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Brooke Mayers

Brooke Mayers

Elite Curvy Ebony Courtesan | Scotland - Providing Explosive GFE

Hi Handsome Lover! I am Brooke Mayers a high class ebony escort, available for outcall & incalls by request in major Scottish cities.   I am based in London, and tour Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen by request. I strongly recommed pre-booking in advance to avoid disappointment!  I am recognised for my passionate and explosive Girlfriend Experience, I can understand your deepest desires and help you fulfil those wishes. I am often described as an exotic temptress, my chocolate skin looks tasty, my hourglass figures fills a black dress in the right places, my smile is warming. I am in my 20s, educated with a Masters in Finance, I'm a great conversationalist, but an even better listener. Let me take you on an adventure. I can't wait to see you soon.  Love Brooke xoxo Additional Services Ebony BDSM Mistress Services Financial Domination, Blackmail Roleplay Strap-On, Watersports Sugar Daddy Long Term Arrangement Do you need more than a few hours of intimacy? Maybe your busy life schedule & work commitments don't allow normal dating. Well I have a solution, a long term commitment with a lover who knows your favourite drink order, favourite movie quotes, how to soothe & comfort your worries. A resourceful girlfriend without all the commitment attached! I am the perfect companion for this. Sugar daddy arrangement start at a minimum of £5000/month Disclaimer: Appointment Etiquette Outcalls are only to 4/5* hotels and private residences at my discretion. You must add my travel fare on top of rates. When we meet, hand over your donation promptly and discreetly I pride myself on absolute discretion, I regular meet high profile VIP clients, C-suite execs, government officials, professional athletes.

Pippa Parlance

Pippa Parlance

British brunette beauty, your darling paramour with an adventurous side!

Timeless curves and quips in all the right places. I delight in providing elite companionship across the UK and by special request internationally with gentlemen, ladies and couples. Based in the Cotswolds and London primarily I travel to Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Oxford, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and more... You may have heard I am a softly spoken and highly educated British brunette beauty. I am in my mid twenties, slender with porcelain skin and hourglass all natural curves. My style bears a passing resemblance to Kate Middleton with a dose of Hepburn. And yes, I do that low key denim, sunglasses and boat shoes glamour happily too! This effortless elegance and girl next door appeal are a thin veil to the quest for hedonism. You are welcome to visit my website Gallery to help form your opinion and perhaps discover why I am christened Pippa. Testimonials are also dotted around my website. Want to book a date? Check my Rates & Travel information and Etiquette first, then make your request for exciting times ahead! Want to keep up to date with the world of Pippa?  Subscribe for news at the bottom of my web page. Need sunshine for your sensual soul on the daily? It can be found at my Twitter and Instagram. STILL WANT TO KNOW MORE…? I enjoy a professional and rewarding career by day where I am mostly able to set my own schedule, so I offer companionship part-time on an outcall and travel basis to a small, refined group of clientele. I often plan months in advance, so enquirers and dates with the more notice the better. Visit my website for all appropriate and further information ;) 

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Edinburgh has a vibrant nightlife with many bars, restaurants and clubs throughout the city.  There is the chic and modern in the New Town, or you can party the night away in the old town at Cabaret Voltaire, Bannermans or Whistle Binkies.  The advantage of Cabaret Voltaire is it is next door to the Blair Street Sauna.

Use select an escort to search for a Scottish escort.  The directory lists Edinburgh girls, Independent ladies and Agencies in Edinburgh, Dalry and Leith.

For more adult entertainment you can visit the many Lap Dancing clubs in the city.  Take a look at Hooters Show Bar, Sapphire Rooms, Liquorice club, Fantasy Palace. Burke and Hare, Bottoms Up Show Bar and Western Bar.

Edinburgh, the country's capital and second largest city, is one of Europe's largest financial centres. It was the hub of the Scottish Enlightenment of the 18th century, which saw Scotland become one of the commercials, intellectual and industrial powerhouses of Europe. Scotland's largest city is Glasgow, which was once one of the world's leading industrial cities, and now lies at the centre of the Greater Glasgow conurbation, which dominates the Scottish Lowlands. Scottish waters consist of a large sector of the North Atlantic and the North Sea, containing the largest oil reserves in the European Union.


Edinburgh Sex Work News

The ban on strip clubs in Edinburgh has raised eyebrows for its nonsensical nature, as the Labour leader of the city council throws his weight behind a second attempt to close down these establishments. What makes this move even more confounding is the staggering legal bill taxpayers were slapped with for the failed first attempt, a hefty £200,000.

Councillor Cammy Day has indicated his administration's intention to once again push for a 'nil-cap' on sexual entertainment venue (SEV) licenses, but the decision is yet to be formalized. Despite this, he is gearing up to advocate for this controversial measure.

The previous decision to impose a zero limit on adult clubs, effectively shutting down the four currently operating in the city, was deemed unlawful when performers and venues challenged it in court. Judge Lord Richardson pointed out that the Regulatory Committee had been "wrongly advised" that the nil-cap wouldn't constitute a ban on SEVs.

It's important to note that the judge's ruling didn't declare the nil-cap itself as unlawful, but rather indicated a "realistic possibility" that a different decision might have been taken had councillors been "properly advised." Shockingly, it has come to light that the cost of defending this policy exceeded £200,000, a revelation made through a freedom of information request.

This considerable sum is split between £102,633 for external legal costs and £105,725 in expenses paid to three Edinburgh strip clubs and the United Sex Workers (USW) union, who were responsible for bringing the judicial review. In response to this, Lib Dem councillor Lewis Younie lamented, "What a travesty that this is the road we traveled down. This council money could have been put to better use in delivering services for Edinburgh's residents rather than being spent in court."

Former Labour city councillor Ross Mckenzie, who defied his group's support for the ban and was subsequently suspended, lambasted the case as a "scandalous waste of public money." He pointed out that this money was used to defend a position that "does not have the majority support of the council."

Despite taxpayers having to foot the bill for this "erroneous" decision, the council leader is intent on urging his group to support a second attempt to close down SEVs in December. However, given the change in the council's political makeup, with a minority of committee members now in favor of the ban, it is unlikely to pass this time.

Councillor Day maintains that his minority administration will finalize its formal position soon. He stated, "I’m firmly of the view that a modern progressive city like Edinburgh doesn’t need these types of venues."

While some argue that the ban on SEVs is intended to protect vulnerable women, others contend that it might have unintended consequences. Some in the industry argue that shutting down these venues could drive performers to work in underground, unregulated environments that may be less safe for them.

One performer expressed concern ahead of the court hearing, stating, "I think it’s extremely important to be reminded that the nil-cap will push dozens of women into either unemployment, an unfit benefits system, or underground, unsafe forms of sex work."

Green city councillor Susan Rae also challenged the argument that an SEV ban would reduce violence against women, noting that it isn't supported by statistics. She argued that the police have shown that closing the clubs could actually increase violence and drive the industry underground.

In light of the ongoing debate and the considerable cost incurred, it's clear that the ban on strip clubs in Edinburgh is indeed a perplexing and costly endeavor that warrants reconsideration.

Gina: Hey, have you heard about the new play at the Traverse Theatre? It's by Kieran Hurley, the same person who did Mouthpiece.

Sophie: Oh yeah, I remember Mouthpiece. What's this new play called?

Gina: It's called Adults. It's basically a comedy about misunderstandings and conflicts between generations, you know, millennials and boomers.

Sophie: Sounds interesting. What's the main theme of the play?

Gina: Well, it's kind of controversial. It's about sex workers, and how this generation's dreams have been shattered. But it's all mixed in with a clash between the two generations.

Sophie: Haha, that sounds like it could be funny.

Gina: Definitely! There's a lot of comedy that comes from that clash, and even some sketches with sexual humor.

Sophie: So, what's the story?

Gina: The story is about this woman named Zara who manages a brothel, and she meets one of her former teachers who becomes a client. He's trying to recapture his carefree life with the help of one of Zara's co-workers.

Sophie: Interesting characters, I suppose?

Gina: Yeah, the actors are good at delivering jokes and funny lines, but some say the characters lack depth. They're kind of stereotypical and not really explored deeply.

Sophie: Like how?

Gina: Well, the teacher is worn down by his life, and the sex workers have their struggles too, but the play doesn't really dive into their internal conflicts.

Sophie: That's a shame. It could have been more impactful.

Gina: Exactly. Instead, the play keeps the comedy going for a while and then ends with a simple and not very satisfying conclusion where they all sort of become friends.

Sophie: Ah, got it. So, it's a bit of a missed opportunity for a deeper exploration of those themes.

Gina: You nailed it. The play aims for social commentary but ends up focusing more on the humor.

Sophie: Well, still sounds like a fun time at the theater though.

Gina: Definitely, if you're up for some laughs and don't mind the shallower side of things.

Sophie: I'll keep that in mind if I decide to catch Adults at the Traverse Theatre. Thanks for the overview!

Gina: No problem, enjoy the play if you do go see it!

Kieran Hurley's play "Adults" brilliantly highlights an intergenerational clash, fostering empathy between boomers (1945-1964) and millennials (1981-1996) in the audience. The story kicks off amusingly as a strawberry milkshake splatters on Iain (Conleth Hill), who's early at Zara's (Dani Heron) flat. Zara, a sex worker, runs her ethical business from home.

In his 60s, Iain, married with grown daughters, is out of his element, set to meet Zara's partner, Jay (Anders Hayward), for sex. Zara recognizes Iain as her former teacher, sparking the character dynamics. Over the next 80 minutes, Zara, Iain, and Jay engage across generations, arguing, blackmailing, and eventually connecting.

The boomer-millennial conflict, fueled by differing perspectives, plays out. Disappointment and resentment arise during Zara and Iain's confrontation in her makeshift brothel. Zara, a literature graduate turned sex worker, resents Iain's generation for secure careers, while Iain envies the younger generation's freedom.

Their debate covers millennial precarity versus boomer affluence, marked by Zara's critique of Iain's nostalgia. Jay's arrival with his daughter escalates the situation. Zara's ethical stance crumbles as Jay reveals financial struggles for custody. Jay's seduction of Iain for money adds complexity.

So we are to have a national conversation on sex work; fair enough. But just to make sure we know our direction of travel, the agenda is clear – to criminalise the buying of sex.

Just before lockdown, while researching a book about the sex industry, I had the opportunity to individually interview six women who work in Edinburgh saunas. Aged between 29 and 56, two were eastern European, one was from the Far East.

"All were confident, forthright, frank and feisty. And they all resented being cast as victims."

But if speaking to the women was a revelation, so were their clients, who were mostly older men. One 70-year-old bachelor has been regularly visiting the same woman for over 20 years. She is his closest friend. There is a lot more loneliness than lust in parts of our sex industry.