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Scotland Escorts

Scotland Area Description

Scottish Escorts, Scottish Models and Scottish Courtesans

A word of warning, the laws on sex work and purchasing sex are broadly similar to England and Wales.  There are though some subtle differences.  Buying and selling sex is legal, so long as it is indoor.  Soliciting and kerb crawling is illegal as in England.  Sexworkers working together is also illegal. There are also differences in the way the law is implemented throughout Scotland.  The police forces in Scotland used to be regional.  The Edinburgh force allowed sexwork to occur in Saunas, while Glasgow and Aberdeen had a zero policy on brothels. There is now one police force in Scotland.  It was originally headed up by the Glasgow commander.  The result, mayhem, sexworkers evicted from the Edinburgh saunas in their underwear on to the streets.  There was a public backlash, and life has continued as before.

If you are an escort in Scotland, take heed; do not work with others for safety in Glasgow or Aberdeen.  These regions still have a zero tolerance of brothels, and you will be prosecuted for brothel keeping.  Please refer to ScotPep for advice.

Glasgow Escorts

Most Glasgow escorts are working independently from flats or providing outcall services.  You will find all types of Glasgow callgirls, from Glasgow BBW escorts, Glasgow model escorts and the Glasgow courtesans, who are the elite and at the top of their game.  There are also Glasgow escort agencies who are able to provide a selection of girls to your hotel or home.  Keep an eye on the Glasgow escort tours.  There are many escorts who regularly tour.  Look here for Glasgow escorts.

Aberdeen Escorts

Aberdeen has been a rich city flooded with oil money and men working on the oil rigs.  Aberdeen escorts have made rich pickings from the large quantities of disposable income in the city.  The low oil prices and jobs loses have impacted on this boom industry.  Still Aberdeen escorts abound, and many escorts tour the city on a regular basis.  As I have warned before, if you are an escort in Aberdeen, be very careful and don’t work with other escorts.  This unfortunately is a dangerous. Only recently a woman was murdered in Aberdeen, working on her own.  In my mind, the laws and the police implementation of the laws are much to blame for her death.

Clients can locate Aberdeen models, and Aberdeen escorts through these pages.  Aberdeen courtesans come in all shapes, sizes and services they provide.  As in Glasgow, there are a substantial number of escorts touring the city.  Look here for Aberdeen escorts.

Edinburgh Escorts

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland had a more progressive attitude to Edinburgh Escorts.  The city allowed informal working together and also allowed brothels to run in the city.  Edinburgh escorts worked in Edinburgh brothels.  These Edinburgh brothels were licenced by the city council as Edinburgh Saunas.  Unfortunately their status is very grey at present.  There has been pressure from third wave feminist organisations and Christian groups to close them down.  The change of police force occurred, and there were raids.  The owners of the brothels were charged, those these charges have since been dropped, and the saunas still operate.

As well as these Saunas there are many independent Edinburgh escorts and Edinburgh models working in the city selling sex to men and women in homes and hotels.  There is also a thriving Edinburgh escort touring circuit.  Look here for Edinburgh escorts

Dundee Escorts

Are you looking for a Dundee escort?  Dundee on the East coast has a number of independent Dundee model escorts.  Dundee escort agencies can also provide escorts  on demand.  ,

Perth Escorts

Are you looking for a Perth model, or a Perth escort.  Check out the Perth independent escorts or Perth agency escorts by looking here. Look here for 

Ayrshire Escorts

Are you looking for an Ayrshire model, a  Ayrshire  courtesan or an Ayrshire escort.  Check out the Ayrshire independent escorts or Ayrshire agency escorts by looking here. Look here for

Parlours and Saunas Legality in Edinburgh

All these Saunas advertise openly in directories and will have large signs outside their doors. Everyone knows they are selling sexual services. Strictly what they do is breaking the law. Edinburgh though has taken positive step by licensing these premises and allow them to operate. The result is there is less dangerous street prostitution in Edinburgh, than in Glasgow where these premises are regularly closed down.  This though is now a grey area, after the council was forced to stop licensing the saunas, and the police raided them.  They are still operating, but for how long.

Men visiting these premises are not breaking the law. Visiting a Brothel in Edinburgh is safe, and importantly ethical. Though Edinburgh allows these places to run, the police still hit hard and close down premises that are using trafficked women, as happened a couple of years ago in Leith.

What to expect from an Edinburgh Escort Sauna?

Saunas in Edinburgh are a little different to most of those in the South. Many have a man at the entrance, and not a women. Don't be put off by this. Generally he is a nice chap, and can give you quite good advice. I also believe he is more likely to provide some extra security to the women. Talking of security, most will be able to view you before letting you into the establishment.

You will have to pay to enter. Normal fees are £20 for 30 minutes, £30 for an hour. This gives you the right to have a shower, and use the Sauna. Yes some to have actual Saunas. Some have very good Saunas, showers and changing facilities with good lockers.

You will normally then wait in a communal lounge, and be offered soft drinks. While you wait, you can chat with the other clients and the women who are waiting to be picked. This can be a pleasurable pass time, and you can spend quite a long evening in the place. Don't be put off by the other blokes, they know what you are after, just as you know. If this is not quite your scene, then no worry, phone up and book your girl ahead of time. Walk in and straight down to their room. I though promise you will be missing out on a very pleasurable experience comparing each girl before coming to the decision of whom you want for some pleasure.

There are shower facilities in the saunas. Some have them shared, and others have showers in each room. Use them, the women will like nice clean men, as you will expect a nice clean woman and not one smelling of the previous man.

You will choose you woman and be led into the room. All with beds, many with showers, TV, porn, music. You will now pay the woman the fee. Somewhere in the £40 region for 30 minutes, extras may be added for Anal sex. Have fun, but respect her. She may be doing this as a job, but she is a human being and should be respected like everyone else. My best friends are sex wrkers, they have a very enlightened attitude to life which we can all learn from.

Afterwards have a shower, and leave with a smile on your face.

The choice at an Edinburgh Escort Sauna

I cannot give a comparative guide, having not visited all the places. Some are small establishments with just 2-3 women working, others are larger, with over 10 working. Depending on the place, each girl may have her own room for the shift, or may share the room with others. I like the places where the girl has her room, because once you have chosen her, then its straight to her room, and all her things are there ready.





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Erotic Massage Specialists in Scotland


Petite Scottish Escort, Jasmine is a fresh and pretty as her name would suggest.

Jasmine is so much fun and loves to show her clients what a good time is all about. If you're looking for a top class escort encounter, then Jasmine from Magic Escort Scotland is the lady to provide it!


   Age:25    Dress:8    Chest:34 D    Height:5' 3"    Hair:brown/medium    Smoking:socially   Tatoos:discrete   Piercings:undisc   Pubic Hair:undisc   Date updated: 2017-10-30 10:47:15.0    Date created: 2015-11-10 21:28:47.0

Honey Demon

Edinburgh fine high class escorts

Honey Demon Vivify yourself with Honey, a sweet call girl originally from Romania but now available in Edinbrgh. Refreshing but very open minded, Honey enjoys shooting private photos and videos for you, which you may watch later to live the impeccable hours you experienced in privacy :)

Honey Demon

   Age:24    Dress:6    Chest:32 C    Height:5' 4"    Hair:black/long    Smoking:no   Tatoos:none   Piercings:none   Pubic Hair:shaved   Date updated: 2017-03-16 13:13:28.0    Date created: 2017-03-16 13:08:41.0


Justine is a tall Scottish blonde with endless legs whose personality can be best described as cute and friendly.

Justine is naturally stylish and elegant,with a perfect body and soft skin. She is offering complete and ultimate satisfaction with the most addictive eroticism you can imagine. She is the best to be your favorite GFE Scotland escort provider - Visit direct Justine page to make a booking.


   Age:22    Dress:8    Chest:36 C    Height:5' 5"    Hair:blonde/long    Smoking:undisc   Tatoos:undisc   Piercings:undisc   Pubic Hair:natural   Date updated: 2017-10-30 10:47:15.0    Date created: 2015-11-10 21:21:23.0

Shalina Devine

Edinburgh's high profile courtesan

Shalina Thanks to our effort, we are now able to offer long term bookings for Shalina in Endinburgh. Well documented thanks to her sexy movies, Shalina requires no introduction except that she only takes longer terms bookings! Call now for an exclusive date!

Shalina Devine

   Age:28    Dress:6    Chest:34 B    Height:5' 3"    Hair:black/medium    Smoking:no   Tatoos:none   Piercings:none   Pubic Hair:shaved   Date updated: 2017-03-16 11:15:28.0    Date created: 2017-03-16 11:07:24.0

Adriana Chechik

Glasgow's ultimate adult experience

Adriana NOW in Glasgow for a few month, will enjoy the summer and pehaps stay longer. She looks forward to meetin classy middle-aged gentlemen and will ravish your intimate senses. Probably out best candidate for "Top Star Escort" this year

Adriana Chechik

   Age:25    Dress:6    Chest:32 B    Height:5' 4"    Hair:brown/medium    Smoking:no   Tatoos:none   Piercings:none   Pubic Hair:shaved   Date updated: 2017-03-16 11:06:51.0    Date created: 2017-03-16 10:50:32.0

Chessie Kay

The utlimate escorting experience now in Edinburgh

Chessie A dream for your senses and a reality for your body, Chessie will know how to uncover your true self and make you explode in sparks of emotions. Vibrate in Unison with Chessie till the end of the night, you will remember it :)

Chessie Kay

   Age:25    Dress:6    Chest:36 D    Height:5' 4"    Hair:blonde/medium    Smoking:no   Tatoos:discrete   Piercings:none   Pubic Hair:shaved   Date updated: 2017-03-16 12:49:57.0    Date created: 2017-03-16 12:43:01.0

Maya Doll

Exclusive high class escort Glasgow, teen!

Maya is our newcomer, recently hired and already very good feedback from client from Glasgow, Hamilton (Scotland) and Paisley. Maya is a student and a real juvenile, yet a pearl in the intimacy as we are told.

Maya Doll

   Age:19    Dress:8    Chest:34 B    Height:5' 6"    Hair:brown/medium    Smoking:no   Tatoos:none   Piercings:none   Pubic Hair:shaved   Date updated: 2017-03-16 11:06:52.0    Date created: 2017-03-16 08:25:28.0

Donna Bell

Glasgow's high class, experience the best

Donna, Another one of our stars, whom you may book now in Glasgow but also in Scotland's larger cities like Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee and even Inverness given sufficient notice. For the Chivalrous Gentleman only! Donna is very sweet and will steal your heart :)

Donna Bell

   Age:28    Dress:6    Chest:32 B    Height:5' 7"    Hair:blonde/medium    Smoking:no   Tatoos:none   Piercings:none   Pubic Hair:shaved   Date updated: 2017-03-16 11:06:52.0    Date created: 2017-03-16 10:07:38.0

Kira Queen

Glasgow's Elite: Enjoy the best

Kira, Recently sourced, Kira is a voluptuous Russian call girls who has performed in a few adult movies. She it nevertheless very high class as all Russian ladies, and enjoys the company of older Gentlemen for relaxing times

Kira Queen

   Age:30    Dress:10    Chest:36 DD    Height:5' 8"    Hair:black/long    Smoking:no   Tatoos:none   Piercings:none   Pubic Hair:shaved   Date updated: 2017-03-16 11:06:52.0    Date created: 2017-03-16 09:14:22.0

Aleska Diamond

The most entertaining porn escort

Aleska Well known by now but certain not cheap, Aleska reserves her free time for the best of the best. She is very selective and doesn't mind traveling, however she does screen her clients. Once screening is passed however, all goes to plan and you will even have the opportunity to become your own "movie director", with her as your very own star :)

Aleska Diamond

   Age:28    Dress:6    Chest:36 DD    Height:5' 4"    Hair:brown/medium    Smoking:no   Tatoos:none   Piercings:none   Pubic Hair:shaved   Date updated: 2017-03-16 11:06:52.0    Date created: 2017-03-16 10:17:08.0



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