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New Zealand Sex Workers go back to work

Published: 2020-05-15 15:17:48.0 / elrond

The New Zealand Prostitute's Collective (NZPC) released guidelines for sex workers on their website on Thursday with a checklist of hygiene practices and safety measures workers, brothels and massage parlours should be implementing now intimacy outside of bubbles is allowed. 

Included in the list are steps such as "avoid the 'moist breath zone' as much as possible", using gloves and masks where needed and to avoid work if you're suffering any cold or flu symptoms. 

Frequent and thorough showering, hand washing and surface cleaning are also recommended, using ant-viral disinfectants. 

Contact tracing will also be implemented with the date, time and location of any appointment recorded. Agreements must also be undertaken that a client will contact a sex worker directly if they test positive for COVID-19 following an interaction. 

Those over 70 or with compromised immune systems are to avoid sex work for the moment. 

Coronavirus: More women seeking work in Dunedin's sex industry

Published: 2020-05-11 13:50:17.0 / elrond

A Dunedin brothel and strip club is experiencing a spike in the number of women looking for work since Covid-19 closed the doors of both establishments, the owner says.
La Maison and Stilettos Revue Bar owner Peter Cooper said since the lockdown started, 10 women who had never worked in the industry before had contacted him asking for work.

The world's oldest industry has embraced modern technology and added a dash of the not-so-new as sex workers try to make ends meet during the coronavirus crisis.

New Zealand prostitutes have been unable to legally work since Covid-19 alert level 4 came into effect, more than six weeks ago, when the country became a contactless society.

The week before New Zealand went into full lockdown on 26 March, Lana*, 28, had taken a break from work at the high-end Wellington brothel where, since September, she had made around NZ$2,200 a month seeing two or three clients a week.

When lockdown occurred, she applied for New Zealand emergency wage support, available for all workers where their wage falls by 30% or more. Within two days she had received NZ$4,200 to cover her for 12 weeks.  Full time workers would have received more.

One of the country's oldest professions is facing looming uncertainty, as the majority of physical sex work remains on hold due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Dame Catherine Healy said many were anxious to seek Government assistance because they didn't want to be associated with the industry or were nervous because they hadn't been compliant with their taxes.

"We suspect sex workers will be one of the last groups [that can work again], we suspect it will need to be a level one before usual sex work can continue."

Epsom brothel death: Sex worker's shock at scene

Published: 2020-03-11 09:25:42.0 / elrond

A man has been found dead outside a "gentlemen's club" in the Auckland suburb of Epsom.

A member of the public found the body just after midnight this morning and police are treating the death as a homicide.

A worker who turned up for her shift this morning arrived not knowing what had happened.

"I just got here - I usually have a 10am shift - and they said that there's a homicide. I can't go in now. I'm just waiting to see what happens ... don't know what's going on."

Potential clients are avoiding Chinese sex workers like the plague in New Zealand amid the coronavirus outbreak – so the women are claiming to be Korean, Japanese or simply “Asian” in their online ads, according to a report.


Now sex workers in New Zealand don't mention Chinese in the sex directories and are also offering large discounts to get business.

Christchurch's red-light district is mourning the alleged murder of a fifth sex worker in 15 years. SAM SHERWOOD spoke to some of the "sisterhood" affected by her loss.

Officers are appealing for the public's help after the murder of sex worker Bella Te Pania on Orchard Road on New Year's Eve.

A man has been charged with her murder, but Police still need to find several items which are important the investigation.

They include a blue lanyard with a car key and an elephant or butterfly keyring, a black Huawei cellphone with a cracked screen, a black Samsung Galaxy, and a small black bag with a shoulder strap.

Police say Bryndwr residents should check their front verges and gardens for the items.

They also want to hear from anyone who has CCTV footage of the area

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New Zealand Escorts in the News

Man jailed after raping woman in Christchurch motel 13th December 2019

A man who raped a sex worker in a motel room has been sentenced to five years in prison. Christopher Alan Quinn was sentenced in the Christchurch district court on Friday for raping the sex worker in July 2018.

Migrant sex workers in top of the south deported - November 2019

Sex work in New Zealand is work and to work in New Zealand you must have a work visa. Foreign nationals on temporary visas (visitor, student, or work visas) are unable to work in the sex industry. They may not provide commercial sexual services, operate or invest in a New Zealand prostitution business while in New Zealand. So basically you cannot visit New Zealand and commercially sell sex.

Since September, five individuals from China, Brazil and Hong Kong had been found working unlawfully as sex workers in Nelson and Blenheim. 

As part of that investigation, 66 migrant sex workers were identified. Of those, 36 were on visitor visas, two on student visas and the remainder on resident visas. 

All sex workers but one were Chinese nationals. Immigration NZ found no evidence they were being exploited.

Man abducted and raped sex worker in Blenheim motel room - 9th October 2019

Kane Gavan Nicholas, 27, bound the woman held her hostage for hours in the motel room and violently beat her breaking her ribs, the court heard. The women thought she was going to die and played dead. Judge Tony Zohrab said, in sentencing Nicholas to nine years and six months prison, the pre-meditated attack on the vulnerable worker involved a "chilling clarity of purpose"

Prostitutes' Collective National Coordinator Catherine Healy says, fortunately, attacks like this are rare. She says most clients don't want to burn their bridges with sex workers - they are well behaved, sensible and respectful.

Home detention for Christchurch man who assaulted sex workers - 2nd October 2019

A man who terrified two New Zealand escorts when he drove them to a cemetery and then assaulted them. Richard Manoa? Edwards was originally charged with kidnapping, sexual violation, indecent assault and robbery. He pleaded guilty and his charged were reduced to assault and theft. Edwards was sentenced to home detention so he could attend rehabilitation programmes and be employed.

Immigration sting finds 38 foreigners illegally employed as sex workers across New Zealand 30th July 2019

New Zealand Immigration agents found many suburban owner-operated brothels had migrants working in them. These migrants were working on visitor visas, which is illegal. Offices raided 45 businesses where they suspected there were visitors working and found 38 temporary visa holders working as New Zealand escorts. All but one were Chinese. It is though there may be Brazilian escorts working in other areas. We aren’t overly-stringent with sex workers, it’s the integrity of the immigration system that we're interested in, recognising that sex work is lawful in New Zealand.  Catherine Healy was pleased no evidence of exploitation was found but was critical in the way immigration officials gather their information. 



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