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Birmingham Sex Work News

How I became Lauren - an independent escort

Published: 2020-07-13 17:12:30.0 / elrond

A fascinating story by Lauren on how she became a sex worker. Starting from overheard conversations at work, watching films about escorting, taking the plunge and joining an agency and finally going independent.

How I became Lauren- an independent escort

Published: 2020-05-25 20:38:49.0 / elrond

An excellent blog post by Lauren Brook on how she became an independent escort.

I live and work near Birmingham. In the office, my colleagues walk past me with a nod and a smile, and no break in their step. We are all incredibly busy you see. During the day I’ll be wearing my glasses and my hair will be pinned back, my makeup if worn at all, will be minimal. Occasionally I may surprise a work friend, with a slightly risqué remark which may raise an eyebrow, before a brief pause and a surprised chuckle. However, for the most part I like to blend in…

City escorts are still meeting Brummie men for sex - despite the coronavirus lockdown.

At least 17 local call girls were still 'available and working' on just one internet forum on Monday (March 30).

The English Collective of Prostitutes demanded worker status for thousands of workers across the country.

The group said: "Much sex work involves personal contact – exactly what we are being warned against if the virus is to be contained.

"The virus comes on top of a crisis of poverty, especially among women. Most sex workers are mothers, mainly single mothers, who have been made poorer by austerity cuts.

"Figures show one and a half million people have been made destitute by government policies and four million children are living in poverty. That means that 100,000s of families in the UK rely on the income from sex work to survive."

The group continues: "Sex workers’ income is down and for some women it has almost disappeared. Some women are turning to non-contact forms of sex work like camming where possible.

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Birmingham Escorts in the News

Man jailed after violence against vulnerable women - 3rd December 2019

Layne was arrested in January following a police pursuit. The man was released pending investigations. He then went to the media and complained about treatment by the police. The police subsequently discovered Layne was a violent pimp who used violence against sex workers to intimidate and steal from them. In March he slashed a woman across her face leaving her permanently scarred and 42 stitches. In April, Layne dragged a Birmingham escort down an alleyway off Soho Road and robbed her of £1.90. Layne admitted to making threats with a knife and was jailed for 12 years.


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