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A word of warning, the laws on sex work and purchasing sex from Scotland Escorts are broadly similar to England and Wales.  There are though some subtle differences.  Buying and selling sex is legal, so long as it is indoor.  Soliciting and kerb-crawling are illegal as in England.  Sex workers working together is also illegal. There are also differences in the way the law is implemented on escorts in Scotland.  The police forces in Scotland used to be regional.  The Edinburgh force allowed sex-work to occur in Saunas, while Glasgow and Aberdeen had a zero policy on brothels. There is now one police force in Scotland.  It was originally headed up by the Glasgow commander.  The result, mayhem, sex workers evicted from the Edinburgh saunas in their underwear on to the streets.  There was a public backlash, and life has continued as before.

If you are an escort in Scotland, take heed; do not work with others for safety in Glasgow or Aberdeen.  These regions still have a zero-tolerance for brothels, and you will be prosecuted for brothel-keeping.  Please refer to ScotPep for advice.

Looking for a peer-led sex worker support project, then contact Umbrella Lane. Umbrella Lane is situated in a small discreet office in Glasgow city centre where you can come and chat through any issues in relation to work & life with a peer volunteer and get free condoms and lubricants.

Glasgow Models

Most Glasgow models are working independently from flats or providing outcall services.  You will find all types of Glasgow callgirls, from Glasgow BBW, escorts, Glasgow model escorts and the Glasgow courtesans, who are the elite and at the top of their game.  There are also Glasgow escort agencies who can provide a selection of girls to your hotel or home.  Keep an eye on the Glasgow tour dates.  Many ladies regularly tour.  Look here for Glasgow escorts.

Aberdeen Ladies

Aberdeen has been a rich city flooded with oil money and men working on the oil rigs.  Aberdeen escorts have made rich pickings from the large quantities of disposable income in the city.  The low oil prices and jobs loses have impacted on this booming industry.  Still, Aberdeen girls abound, and many other ladies tour the city regularly.  As I have warned before, if you are a escort in Aberdeen, be very careful and don’t work with other ladies.  This, unfortunately, is dangerous. Only recently a woman was murdered in Aberdeen, working on her own.  In my mind, the laws and the police implementation of the laws are much to blame for her death.

Clients can locate Aberdeen models through these pages.  Aberdeen courtesans come in all shapes, sizes and services they provide.  As in Glasgow, there are a substantial number of ladies touring the city.  

Edinburgh Girls

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland had a more progressive attitude toward Edinburgh women.  The city allowed informal working together and also allowed brothels to run in the city.  Edinburgh women worked together in Edinburgh saunas.  These Edinburgh brothels were licenced by the city council as Edinburgh Saunas.  Unfortunately, their status is very grey at present.  There has been pressure from third-wave feminist organisations and Christian groups to close them down.  The change of police force occurred, and there were raids.  The owners of the brothels were charged, these charges have since been dropped, and the saunas still operate.  The council no longer licenses them

As well as these Saunas many independent Edinburgh models are working in the city selling sex to men and women in homes and hotels.  There is also a thriving Edinburgh escort touring circuit.

Dundee Courtesans

Are you looking for a Dundee Courtesan?  Dundee on the East coast has several Dundee models. 

Parlours and Saunas Legality in Edinburgh

All these Saunas advertise openly in directories and will have large signs outside their doors. Everyone knows they are selling sexual services. Strictly what they do is breaking the law. Edinburgh though has taken a positive step by licensing these premises and allowing them to operate. The result is there is less dangerous street prostitution in Edinburgh than in Glasgow where these premises are regularly closed down.  This though is now a grey area after the council was forced to stop licensing the saunas, and the police raided them.  They are still operating, but for how long.

Men visiting these premises are not breaking the law. Visiting a Brothel in Edinburgh is safe, and importantly ethical. Though Edinburgh allows these places to run, the police still hit hard and close down premises that are using trafficked women, as happened a couple of years ago in Leith.

What to expect from an Edinburgh Escort Sauna?

Saunas in Edinburgh are a little different from most of those in the South. Many have a man at the entrance, and not a woman. Don't be put off by this. Generally, he is a nice chap and can give you quite good advice. I also believe he is more likely to provide some extra security to the women. Talking of security, most will be able to view you before letting you into the establishment.

You will have to pay to enter. Normal fees are £20 for 30 minutes, £30 for an hour. This gives you the right to have a shower, and use the Sauna. Yes, some premises do have actual Saunas. Some have very good Saunas, showers and changing facilities with good lockers.

You will normally then wait in a communal lounge, and be offered soft drinks. While you wait, you can chat with the other clients and the women who are waiting to be picked. This can be a pleasurable pass time, and you can spend quite a long evening in the place. Don't be put off by the other blokes, they know what you are after, just as you know. If this is not quite your scene, then no worry, phone up and book your girl ahead of time. Walk-in and straight down to their room. I promise you will be missing out on a very pleasurable experience comparing each girl before coming to the decision of whom you want for some pleasure.

There are shower facilities in the saunas. Some have them shared, and others have showers in each room. Use them, the women will like nice clean men, as you will expect a nice clean woman and not one smelling of the previous man.

You will choose your woman and be led to their room. All with beds, many with showers, TV, porn, music. You will now pay the woman the fee. Somewhere in the £40 region for 30 minutes, extras may be added for Anal sex. Have fun, but respect her. She may be doing this as a job, but she is a human being and should be respected like everyone else. My best friends are sex workers, they have a very enlightened attitude to life which we can all learn from.

Afterwards, have a shower, and leave with a smile on your face.

The choice at an Edinburgh Escort Sauna

I cannot give a comparative guide, having not visited all the places. Some are small establishments with just 2-3 women working, others are larger, with over 10 workings. Depending on the place, each girl may have her room for the shift or may share the room with others. I like the places where the girl has her room, because once you have chosen her, then its straight to her room and all her things are there ready. 14 women were named as victims of this despicable gang. Police believe there were more.  Women were sold to Pakistani men in sham marriages.

Scotland in the News

Anastacia Ryan: Protection for sex workers must be enshrined in the law - 16th December 2019

There is a group of women globally who are at least 12 times more likely to be murdered than women of similar age. Three-quarters of those women will have experienced violence, assault, stalking and rape. These are women who sell sex. The 17th of December is widely observed as International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, marked globally through vigils to remember the people who lost their lives at the intersection of societal stigma, unjust laws and gender-related power that increase sex workers’ (of all genders) vulnerability to violence. This day also marks a renewed commitment to advocating for the protection of sex workers rights to live and work in safety and with equal protection of the law.

It is time for Scotland to live up to our reputation as “progressive” and align our legal and policy frameworks with full decriminalisation, as desired by sex workers themselves, and supported by leading health and human rights organisations like UNAIDS, the World Health Organisation and Amnesty International. 

Dr Anastacia Ryan is the founder and director of Umbrella Lane, a sex worker-led charity that supports and campaigns for the rights of sex workers in Scotland

Kat Banyard, the author of the Pimp State, says the best way to combat trafficking is to target clients

Because the Scottish Government is looking to approaches on prostitution, it appears those who are opposed to sex work are stepping up their campaign to implement the discredited Swedish model. They report on dubious statistics from Sweden and ignore the failure of the Nordic model in Northern Ireland, The Republic of Ireland and France. In all these countries the crime on sex workers has increased since the Nordic model has been implemented. Northern Ireland has reported an increase in trafficking. The evidence in Northern Ireland comes from Queens University. The evidence in Northern Ireland comes from well-researched statistics before and after criminalisation. Sweden has no comparable statistics, and anything from Sweden is pure conjecture.

Prostitution survivors urge MSPs to criminalise paying for sex

Survivors will urge MSPs to criminalise paying for sex and decriminalise selling sex when they speak at an event at Holyrood next month. The event – entitled Twenty Years On: What can Scotland learn from Sweden's ground-breaking law to tackle demand for prostitution and sex trafficking? – will be held on December 5.

Traffickers who brought victims to Scotland jailed for more than 36 years - 9th November 2019

Vojtech Gombar, 61, Anil Wagle, 37, Jana Sandorova, 28, and Ratislav Adam, 31, were found guilty of charges involving selling eight women for prostitution and slavery following a High Court trial.

Trafficking conviction: Behind closed doors, gang’s family traded in victims’ misery - 12th October 2019

Vojtech Gombar, 61, Anil Wagle, 37, Jana Sandorova, 28, and Ratislav Adam, 31, denied trafficking women into Scotland from Slovakia. But a jury at the High Court in Glasgow today returned a guilty verdict for crimes carried out between 2011 to 2017.

Indoors but still at risk: £1m phone app launched to protect sex worker - 29th September 2019

A new app is being launched in Scotland. It has been funded to 1 million pounds with money from the Tampon Tax. The scheme uses an app and a website to provide help to Scottish escorts. It was set up because Sacro believes the rise in digital technology may be putting women in danger as more sex workers operate from private homes. Click, a partnership led by Sacro, will reach out to women online, provide safety information and support and direct them to specialist one-to-one support services. Will it provide information escorts want, details of bad clients, the phone number to be wary of. Instant alerts of dangers, the type of information provided by the NUM. We shall have to wait and see. The article does suggest that this will be more to allow services to get their hands on these providers. Until the opposite is proved, I would be wary about signing up to this initiative. Check with SWARM first. 

Sex crimes up in Scotland, except for sex work - 24th September 2019

Reports for sex crimes in Scotland were at their highest recorded levels, up by 108% since 2009-10. The sexual assault made up the highest proportion of reported crimes in the last year at 38%, with rape at 18% and crimes related to prostitution – the only sex crime for which the number of reports decreased in the recorded year – at 2%.

Four on trial accused of trafficking women into Glasgow - 27th August 2019

Three men and one woman are on trial for trafficking Slovakian women into Glasgow for prostitution. They lived in Govanhill and have pleaded not guilty. Evidence will come from witnesses who live in Slovakia. During evidence, one woman related how she had been sold to a Napalese man outside of Primark for £10,000. She had been brought over to Scotland for a 'better life' and then had been sold on. In another testimony, a woman told how she was sold woman to a man in Ireland to be married.

A warning from an ex-Police Officer about changing the laws on sex work to criminalise it more - 19th August 2019

Like Glasgow, Edinburgh council is considering banning lap-dancing clubs with the usual references to the city’s “liberal attitudes to the sex industry” and the old trope that “historically Edinburgh has turned a blind eye to sex work”.

Tributes paid to former Scottish Labour MSP Trish Godman 21st July 2019

Trish Godman has died. She was a Labour MSP.  She will only be recognised by sex workers as one of the misguided people who wished to abolish sex work by implementing a version of the Nordic Model. wherever this has been implemented, the result has bee more harm to sex workers. Fortunately her bid to implement the Swedish Model of escorting failed.

20th June 2019 Why we must act to stop prostitution becoming an ordinary ‘job’ – Jacci Stoyle

Dr Jacci Stoyle says Prostitution is not ‘empowering’ for women, it’s a miserable life of exploitation and violence, writes Dr Jacci Stoyle.

She is correct that it is not empowering for many. How many of us have jobs which are empowering to us? Yes, a few who work with their minds, doing jobs they love. The rest of us work to eat and live. That is what a job is for and about to the vast majority of us.  She may also be correct that sex work is a miserable life of exploitation and violence for many. Where she is incorrect is the reasons, and how not to make it less exploitive and violent. 

She quotes statistics which demonstrated that 70 per cent of prostituted women and girls suffer from the post-traumatic stress disorder. This is a Farley nonsense statistic where sex workers were interviewed in war-torn countries, street workers from the ghettos of large criminal areas of American cities.

She talks about unionisation, yes there are not many sex work member in the Scottish GMB Union. It is a new branch created this year. She says it is open to managers, as far as I am aware this is not the case. The Scottish GMB Union branch for sex workers is not open to managers.

She now equates escorts to shopping bags. So fine clients for buying a sexual service from an escort, then the escorts would slowly fade away. She brings up Sweden, the selling of sex has not faded away in that country. The people hurt in that country by the criminalisation of sex are the sex workers. They have been made homeless. Norway which kept statistics and found that sex workers had more violence met out to them after the law was implemented there.  In Ireland, the rate of attacks against sex workers has increased by 93% since the sex worker law was introduced. Who gets hurt, the sex workers, and they are still being imprisoned in that country. Dr Jacci Stoyle should open her eyes, and as a Dr. should look at the evidence being produced by the many universities in the UK that show sex work should be decriminalised, making it easier for those working in the industry to report crime and work together.

Sex work is not inherently more dangerous than working in the medical profession. In the medical profession, there are many attacks on nurses and Doctors. Nurses can protect themselves by working together, so why can't the stupid laws of our countries be improved to allow a safer way of working. At least the RCN see the truth of this and support decriminalisation.  I am afraid Jaci Stoyle does not deserve the title Dr, with her closed mind to the evidence.

Read her article in the Scotsman

6th June 2019 ‘Centre the voices of sex workers’: Holyrood 'Nordic Model' advocacy sparks new call to reject 'sex buyer laws'

Julie Bindel argues that decriminalising sex work meant decriminalising violence against women and children. Scot-Pep have hit back at this, urging Nicola Sturgeon to reject these call for the Nordic model. Such legislation ultimately puts sex workers and women at greater risk. It would demonstrably be a bad step for the Scottish parliament to take. If Holyrood wants to help sex workers, then they must centre the voices of sex workers, and not pander to the well connected and well-funded lobby groups. Following the release, of Irish Figures by UglyMugs in March, on the tremendous increase in violence against them since the sex buyers law was implemented, sex workers are calling on the Scottish Parliament to consult with them.

Read more in the Common Space

5th June 2019 Nicola Sturgeon urged to introduce a law to criminalise those who pay for sex

Julie Bindel travelled to Scotland and urged the First Minister to become truly progressive and make the purchase of sex illegal while decriminalising the women being abused. Ms Bindel was addressing the Scottish Parliaments cross-party group on commercial sexual exploitation. Ms Bindel said that “allowing the bodies of women to be sold as a commercial transaction” was equivalent to “the slave trade which we abolished 200 years ago.”

How this is slavery when those selling sex are doing so of their own volition. Most campaigners, who look at the evidence, see that sex work should be completely decriminalised in Scotland as the best way of ensuring the safety of sex workers. Total decriminalisation means there are no specific criminal laws governing sex work.  This means sex workers can work together brothels. Land Lords can knowingly let premises to sex workers. Escort agencies would be legal. Clients could continue to purchase sexual services. The brothels and saunas in Edinburgh would be legal, and other coud open in Glasgow and Aberdeen.

Read more in the Scotsman

30th May 2019 Man who raked in cash by subletting Dundee flats to prostitutes is jailed for a year

As reported earlier a man was in court for knowingly renting flats to  Dundee escorts. He took no part in organising prostitution, just rented these properties to sex workers. Selling sex in Scotland is legal, so how come renting a flat to someone who earns money from selling sex is illegal. This could have dire consequences on all women you try and rent a flat in Scotland on their own. Will they have to prove they are not sex workers? Who is going to take the risk of renting a property to a single woman for fear that the property could be used for paid sex, and the landlord becomes imprisoned.

Read more in the Evening Telegraph

2nd May 2019 Man facing  jail for making cash out of subletting three Dundee flats to sex workers

This is where the law is an arse. Sex workers can't easily rent flats from letting agents on short leases, so they have to resort to someone else to do this for them. In the end, the intermediary is going to charge a high rental. The high rentals are though are probably justified, there are times when he can't rent it, and there is always the risk of the law.

His not guilty plea to four charges of human trafficking, one of living wholly or in part on the earnings of prostitution and one breach of bail were accepted by the Crown.

If we were more open to sex work, then some third party would not be required to lease flats.

Read more in the evening telegraph

20th April 2019 Splits occurring in the SNP over sex work

Glasgow SNP councillor Rhiannon Spear has upset some senior party colleagues after she invited a dominatrix sex worker to the City Chambers and posted about it on Twitter. In social media posts, Nat's politician also seems to advocate sex work.

Read more in the Scottish Sun

21st April 2019 Calls to reject 'Nordic model' of sex trade laws after increased violence

Campaigners have called on Scotlands parliament to reject a sex work policy which had increased violence against sex workers in Ireland when it was implemented. Charities promoting decriminalisation have said the increase in violence is not surprising and was anticipated. a 2018 study by the French Medecins du Monde found the Nordic model implemented in Sweden had a detrimental effect on escorts health and safety.  Glasgow-based sex worker Megara Furie said that her experiences of the Nordic model in Ireland and Northern Ireland had left her “fearful for the first time in a career spanning almost nine years”.

Read more in National

29th March 2019 £1m backing for a project to help Scotland's 1500 online sex workers

The 1500 Scottish sex workers who use the internet to advertise are being given help via an app and online support services. A one million pound scheme aims to help vulnerable women involved in sex work. The initiative is from Sacro and a network of agencies and is funded by the Government Tampon Tax. The project aims to develop an online model that offers one to one chat services online and which can signpost women to local specialist services.  

Sacro is a Scottish community justice organisation which provides services related to community justice, including housing the Another Way project, which provides outreach to sex workers. Sex worker-led organisations have since raised concerns that they were not consulted or involved in the development of this project, which risks creating a less meaningful service or duplicating existing services. 

Read more from The Herald

Sex worker-led organisations, such as the National Ugly Mugs, Scotpep and Umbrella Lane have raised concerns as they have not been consulted in the design of the project. Dr Raven Bowen, CEO of NUM, said: ‘Sex workers are capable of designing services and eliminating conditions that contribute to exploitation in their industries. We must use our resources as directed by sex workers. Sex workers use the organisations and the services that they trust. They are not service-resistant, they resist their exclusion.’

A sex worker condemned the initiative in the National. She felt the money could be better spent. The organisation receiving the money aims to get sex workers out of prostitution and does not support decriminalisation. She also thought the app could be used as a data-gathering exercise by the home office.

4th March 2019 Sex workers aim to shape the future of Scotland's prostitution laws

A Glasgow based sex worker was looking to negotiate a better deal and better working conditions. In a 'normal' job, she could have approached a Trade Union. This prompted her to set up her branch of the GMB in Scotland. There is now a Scottish GMB adult entertainment branch which will represent sex workers across the count. Of course, the union is at odds with the SNP policy of implementing the Nordic Model in Scotland. The new sex workers union argues the Nordic model will fail as many workers have no desire to leave their trade. The Nordic model will also make clients more reticent about passing on their contact details making it harder for sex workers to check their date.

Read more from the Herald

22nd February 2019 Buying sex like ‘renting a film’ for men, former prostitute tells Lib Dems

I was a bit disturbed the Liberal Democrats in Scotland were even having a vote on the Nordic Model. It has been LibDem policy to support total decriminalisation of sex work for many years. A motion had been brought to the party conference to ask the LibDems to support and ask for the Nordic Model in Scotland. 

A former sex worker argued for the Nordic Model. (This is not usual, most sex workers, and sex workers rights organisations such as ScotPep, SWARM, ECP and IUSW support decriminalisation). A former police officer, Wendy Chamberlain, said criminalisation of any part of sex work does not work in practice, and the attention of the police should be on criminal organisations. Liberal Democrat activist Caron Lindsay arguing that “at the very least, we should have the liberty to use our bodies in the way that we wish”. “As Liberals, we have huge respect for individuals and their right to make their own choices – they may not be the ones we would make but frankly that is not our business.”

The motion was thrown out.

Read more by following this twitter thread from ScotPep   and the rather one-sided reporting from the Express and Star




Scotland Sex Work News

Who attends a midday show by a professional financial dominatrix titled "Sex Job"? Lane Kwederis, once an improv comedian now a full-time sex worker, offers insights into her unique career. Financial domination, where men enjoy having women empty their accounts, is Lane's profession. Her show, a blend of comedy and exposé, grants a peek into her world's highs and lows. The audience is diverse – students, middle-aged seekers of excitement, and mature Fringe enthusiasts.

Lane delves into her daily life, aiming to engage a varied audience of ages, genders, and nationalities. Her target demographic remains uncertain, much like her delivery. She races through stories, offering a glimpse but lacking depth. While discussing intriguing kinks, she swiftly moves on, leaving the curious crowd wanting more. Unanswered questions prevail as laughter diminishes.

Lane's adeptness at social media and tales of its challenges shine. Guiding an audience member, "Helen," in conversing with a submissive online showcases her skill. A portion of the money earned goes to charity. Yet, the narrative often skims the surface, trading substance for superficial anecdotes. Kwederis, a people-pleaser, evokes sympathy, revealing a core self in anecdotes about her ex and their toxic relationship.

"Sex Job" captivates with voice-overs, campy ads, singing, and acrobatics. However, it falls short in revealing Lane's true identity, vital for a one-hour solo performance. The legal intricacies of sex work deserve more exploration. The Edinburgh Uni room's diverse audience likely left with lingering curiosity rather than full satisfaction.

Campaigners have warned that the freezing of bank accounts for prostitues leaves them vulnerable to exploitation and violence.

The warning comes after former UKIP leader Nigel Farage demanded compensation from private bank Coutts after it closed his account, partly due to his political views.

Two bank bosses, including NatWest Group's chief executive Dame Alison Rose, stepped down last week, with Ms Rose admitting she was the source of a BBC story stating Farage's bank account was shut on commercial grounds.

Audrey Caradonna, a spokesperson for the Sex Workers' Union, told The Independent: "For prostitutes, suddenly losing access to your bank account and your money isn't a freak occurrence but an all too common nightmare."

She said that the freezing of bank accounts leaves sex workers unable to withdraw money or make payments, which can make them increasingly vulnerable to exploitation and violence.

"A lack of funds means many are forced to take on riskier work, such as working in isolated locations or accepting cash payments," she said.

"This puts them at risk of being exploited by clients or even attacked."

Caradonna called on banks to stop freezing the bank accounts of sex workers and to ensure that they have access to the financial services they need.

The freezing of bank accounts is a serious issue that can have a devastating impact on sex workers.

It is important that banks take steps to ensure that this does not happen, and that they provide support to those who have been affected.

  • The freezing of bank accounts can have a significant impact on the mental and physical health of sexworkers.
  • It can also make it difficult for them to pay their rent, bills, and other expenses.
  • The freezing of bank accounts can also lead to sex workers being evicted from their homes or losing their jobs.
  • Campaigners are calling on banks to introduce clear and transparent policies on the freezing of bank accounts, and to provide more support to those who have been affected.

Ann Summers, Jacqueline Gold dies at 63

Jacqueline Gold, the founder of Ann Summers, a leading retailer of lingerie and sex toys, passed away last week at the age of 62 after battling breast cancer for seven years. Gold's passing is a great loss to the business world, especially for women across the UK, who have been empowered by her contribution to female sexual liberation.

In a statement released by Ann Summers on Friday, it was announced that Gold had passed away, leaving her husband, Dan, daughter, Scarlett, sister, Vanessa, and brother-in-law, Nick, by her side. Vanessa described her sister as an "absolute warrior" throughout her cancer journey.

Gold joined Ann Summers in the late 1970s and took over as CEO in 1987. She transformed the business into a multi-million-pound enterprise by making it more female-friendly and introducing the concept of hosting Tupperware-style parties to sell lingerie and sex toys to women in the privacy of their homes. Gold's "no men allowed" policy at these parties enabled women to discuss their desires and sexual freedom openly, which was a radical departure from the prevailing social norms of the time.

Gold was appointed Commander of the British Empire (CBE) in the 2016 New Year Honours for her outstanding contributions to women in business, social enterprise, and entrepreneurship. In addition to being a successful businesswoman, she was also a role model for many women across the UK.

Gold's father, David Gold, co-founded Ann Summers with his brother Ralph in 1972, and he played a pivotal role in transforming the business from a small collection of standard sex shops to a nationwide high street phenomenon. David passed away just two months before Jacqueline.

Although Ann Summers has closed several branches due to the decline of the British high street, it still operates 81 stores across the UK, Ireland, and the Channel Islands. Gold's legacy will continue to inspire and empower women for generations to come. Her sister, Vanessa, has succeeded her as CEO of the company.

Last year Edinburgh council voted to ban strip clubs.  They set a nil level of strip and lap dancing clubs for the city.  The owners and strippers took this to appeal, on Friday 10th February 2023 this was deemed illegal by the appeals judge.

Critics took their fight to the Court of Session in Edinburgh, where Lord Richardson decided on Friday that councillors had made the decision on the “basis of erroneous legal advice”.

A USW spokesperson said: “The council’s nil-cap decision, if upheld, would have resulted in the closure of all strip clubs in the city. This would have meant many of our members losing their livelihoods or having to move away from their homes and families to find work elsewhere.

Local people across Forth Valley are being urged to practice safer sex and to get tested if they have been at risk following a large increase in cases of gonorrhoea.

In 2019, 164 cases of gonorrhoea were reported in Forth Valley however in 2022 more than 270 cases were confirmed with the biggest increase being amongst young people aged between 19 and 25.

Along with several other Health Boards across Scotland, sexual health experts in NHS Forth Valley are now encouraging anyone who has had unprotected sex to get tested and stress the importance of using condoms to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

NHS Forth Valley Consultant in HIV and Genito Urinary Medicine, Dr Kirsty Abu-Rajab, said: “The best way to prevent sexually transmitted infections is to practice safer sex by using a condom and get tested if you have been at risk. Gonorrhoea infection is spread by unprotected vaginal, oral and anal sex and can also infect the throat and eyes.

Symptoms of gonorrhoea can include:

  • green or yellow fluid coming out of the penis
  • pain or a burning sensation when passing urine
  • discomfort and swelling of the testicles
  • A change in vaginal discharge
  • pain in the lower tummy, particularly during sex
  • bleeding in between periods or after sex

“However, many people with gonorrhoea will not experience any symptoms and are at risk of passing the infection on to others. If left untreated, gonorrhoea can cause serious health problems and complications, including infertility in both men and women.”

Sex Work T-shirts and Hoodies

Sex work T shirts

I have no affiliation with this website, and they have not asked me to advertise them.  This is posted just for your information.

An article from a Dr Jacci Stoyle, secretariat for the Cross-Party Group for Commercial Sexual Exploitation, published in the 'The Scotsman' an opinion piece. Obviously, her agenda is to criminalise clients and end all sex work.  In her one-sided article she has incorrect facts, and rather selected bias on the examples she chooses. She is against decriminalisation of sex work as is practised in New Zealand, Austria and some states of Australia.  (Germany, the Netherlands do not decriminalize, they run a legalised controlled form of prostitution)

Amnesty Internatioanl support decriminalisation, she has hooked into the Douglas Fox, founder of a major prostitution ting in Northern England.  That is a laugh.

This idea is championed by Amnesty International, the iconic human rights organisation, who appear to have allowed their policy to have been influenced by Douglas Fox, a former member and founder of a major prostitution ring in the north of England, although they deny this.  

Douglas was a male sex worker, and yes, he did run an exceedingly small escort agency with 6 escorts he provided advertising for.  That is not a large escort agency. Many London agencies have 300 providers on their books. It does though show that those who support sex workers rights must be squeaky clean, otherwise they are all condemned as pimps.

Jacci ses one woman, Chelsea, to discredit decriminalisation. She was thrown out of home at 14, abused by a paedophile, and all the harm accorded to her, somehow is the fault of decriminalization. I don't see the connection.

She condemns the business owners who do not give employees minimum wages, sick pay, holiday pay etcetera. This happens in good old Britain with zero hours contracts in the gig economy. There are good employees in New Zealand, and there is the possibility of setting up your own communal brothel. She says there are no exit strategies for women in sex work, like there are no exit strategies for those wonderful cleaning jobs. 

In her arguments, she fails to mention that the large brothels require planning permission, and that the small brothels, less than four people working together in a flat are allowed, without planning and typically are run as a cooperative. Decriminalization allows you to run your own brothel. In the UK, and in Nordic law countries, two women working together are liable to prosecution. This happens many times in the Republic of Ireland.

She contends that decriminalization of prostitution ends your rights.

Thirdly, in full decriminalisation, prostitution is not a crime. Chelsea will tell you that in addition to your body, prostitution in New Zealand involves the sale of your human rights, such as the right to free expression, fair-working conditions and the right not to endure torture, rape, sexual harassment, and abuse. Simply put this means if a crime is committed in a brothel, the police are not interested.

What utter bollocks she is talking. In the decriminalized system, your right to say no is enshrined in law. There are even mandatory health and safety laws to ensure save working conditions. Mandatory use of condoms. Jacci contends that in one case, the sex worker Chelsea, was knocked unconscious and her purse stolen. The police were not interested. The police were not interested. The blame on inaction is not decriminalization, but on the police. She was assaulted, so the police should have taken this seriously.  If this did happen, then the police in her location would need a wakeup call.  I bet that if this had been under the UK laws, she would have been arrested.

Next, she condems the condom law. Both the client and the person selling sex are liable for fines on condom use.

An example of this lauded ‘harm reduction’ is that condoms and needles are provided in brothels. However, Chelsea tells us this was always the case, but now it is far more problematic. Under New Zealand law, ostensibly to make prostitution ‘safer’, the non-use of condoms incurs a fine of $2,000 on both parties. Unsurprisingly, when the buyer removes the condom against the will of the seller, it isn’t reported. After all, as Chelsea says: “Why on Earth would you give yourself a $2,000 fine?” Oh my, what a clever little law this is; now the data can ‘prove’ just how much ‘safer’ prostitution is in New Zealand.

What utter rubbish? Removing the condom against the will of the sex work, or any partner is rape in my book. I am certain that the $2,000 fine would not apply to the sex worker in this case. Jacci is just concocting falsehoods.

Finally, Jacci goes on and blames all violence against women on the sale of sex in New Zealand brothels.  This argument is totally untrue.  There have been many reported studies of an event which occurred in the state of Rhode Island. Sex work was decriminalized by accident for many years. Many massage parlors opened. Finally, the normal American criminal laws against prostitution were applied.  During the period of decriminalization of prostitution in Rhode Island, the number of rapes dropped significantly. No other crimes dropped.

A ban on strip clubs has been announced by Edinburgh Council, which says the venues disempower women.

But today the United Sex Workers union began a legal challenge of the decision.

The union says it would force over 100 women out of work and potentially into more dangerous situations.

We spoke to Labour MP Nadia Whittome, who’s been a long-standing campaigner for more support for sex workers, and asked her if she agreed that the cost of living crisis was pushing women into sex work?

A guide has been published with information on the law relating to sex workers, and where to get help. The guide has information on working safley.

A gang who trafficked and forced women to work in Scottish brothels have been convicted. They lured victims from China and Thailand with promises of work.

A number of lucrative sex for sale flats had been used – one in Glasgow’s Albion Street and another city centre property in Oswald Street.

The Fringe performer has backed the strippers who recently hit out at claims by Councillor Mandy Watt that dancing is ‘not work’ and who have accused other councillors and 'radical feminists' of taking away their freedom to choose.

Yes, dancing is a job although not a career. Who wants to see a 70-Year-old pole dancer? That’s a whole other ageism show," says Mary.She continues, "A young woman called Marissa saw my show recently. She is 20 years old and is a stripper in a fully nude club. We had dinner afterwards as I’m a friend of her mother's.

An article in Psychology Today about the different regimes in which sex work is viewed in different countries. The article discusses the different regimes enacted in various countries and regions. It is a fair article and does not decide on one regime or the other. 

  • Policies that criminalize sex work exist on a broad spectrum: from prohibition to abolition and neo-abolition.
  • Views about sex work have shifted in many countries, resulting increasingly in public support for the decriminalization of prostitution.
  • Decriminalization and criminalization policies and implications typically vary from country to country.

The escort Summer Dahlia is fearful that the online safety bill will force her to work on the street or brothels.  The fear is the legislation will stop her advertising online with sites such as Adult work.  The potential amendments to the law would make google and other search engines remove adult work from the search indexes.

Dahlia says these sites allow her to vet clients. In America a similar bill closed down many sites, forcing escorts onto the street to find new clients.

Under the current law, the Government said websites are only required to take down content when it is reported by users.

The Online Safety Bill would force sites to be proactive and prevent people from being 'exposed' to the content in the first place.

Two new reports have looked at the lived experiences of Scottish sex workers and how other countries are attempting to stop the cycle of prostitution.

The research was commissioned and instigated by the Scottish Government in their attempt to criminalize the purchase of sex.   The lived experience, and international evidence review highlight the experiences of Scottish escorts and sex workers.

The lived experience review shows how some women working as escorts did not know about the support services available to leave prostitution.


The international evidence looked at framework in other countries. This appears according to this newspaper article to have only looked at the Nordic model.

1. Laws that criminalize the client and decriminalize the sex worker.

2 Support for 'victims' and helping those selling sex to exit.

3. Change societal views on prostitution, preventing demand.

I can't see in this newspaper article that they looked at total decriminalization as in New Zealand and much or Eastern Australia.


A lunatic motorist deliberately drove into and knocked down a pair of naked tandem cyclists undertaking a charity ride. This was all captured on video as the cyclists were live streaming to Facebook at the time. The irate and dangerous woman in the car was heard yelling at the couple cycling, she shouted 'You're a fucking prostitute'

Why do others have such a phobia about naked people? Importantly, why is shouting 'You are a fucking prostitute' deemed to be abusive.  Such small minded people are out thete.

The Scottish police are taking this seriously and may bring a charge of attempted murder against the drive, assuming they find her.

As Edinburgh bans strip clubs, there is a fight and appeal going ahead. Susan Dalgety one a support of Edinburgh Saunas and Edinburgh strip clubs, is not against them, She does not subscribe to the view prescribe to the liberal feminist view that sex work is real work and should be treated the same as social care or retail.  She is disappointed that a trade union is trying to raise £20,000 to appeal against this decision. Her view is that for every seasoned stripper who argues that her job is simply “sexual entertainment”, there is a young woman being viciously beaten by her pimp for failing to earn enough.

Edinburgh has imposed a total ban on strip clubs and lap dancing clubs. They have pandered to the ideologies of the radicle feminists.  The result 100 women losing their jobs. The work being driven underground and into prostitution causing more danger to the women.

The United Sex Workers, a trade union representing adult entertainment performers, has accused the council of "dictat[ing] what work women can and cannot do."

Tess Herman, of United Sex Workers, told councillors there was a "unique opportunity" to ensure sex workers were given proper employment rights in Edinburgh.

SNP committee convener Cathy Fullerton sought to introduce a cap of four - allowing the existing venues to continue operating - but Labour depute Lord Provost Joan Griffiths moved to impose the blanket ban.

Why is it Labour, who should be supporting women, ends up imposing poverty on the workers.

The Union is considering legal action.


The Union is considering

Thankfully, the police open old cases. I remember this case of Emma, I worked in Edinburgh for many years. Thankfully, the murdering pig has now been caught and faces justice for the slaughter of a woman who happened to be selling sexual services.

Emma Caldwell, who was 27, was last seen between 12.30am and 1.30am on April 5, 2005, on London Road, Glasgow and was reported missing by her family on April 10, 2005.

The unsolved case was reopened in 2015 following consideration by senior lawyers in the Crown Office.

Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Superintendent Graeme Mackie, said: "Police Scotland officers have undertaken a significant amount of work re-investigating all the circumstances surrounding Emma’s death following instruction from the Lord Advocate in 2015.

The Card payments processor is being taken to court by an escort who was thrown off the platform after a month. The had provided her with a contactless card reader. The escort called 'Anna' was using the card processor to take payments from clients.  Anna is now attempting to force SumUp to reverse its decision, in arguing that SumUp’s ban on sex workers is discriminatory towards women, under the Equality Act 2010.

A british court has said she can remain anonymous as she takes action against them.

The ruling may open the door for more legal challenges from sex workers in the future, in setting a precedent to allow sex workers to fight their cases anonymously.

In a statement, sex workers union United Sex Workers (USW) said it would continue to fight cases against payment processors.

Prostitution contributes billions of pounds to UK gross domestic product (GDP) each year.

Yet another Tech Company persecutes sex workers.  Linktree is a site where you can place several links associated with your social media precense. Your website, your twiiter, instagram and facebook accounts.


It appears many sex escorts are finding their accounts being closed.  Tose affected received a message stating 'This account has been removed due to inappropriate use of this service.'

Linktree was asked for comment and replied with the following statement.

Per our company's policies, the Linktree accounts banned stemmed from sharing a URL which violated Community Standards by sharing advertisements for the sale of real-life sexual services.

The answer my friends is, host your own website an an adult friendly service, such as Select Website Design, and place all your link there.


A sex worker in New Zealand has won a sexual harassment case against a business owner, including a six-figure settlement to compensate for "emotional harm and lost earnings", the country’s human rights commission has said.

Human Rights Proceedings represented the sex worker at the centre of the case and director Michael Timmins noted the importance of the ruling, stating: “All workers, regardless of the type of work they do, have the right to freedom from sexual harassment in the workplace. We encourage all business owners and employers to ensure that they understand and respect those rights." 

The BBC reported on the case and spoke with Dame Catherine Healy, national coordinator of NSWP member the New Zealand Sex Workers Collective.

"It's great to see a settlement of this type has been awarded in the context of sex work to a sex worker," Dame Catherine Healy, national coordinator of the New Zealand Sex Workers Collective, told the BBC.

"It takes courage to stand up in the workplace, any workplace," she added, saying it was a "wake-up call" for businesses.

At least that is the case in the USA, In the UK, sex workers rights are gradually being eroded. Yet more cities are implementing a policy of zero strip clubs. Clients are still criminilisied in Northern Ireland, putting many escorts at risk. Scotland is looking at implementing a Scottish model. Despit the evidence, and the public consultation ther are intent on removing advertising sites for escorts, and criminilising the clients.

According to Amnesty International, the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women, the World Health Organization, and many other human rights groups, the decriminalization of consensual adult sex work has proven to reduce trafficking and increase public health and safety.



17th December 2021 marks the 18th International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers (or IDEVASW), a day when sex workers and allies around the world gather to remember those we have lost due to stigma, marginalisation and harm.

Last year, and in previous years, National Ugly Mugs (NUM) invited you to join us and say their names. This year, we ask you to do more. We ask all of you to take time to remember our colleagues and friends alongside us, and then resolve to continue fighting for equal rights for all members of society.

Olease watch the Nationl Ugly Mugs video which includes a statement fron @NadiaWhittomeMP Nadia Whittome is a Labour MP who supports decriminilisation of sex work.



Scottish Model

2021-11-30 elrond

A working group met to look at prostitution in Scotland. Its remit is to create policies to challenge men’s demand for prostitution. The working group consists of key bodies and third sector representatives to ensure equality, huma rights and women's saftey if at the heart of the Scorrish Model. Membership includes bodies including COSLA, NHS and Public Health Scotland. The third sec to has representatives from Scottish Women’s Aid, the Encompass Network and the Violence Against Women Partnership Network.(All groups agaisnt prostitution)

The group's membership is COSLA, NHS Lothian, Public Health Scotland, UK Feminista, Scottish Women’s Aid, the Encompass Network, Violence Against Women Partnership Network, The Improvement Service, TARA and Alan Caton former Detective Superintendent of Suffolk Constabulary. Police Scotland and the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal will join the group in an advisory capacity.

No mention is made of representation from active sex workers, or sex worker organisations such as Scot Pep, and Umbrella Lane.  This is a totally rigged group of organisations who will only come our with legislation and schemes which will harm sex workers.

The oipinions Catharine A. MacKinnon need to be challanged. She is a long time avide campaigner against sex workers.  In her argument, she brings in to sex workers (survivors of prostitution) to back up her claims that sexwork is serial rape, and that the term sex work is gas lighting.  We can sympathise with the few women (and men) who have been coerced and forced into prostitution. Their stories are heart breaking.

Catharine and these survivors will always ignore the opinions  of the majority of sex workers. The majority of sex workers opinions will always be ignored in favour of the right kind of story presented by the few 'survivors of prostitution'. 

Unfortunatley the likes of Catherine have too loud a voice in this debate, which drowns out the voices of those who work as sex workers.

The campaign to criminalise clients of escorts in Scotland is heating up.  The Scottish governments view on sex work, is that it is violence agaisnt women. They did recently fund a study and gather information from interested parties.  I belive a majority of those responding said sex work should be decriminilisaed for both the sex worker and the client.  This did not go down too well with the Government, who now talk of the Scottish model.

Now the forces of the abolitionists are coming together and taking the fight to criminilisae the purchase of sex in Scotland, while 'decriminilising the escort'  They always mention Sweden as the pioneer in this legislation, forgetting that sex workers in Sweden can have their house and children taken away.

If this were to become law, then safe working premises in Edinburgh would vanish.

The Government forgets that when street working was criminilised in Scotland, the increase in violence on sex workers was astronomical, because they were pushed into the shadows.  

OnlyFans stumbbled,  they told their creators there would be not adult work hosted on their site. This was because Mastercard drew up draconian rules on payments for adult content. Since then OnlyFans has relented. (It had to relent, they would have folded without the content)

Twitter is jumping into the market with Super Follows. Twitter announced on Wednesday that it has finally, officially, started the rollout of Super Follows.  Wirh Super Follows, people can monotise behind the scenes content to their most engaged followers..  The feature allows users to charge a monthly flat fee in exchange for access to additional content. Of course Twitter takes a cut.

Presently it is being rolled out to a select few US twitter accounts,  Will it allow adult content?  The present standards for adult content on twitter are.

Twitter defines "adult content" as "any consensually produced and distributed media that is pornographic or intended to cause sexual arousal." The company writes that users "can share graphic violence and consensually produced adult content within your Tweets, provided that you mark this media as sensitive."

So in theory the answer is a yes. Well lets wait and see what happens.


So to all escorts, who want to supplement your income through other channesl other than OnlyFans, you shall have to wait and see. It is always a good idea not to put all your eggs into one basket.

Marsha Scott speaks sense when she says Criminalising the buying of sex in Scotland would “disempower” women and put them in further danger, the head of a leading charity has claimed.

Let's hope the Scottish parliament takes notice.

Strip clubs and escort services could lead to a substantial fall in sex crimes, new research has found.

The study, published in The Economic Journal, discovered the existence of adult entertainment venues triggered a fall in the number of sexual offences carried out close by.

Sex workers, escorts, prostitutes, whatever you call them,  need to be at the centre of the conversation, not a sideline source whose input has the same weight as that of politicians and policymakers. Organisations like Umbrella Lane and SCOT-PEP can help the Government fully acknowledge the agency of sex workers, rather than treat them as vulnerable people to be saved.

Plans by the Scottish Government to develop a “bespoke” model to support women in prostitution have been criticised by a group that represents street workers.

Umbrella Lane, which says it is the “only peer-led support organisation for sex workers in the whole of Scotland”, also hit out at a lack of government funding for its services.

The charity did not receive any of the £90,000 announced by the Scottish Government on Wednesday to support three other bodies working to supply services to help women engaged in prostitution.

An extra £90,000 is being invested by the Scottish Government to support women involved in prostitution.

The money will help fund vital services run by Victim Support Scotland, the Scottish Women’s Rights Centre and the Encompass Network.

Yet more money being passed to organisations sex workers don't want to associate with. Instead of giving money to sex workers rights-based organisations such as Umbrella Lane, or ScotPep, they give the money to organisations who want to defund sex workers by prosecuting their clients and stopping online advertising.


So Ash Denham on the one hand says'

As this consultation shows, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profoundly negative impact on women involved in prostitution. There was clear evidence that in many situations women were already experiencing poverty or additional challenges, such as immigration status.


In the next breath she wants to remove their incomes.

The Scottish Government will build on the findings of the consultation and develop a model for Scotland to challenge men’s demand for prostitution, learning from other jurisdictions and international approaches.


The battle lines are being drawn. In Scotland, England and Wales are we going down the discredited line of the Nordic model. The proposed legislation is coming to both parliaments. In this article from Care, they talk about evidence. Evidence that the Nordic model and the criminalisation of the sex industry is dangerous is proven beyond all doubt, Even the recent Home Office research done by a group in Bristol University comes down on the side that the current laws are not fit, and the Nordic model is a failure.  Evidence of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland show sex workers are in greater danger.  Why is the evidence from New Zealand, and New South Wales always disregarded?  Even unintended legislation that decriminalised the Sex Industry in Rhode Island showed that decriminalisation is a better way to go. Against all this evidence, we have CARE and other organisations campaigning for the Nordic model which will do nothing to help sex workers. If you are a sex worker or an ally, then it is time to communicate with your MP, otherwise, you will find your advertising streams closed, your clients more secretive and unlikely to divulge any personal information. Are you looking to go back to the street to get clients, this happened in the US after the SESTA/FESTA legislation was enacted. 

Here is a small part of the CARE article, please read the whole article from the link.

We must explore options to criminalise the purchase of sex, sending the message that exploitation will not be tolerated.

Do we want to live in a society where you can buy sexual consent? That was the question posed two years ago in a ground-breaking report from the Conservative Human Rights Commission. It recommended that buying sex should be criminalised and people in prostitution supported through clear exit pathways and strategies. Now, two years on, are we any further forward?

The fact is, a debate about current prostitution laws is long overdue. When I say debate, I mean a proper, evidence-led, robust discussion about the type of society we want to be. Prostitution is a divisive issue, with strong feelings either side of the debate. But all campaigners agree that the current law is not working. 

Paying for sex and providing sexual services for payment are legal in England, Wales, and Scotland. Someone can sell their body for the purposes of sex and someone else can legally buy it. However, other activities closely related to prostitution are against the law – soliciting in a public place, brothel keeping and controlling others for prostitution. This confusing legal framework is unsustainable and morally indefensible. The deficiencies are summed up by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Prostitution, who, in their 2014 report wrote:

“The legal settlement around prostitution sends no clear signals to women who sell sex, men who purchase it, courts and the criminal justice system, the police or local authorities. In practice, those who sell sexual services carry the burden of criminality despite being those who are most vulnerable to coercion and violence. This serves to normalise the purchase and stigmatise the sale of sexual services - and undermines efforts to minimise entry into and promote exit from prostitution.”

Radical new laws which would make online pimping illegal, and outlaw offering food or housing in exchange for sex, are being proposed by a group of cross-party MSPs, who claim sex websites have “turbo-charged” the human trafficking trade.

The MSPs are now calling for a new offence of "enabling or profiting from the prostitution of another person” to apply to websites, and are urging ministers to strengthen support services for victims of sexual exploitation.

SEX worker led charity Umbrella Lane is to use new £50,000 funding to set up a street outreach project in Glasgow.

Based in Glasgow, the charity works to support people who engage in selling or exchanging sexual services in person and/or online.

Now it has earned £50,000 from the The National Lottery Community Fund’s Lived Experience Leaders programme.

It comes as many workers are experiencing financial hardship due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Charity founder Dr Anastacia Ryan said: "We are delighted to have been successful in our recent application to the Lived Experience Leaders Fund.

"Sex worker involvement and leadership have been fundamental values of Umbrella Lane since its inception in 2015.

About 10 percent of the respondents indicated that they had paid for sex at some point in their lives. This number is similar to that obtained in other studies, although the percentage is typically somewhat higher in countries where prostitution is legal or tolerated.


But as Catherine Hakim points out, men, on average, have higher sex drives than women at all ages, and this gap only widens with age. While young women usually have no problem attracting as many sex partners as they want, some older women have little desire for sex.

This widening gap between the sex drives of men and women leads to what Hakim calls the “male sexual deficit.” Especially as men enter into middle age, they often find themselves with a spouse who is no longer interested in sex. Those older men who can still attract younger women will do so, either by having extramarital affairs or else by divorcing and remarrying. Meanwhile, those who can’t do so may turn to sex workers instead to meet their sexual needs.

Catherine Hakim,  argues that the male sex deficit is so great that sex work can never be completely abolished, since there will always be young women willing to make their living by meeting the needs of “generous gentlemen.” Thus, criminalizing the sex trade only makes it more dangerous for sex workers to ply their trade.

Then how do we best protect the women who engage in sex work? Jerald Mosley, a retired attorney at the California Department of Justice, conducted extensive interviews with sex workers and found that they overwhelmingly had a positive attitude toward their profession. This further suggests that legalizing or decriminalizing sex work is the best way to protect the women and men who choose to engage in this line of work.


A charity says it is being forced to reopen its hardship fund for sex workers during the latest Covid-19 lockdown, as it claimed Scottish Government cash has failed to reach those hardest hit by the pandemic.

"The Government response has been that there was already a 'bespoke fund' created for women in prostitution. This fund was only given to mainstream organisations that fail to work from a rights-based, trauma-informed approach, which is part of the reason the funds have not reached those hardest hit.

"Due to stigma and often criminalisation, sex workers are untrusting of these services, which is why it is essential that crisis funds are made available to sex worker-led charities to administer to those who need it most."

Lawyer Cameron Tait claimed that his client had been “propositioned” by a woman who was “a prostitute” and that Reynolds had taken offence.

Mr Tait said that Reynolds should have decided to leave the premises but had become “upset about being propositioned by a sex worker”.

Sheriff Kenneth Campbell QC decided to mark the offence by ordering Reynolds to pay a £200 fine.

One anonymous sex worker hit out and said the stance of ministers was “nothing short of inhumane” throughout the crisis.

They hit out as a charity claimed sex workers had been “left to fall through the cracks” by the Government – resulting in some having “no choice” but to deal with “dangerous” clients”.

Anastacia Ryan, the founder of the charity Umbrella Lane said that MSPs should be “leading calls for the Government to provide emergency financial assistance to allow sex workers to adhere to the public health measures”.


The Scottish Government stated,

“We’ve allocated more than £60,000 crisis funding to the Encompass Network to enable Covid-focused services for destitution support, trauma counselling, advocacy and to provide a bridge to national mainstream support.

This money has been allocated to an organisation which supports the criminalisation of clients, and who sex workers do not want to associate with.


Austerity cuts, the introduction of the harsh Universal Credit scheme and the Hostile Environment has driven more people to sex work to meet their basic needs. Despite this, sex work remains a criminalised profession that is not recognised as legitimate work. The pandemic further exposes the injustice caused to sex workers by outdated laws and policies. Danielle Worden reports on the rise of survival sex