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New York Escorts

Escorts in New York

Sasha Carter

Sasha Carter

The magical experience * Young cute pale blonde with big brown eyes * Sensual GFE * Naughty GFE

The magical experience Why magical? Well, I have been told on numerous occasions that a little part of me is magical... but I'll let you be the judge of that! WHO AM I? I've been asking myself that my whole life… Just joking! I'm Sasha Carter, a saucy little minx from Czechia who's insatiable appetite for sex, companionship and fulfilling someone’s fantasy has lead her to offer them to other people, now at a premium price! WHY ME? Besides my magic - uhm - parts and high sex drive, I have a witty, sharp mind (and tongue, when needed), big brown eyes that you'll drown in and an ass to die for. You'll find me riveting, genuine and, most of all, completely enwrapped in you and our time together. ABOUT MY SERVICES Your Only Girl (GFE) Let's forget about everything and everyone else - right now, it's just me and you. Whether you want to exchange some witty banter between the sheets, get cuddled to death or purely enjoy the sheer closeness of a female body (or any combination of these), you're at the right place! This is your pure vanilla girlfriend experience. After all, why mess with vanilla? It's classic and oh-so-delicious. Want something kinkier? Then this is for you: Only For You... (Naughty GFE) I do enjoy a bit of kink so I offer a "Naughty GFE" where I am very happy to engage in some light spanking, role play, gentle hairpulling and the like however anything hardcore is off-limit - including but not limited to being completely tied down, hard spanking, cane etc. I offer anal at discretion because while I love it, I want to do it only a limited number of times per week for everything to recover nicely - so if you'd like to be one of the lucky few, booking in advance is recommended! Though even then it's subject to one's size and attitude - I would like to think any sensible person can understand that :)

Tashizelle Monroe | Tantra GFE | London + Europe

Tashizelle Monroe | Tantra GFE | London + Europe

Are you a unique soul craving a deeper experience? I'm Tashizelle...Your Ultimate Tantra GFE

There comes a time in every man’s experience where he wants something more out of intimate encounters, but is not quite sure what that is, what it feels like, or how to get it. He wants to connect deeper into the experience, but is unsure how to navigate himself to that otherplace of pleasure. This unsolved mystery, is “my thing.” Hi I'm Tashizelle Monroe, 10 years Tantra aficionado and life-long student of the sensual arts. What I offer is a closely connected, unhurried, soulful, and truly genuine Tantra Girlfriend Experience (GFE). From a young age I began traveling throughout the east (mostly India) to better understand my spirituality, my practice, and thus myself. Since then, I’ve lived in 5 countries, travelled the world, speak many languages, rejoice in culture and depth, and love making meaningful connections that make a long-lasting impact between two people. It is very rare to find a qualified Tantra Practitioner. I know this might sound vague and make no sense, but when we are in person I can share with you exactly the science of sexual energy - how it’s harnessed, how it’s moved, and how it’s leveraged - to bring pleasure across all realms of your life; body, business and bedroom. An experience with me can raise you to new levels of ecstasy and self-mastery. My pictures are 100% real, but more importantly, so is my laugher, personality and character when we are together. There is nothing fake about me. My natural hourglass figure will take your breath away. I'm down-to-earth with a diamond-sharp mind, and live as a mystery many try to solve...wondering how it is that I love to meditate and twerk, read about alchemy and FDI. As you can see, I am a full spectrum woman…and get along best with men who are real and authentic. I will let my website do the talking. I have written many true and erotic Tantra stories there. Hopefully they will inspire new possibilities within you. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT MY VIP SERVICES ON MY WEBSITE. With total soul, Tashizelle Monroe Tantric Initiator | Escort Elite Highly-Rated. Sexy Reviews @ TER ID is #327033 under Tashizelle. *I do not meet everyone who inquires. I have a verification process that you must go through and I appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

New York Nuru Massage

New York Nuru Massage

Nuru massage by the girl next door. 

Erotic massage by the girl next door. The majority of our body rub models are American born, accommodating, and open minded. The erotic massage masseuses are in-house trained, reviewed, and service focused in sensual body rub. Additional add-on options to the massage include Nuru Massage, Prostate Massage, Pegging/Strap-on sessions. For more pictures of our models, check out our other website

New York Area Description

Escorts in New York, New York - Select An Escort

On Select An Escort, we list hundreds of experienced New York escorts of all types, sizes, ethnicities, sexualities, services and personalities. It can be a mine field looking for the partner to suit you. We aim to make it easy for you to select a compatible companion. Using the menu immediately above the first New York lady listed, you can refine your search. You can select the employment status of the courtesan. Is she self-employed, or is she represented by a third party, an agency? You may want to change the search area or look for specific type of call girls. You could be looking by age, colour, height or one of many other physical attributes of the ladies on display. You can search for busty escorts, or you can look for a service which might be provided.

Once you have narrowed down the search of likely New York escorts, you can now begin to look at their individual escort profiles. Each profile will contain the New York models description, rates, services and contact details. From the profiles you can swipe through your shortlist of companions looking for the one you would want to spend time and money with.

The types of New York escorts to search for

New York BBW - These are the larger woman, generally with a dress size of 16 and larger

New York Mature - An older escort. Mature means different ages to different clients. I presume the older the client is, the older the lady is to be mature.

New York Ebony - A black lady.

New York Models - A model refers to a girl who has a model figure, complexion and hair. She will be slim tall and beautiful. She will generally comand a high fee.

New York Teen - A younger escort who is 18 to 21 years old.

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