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Sasha Carter

Sweet, cheeky and authentic | Let's forget about life together, shall we?

Constantly travelling, please check my availability/tour schedule on my site ♡   _____   You seek an escape, a retreat from the craziness that life can sometimes become. Whether that means enjoying a laugh-filled dinner, stealing flirtatious moments at an art show or hiding together in a cosy nook of a wine bar, you're looking for that right someone with whom you can feel the world disappear. Am I that right someone for you? Maybe I am, maybe not. And, yes, I realise that I "should" be trying my hardest for you to want to spend time with me specifically on here. But I genuinely believe that for you to experience what you're looking for, you need to feel that certain draw, the one that can't be just persuaded out of you - and I've never been one to care too much about should's anyway. So what could draw you to me? Well, many things! (Perhaps my humility?) Despite my mischievous streak, I am often described as "sweet" and "lovely" (still feels strange to write this myself though!). I have many aspirations spanning a wide range of areas (from art and languages to maths and tech) and there is not much my mind doesn't enjoy exploring - and that applies to carnal pursuits just as much as to the intellectual ones. But above all, I am always my authentic self and, full disclosure, I can't act to save my life - I know, not something people normally brag about! But it means that when you see me enjoying our time together, you can rest assured I really am (trust me, you could tell otherwise!). You've gotten this far so it seems I'm the one you feel drawn to after all. Let's forget about life together then, shall we?

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Lisbon Area Description

Welcome to our section on Lisbon escorts. Lisbon is an international city based in Portugal. Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal , and as such Lisbon is a great destination for holidays, sun sea and sex. Lisbon has become an international city, with many English speaking people moving in and creating high-tech companies and new businesses.

Lisbon Escort Services

Portugal and Lisbon Escorts

You of course have visited this site to find Lisbon escorts. First, I must tell you that sex work is legal in Portugal. It is legal to sell sexual services and to buy sexual services. On these pages we advertise many Lisbon Escorts, or Escorts who visit the city to sell you sex. Lisbon is a hot city, it has a highly charged night life, and you will want a woman to go with you to the night clubs to party with.

Lisbon Escorts as Tour Guides

Why not take a Lisbon Escort to guide you around the city for the day and night? You will learn so much more about our city when you are in the company of a beautiful Lisbon Escort. Not only will you learn more, you will have so much more fun. She will show to the nicest and least expensive restaurants. She will introduce you to night clubs. During the day you can go shopping with your Lisbon escort, or frolic on the beach and sea with her.

Escort Lisboa

Our capital, Lisbon, is named Lisboa in Portuguese. The city has improved so much in recent years. The tech jobs and other businesses have also brought culture and night clubs. With the wealth this has brought, there is now a highly appreciative group of men looking for the services of Lisbon Escorts. These escorts are available from escort agencies, and from independent escorts advertising on the web. You are also able to pick up Lisbon escorts at bars and on the streets, but why risk that, and instead book a reputable escort from an advertisement on the web or from a Lisbon escort agency.