm buildings and outbuildings, hay bales, trees, log piles, tree swings and a stream. Secluded location for outdoor shoots, hippy chic, fantasy, fetish, and urban explorer. Just outside the Brecon Beacons it’s situated 1hr 15 mins from Cardiff and Swansea. This is an exclusive location that no other photographer is using.

Available during warmer months April to Sept.


Diamond package £250

2- 3 hours shoot with all original photos and 15 final retouched photos.

Gold package £475

4 – 6 hours shoot with all original photos and 30 final edited photos.

Visit my website or my portfolio and more information. 

Scientists found a 2,000-year-old sex toy near Hadrians Walk

The object measured six inches. Credit:Newcastle University

Move over Ann Summers, because forget your modern gadgets, the ancient Romans had their own version of adult playthings—a 'non-miniaturized, disembodied carved wooden phallus.' Imagine the wisdom passed down through the ages!

In a discovery that'll make you raise your eyebrows higher than a Roman aqueduct, scientists have dug up what they believe to be the earliest example of a Roman sex toy in the UK. Picture this: a 2,000-year-old phallic-shaped piece of wood, a solid 16cm in length. Or, well, it might've been larger back in the day, but you know how wood behaves over time—always shrinking when you least expect it!

This relic of raunchiness was stumbled upon over two decades ago near Hadrian's Wall in Northern England, lying next to shoes, dress trinkets, and other knick-knacks. At first, it was written off as some sort of sewing tool—imagine the surprise when someone had the bright idea to take a closer look!

Rob Collins, a senior lecturer in archaeology at Newcastle University, couldn't help but chuckle at the situation: "I mean, seriously, who cataloged this thing as a darning device? Perhaps someone was just a tad uncomfortable admitting that the Romans indulged in such... uh, peculiar activities."

But wait, there's more! In a scholarly paper that's bound to raise a few eyebrows (and maybe even elicit a snort or two), researchers proposed not one, not two, but three possible uses for this ancient phallic find.

First up, the obvious: a good old-fashioned dildo. Although, let's be clear, it probably wasn't exactly a hit for penetration—more like a novelty item for clitoral stimulation. Ow!

Then there's the slightly less scandalous suggestion that it was used as a pestle for grinding up medicine. Can you imagine asking your local apothecary for one of those?

And finally, the most bizarre theory of them all: it could've been some sort of lucky charm, placed at the entrance of businesses to, uh, promote prosperity. Talk about a unique marketing strategy!

Collins sums it up best: "Whether it was for pleasure, pain, or just plain luck, one thing's for sure—ancient Romans definitely had a creative streak when it came to their... ahem, personal items."

Sex Work T-shirts and Hoodies

Sex work T shirts

I have no affiliation with this website, and they have not asked me to advertise them.  This is posted just for your information.

There is an amendment which has been made to the online safety bill in the UK parliament. If this amendment goes through, it will effectively stop online advertising for escorts.  Hosting companies will be responsible for removing prostitution related advertising.  That includes twitter and escort directories.

Now, with a new law going through parliament with the intention of making online spaces safer, sex workers are worried that their jobs could get a lot more dangerous, forcing them into making riskier choices like Audrey found herself doing during lockdown.

A recent amendment to the Online Safety Bill (which will be scrutinised next week by the Public Bill Committee) will target online adverts for sexual services in a bid to stop traffickers from using online platforms to exploit victims. The Online Safety Bill is a huge piece of legislation with multiple focuses but is primarily aimed at protecting children and other vulnerable groups from harmful online content. However, the recent amendment lays out "inciting or controlling prostitution for gain" as a priority offence that tech companies must crack down on. 

17th December 2021 marks the 18th International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers (or IDEVASW), a day when sex workers and allies around the world gather to remember those we have lost due to stigma, marginalisation and harm.

Last year, and in previous years, National Ugly Mugs (NUM) invited you to join us and say their names. This year, we ask you to do more. We ask all of you to take time to remember our colleagues and friends alongside us, and then resolve to continue fighting for equal rights for all members of society.

Olease watch the Nationl Ugly Mugs video which includes a statement fron @NadiaWhittomeMP Nadia Whittome is a Labour MP who supports decriminilisation of sex work.



OnlyFans stumbbled,  they told their creators there would be not adult work hosted on their site. This was because Mastercard drew up draconian rules on payments for adult content. Since then OnlyFans has relented. (It had to relent, they would have folded without the content)

Twitter is jumping into the market with Super Follows. Twitter announced on Wednesday that it has finally, officially, started the rollout of Super Follows.  Wirh Super Follows, people can monotise behind the scenes content to their most engaged followers..  The feature allows users to charge a monthly flat fee in exchange for access to additional content. Of course Twitter takes a cut.

Presently it is being rolled out to a select few US twitter accounts,  Will it allow adult content?  The present standards for adult content on twitter are.

Twitter defines "adult content" as "any consensually produced and distributed media that is pornographic or intended to cause sexual arousal." The company writes that users "can share graphic violence and consensually produced adult content within your Tweets, provided that you mark this media as sensitive."

So in theory the answer is a yes. Well lets wait and see what happens.


So to all escorts, who want to supplement your income through other channesl other than OnlyFans, you shall have to wait and see. It is always a good idea not to put all your eggs into one basket.

Strip clubs and escort services could lead to a substantial fall in sex crimes, new research has found.

The study, published in The Economic Journal, discovered the existence of adult entertainment venues triggered a fall in the number of sexual offences carried out close by.

For 12 years I worked as an escort, I also did occasional phone & cam work. I varied between working full time and part time, but around half was full time and the other half part time.

I've been put off doing one of these because of how they usually go but I'm always banging on about people making assumptions about sex workers and accepting stereotypes about us so I might as well.

To be clear, this is a thread for people who want to ask questions, not for people who just want to make a point about sex work or sex workers.

Anyway, if anybody cares...ask away

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