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My name is Charlotte and I am a gorgeous British Independent brunette *BASED IN MANCHESTER* I am a professional businesswoman and I am single (by choice) so this naughty secret hobby provides me with a welcome opportunity to enjoy the company of like-minded gentlemen for hot and sensual adventures. I’m intelligent and articulate, flirtatious chatty & fun-loving.  I am very passionate, tactile and sensual. I love giving pleasure and being pleasured, I adore giving the most amazing oral and if you like to reciprocate, I’m told I have a gorgeous sweet taste. ;-) I am the perfect choice for INCALLS, OUTCALLS, DINNER DATES & OVERNIGHTS! I can travel throughout the UK for overnight bookings and I also make the perfect companion for business or social events. I have lots of seductive high-end lingerie that I just love to dress up in with stockings and heels, I have toys for a sexy toy show and even sensual massage oil for an erotic (or relaxing) massage. I also provide crossdressing & fetish services! If there is anything else you would like to know about me then please check out my website (especially the FAQ page which is very informative). Please note that text or email is the best way to reach me, with a brief description of yourself (including age and nationality), when and where you wish to meet and for what duration. In anticipation... Charlotte xxx

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Man jailed after violence against vulnerable women - 3rd December 2019

Layne was arrested in January following a police pursuit. The man was released pending investigations. He then went to the media and complained about treatment by the police. The police subsequently discovered Layne was a violent pimp who used violence against sex workers to intimidate and steal from them. In March he slashed a woman across her face leaving her permanently scarred and 42 stitches. In April, Layne dragged a Birmingham escort down an alleyway off Soho Road and robbed her of £1.90. Layne admitted to making threats with a knife and was jailed for 12 years.


Birmingham Sex Work News

Hold onto your hats, folks, because Coleen Rooney just spilled the beans on the wild rollercoaster that is her relationship with hubby Wayne! In a tell-all autobiography, appropriately titled "My Account," the 37-year-old spilled the tea on the jaw-dropping saga of forgiveness, screaming matches, and clandestine meetings at her auntie's house.

Picture this: It's 2002, and a baby-faced Wayne Rooney, England's football prodigy at just 16, is caught up in a scandal involving not one, but two mature ladies at a Liverpool massage parlour. Talk about a teenage dream gone wrong! Coleen, then 18, found herself in a real-life soap opera, facing a choice that could make or break their love story.

In the pages of her autobiography, Coleen vividly describes the aftermath, complete with "screaming matches" that echoed like a rock concert. But hold on to your footballs because, against all odds, she found it in her heart to forgive Wayne for his escapades with a 37-year-old named Gina McCarrick and a 48-year-old grandma from the brothel. Yes, you heard it right—granny!

“He knew how bad this was, how wrong," Coleen writes with a flair for the dramatic. "He looked down at the floor as he told me how devastated he felt having put me in that situation." Cue the gasps and the "oh no, he didn't!" exclamations.

Fast forward to a secret summit meeting at Auntie's house, where the truth spilled like a bucket of popcorn at the movies. Wayne, in his finest undercover gear with collars up and hats down, spilled the beans. The couple even donned disguises to discuss their future at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Now, that's what we call a rollercoaster romance!

And just when you thought the drama was over, Coleen drops another bomb—Wayne's penchant for trouble when he's had a few too many. “If love, emotions, and ongoing deception are involved, then it's a different story," she declares, hinting at the stormy seas of their relationship.

Coleen spills the beans on Wayne's drinking escapades, revealing that when he's troubled, he heads for a binge. “I couldn't have known it then, but I'd be tested like this again in the future, more than once," she confesses. It's not just a relationship—it's a saga!

Hold onto your McFlurries, because the couple, who first bonded over an Austin Powers movie and a McDonald's date (talk about a love story for the ages!), are now navigating the challenges of Wayne's management career at Birmingham City football club.

So, there you have it, folks—the wild ride of the Rooneys, complete with scandalous encounters, secret meetings, and a love that's been tested more times than a pop quiz. Stay tuned for the next chapter in this football fairy tale!

Date of Event: Thursday, May 4th 2023

Time of Event: 9:30 AM — 1:15 PM

Place of Event: Webinar

There were believed to be 105,000 individuals in the UK who are involved in prostitution, up from 72,000 in 2016. The vast majority of these are women. The cost-of-living crisis is pushing yet more women into sex work and forcing them to take work from violent and exploitative clients. A 2015 National Ugly Mugs Our survey with Leeds University found 49% of sex workers were “worried” or “very worried” about their safety and 47% have been targeted by offenders. Meanwhile, 49% were either “unconfident” or “very unconfident” that police would take their reports seriously. It is estimated that 152 sex workers were murdered in the UK between 1990 and 2015. The charity Beyond the Streets highlights that 76% of those involved in prostitution experience some form of post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of this work.

Currently, sex work is legal in England, Wales and Scotland, but many of the surrounding aspects remain illegal, such as solicitation or running a brothel. The UK government have stated though that whilst they do not intend to change the law around sex work, they are committed to tackling the harm and exploitation associated with sex work. The Scottish government has also been criticised for focussing their support in this area towards charities that are not backed by sex workers, and that are focussed on getting people out of the industry rather than supporting those in it.

The Home Affairs Committee’s 2016 report, Prostitution, recommended a shift to complete decriminalisation. Dan Vajzovic, the National Police Chief Council’s lead for prostitution, who is working alongside government officials to reassess brothel keeping legislation, has called on the government to review prostitution laws to ensure sex workers can work together on the same premises to remain safe. This would “better enable the police to focus our resources on protecting sex workers and tackling those who are controlling or exploiting,” Vajzovic argues. According to National Ugly Mugs, sex workers are ten times safer working indoors than on the streets.

Christine Jardine MP, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for women and equalities, who supports the decriminalisation of brothel keeping, has called for a proper government strategy to accompany it. Also supporting decriminalisation of brothels, Labour MP, Nadia Whittome, has highlighted that “Other laws aimed at sex work – such as soliciting – should also be repealed, to improve sex workers’ rights, safety and ability to leave the sex industry if they choose. Alongside decriminalisation, the government must urgently tackle the growing levels of poverty that are pushing more women into sex work to make ends meet.”

This timely symposium will provide sex workers, safeguarding boards, police forces, local authorities, and social care providers with an opportunity to identify and debate priorities for reform and develop strategies for protecting and expanding the rights of sex workers.

A former escort who was stabbed by her ex-boyfriend during her 15 years in the industry has disclosed how she became a sex worker to care for her terminally ill father. Victoria - a pseudonym - had previously worked in cafes and bars but could not find flexible shifts that would enable her to spend time with her dad. She decided to sell sex for cash, which is legal in the UK, but faced a life-threatening attack when her former partner recognised her description in an online review from a client. She said that it was the only way she could afford her father’s care and be with him until he died. Victoria now travels around the UK, including Solihull, where she books a hotel and advertises for a few days. She joined the industry in 2008 when she was 23 years old. She told BirminghamLive: "I was my dad’s carer who had a terminal illness. I would work on weekends and pay for overnight care. I would do all the care during the week, take him out and spend his final years with him and on weekends, I would get care in. It was not so much easy money, but the flexibility. When my dad got ill, he could be in hospital for weeks and I would visit him every day, so I could take weeks off.

A sex worker who operates from hotels in Birmingham has shared her insights on some of the common myths surrounding the industry. She aims to challenge some of the stereotypes about sex work, such as the characteristics of clients, the behaviour of escorts and the legal status of prostitution.

She claims that many people have a negative image of clients as ‘disgusting, fat or creepy’, but that this does not reflect her experience. She says that her clients vary in age, motivation and emotional state. Some are young men who want to lose their virginity, some are curious about different sexual experiences, and some are lonely or depressed.

The sex worker also reveals how she works discreetly from major hotel chains without attracting attention from other guests. She reminds that selling sex in the UK is not illegal, although running or managing a brothel or exploiting women for prostitution is. However, she acknowledges that the industry is not safe or glamorous, as she has faced alleged assaults, harassment, stalking and death threats by ‘blacklisted’ clients and online trolls.

She states: “I think people have big misconceptions about who uses an escort and for that reason, I think it’s looked down upon.” She adds that she has few friends because she feels judged by others who do not accept her occupation. She distances herself from those who are not supportive.

In the UK, sex work is legal under certain conditions, but it is still subject to social stigma and misinformation. Many people have negative stereotypes about sex workers and their clients, assuming that they are degrading themselves or engaging with undesirable individuals. However, these assumptions are not based on empirical evidence or personal experience. According to one sex worker, clients come from diverse backgrounds and appearances, and they are not necessarily ‘creeps or perverts’. Therefore, it is important to challenge the prevailing myths about sex work and recognise its complexity and diversity.

She states: “I think people have big misconceptions about who uses an escort and for that reason, I think it’s looked down upon.” She adds that she has few friends because she feels judged by others who do not accept her occupation. She distances herself from those who are not supportive.

In the UK, sex work is legal under certain conditions, but it is still subject to social stigma and misinformation. Many people have negative stereotypes about sex workers and their clients, assuming that they are degrading themselves or engaging with undesirable individuals. However, these assumptions are not based on empirical evidence or personal experience. According to one sex worker, clients come from diverse backgrounds and appearances, and they are not necessarily ‘creeps or perverts’. Therefore, it is important to challenge the prevailing myths about sex work and recognise its complexity and diversity."123


Three massage parlours in one area have shut down as men cut back their spending, and energy bills rise.

A receptionist who books men into a massage parlour has lifted the lid on the industry's secrets - and the impact of the cost of living crisis. She says their business is now the only one in the area as others have been forced to close because of rising costs.

The parlour in an unsuspecting terrace has taken on clients from three nearby parlours that have closed down. BirminghamLive found 15 parlours which advertised their services in 2022, were no longer available, with mobile numbers disconnected.

Diana R. Johnson Chair, Home Affairs Committee, Chair, Home Affairs Committee

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, what steps her Department is taking to stop commercial websites partly or wholly dedicated to advertising prostitution from facilitating trafficking for sexual exploitation and other sexual offences.

Chris Philp The Minister of State, Home Department

Tackling modern slavery, including online sexual exploitation remains a top priority for this Government, and we are committed to stamping out this abhorrent crime. Since its introduction, the Modern Slavery Act 2015, has given law enforcement agencies the tools to tackle modern slavery, with maximum life sentences for perpetrators and enhanced protection for victims, including children.

We know that traffickers may use adult services websites (ASW) to advertise victims of modern slavery for sexual exploitation and that is why we are working closely with law enforcement partners and online companies to ensure they live up to their responsibilities of preventing their services from being used for criminal activity. Through Project AIDANT, the series of National Crime Agency-led operational intensifications, operational activity to target exploitation associated with ASWs has increased.

Furthermore, under the Online Safety Bill, all in scope companies will need to take action to prevent the use of their services for criminal activity. Illegal content will need to be removed expeditiously and the risk of it appearing and spreading across their services will need to be minimised by effective systems. For priority categories set out in legislation, companies will need to take particularly robust action. This includes sexual exploitation offences contained in the Sexual Offences Act (2003). For these offences, companies will need to consider the necessary systems and processes to identify, assess and address these offences based on a risk assessment. This might mean more resource for content moderation or limiting algorithmic promotion of content.

The Home Office is also providing £1.36m over the next 3 years to ‘Changing Lives’ for their Net-Reach project, which will tackle Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) online, providing early intervention and targeted support for women and girls at high-risk of commercial online exploitation and the risk on online sexual harm.

This article is written by a sex worker. She found that countless clients were using her services to heal from body shame. Most specifically penis size.

One twenty something client opened up about his cock size, and thus his ability to give pleasure t a woman.  He opened up, and I realised he had grown up watching porn, and that his manhood was not as big as the Porn Star studs.

The story (ed. I have heard the myself), is that sex work can often be healing work. Helping to boost confidence, helping to process grief. This sex worker found she was part therapist, part pleasure provider and part healer t her clients.

Definitely a good read.


Unlike the coronavirus – which turned out to be especially virulent – the monkeypox virus is proving to be more selective and certainly nowhere near as infectious.

When monkeypox emerged in the UK just a few weeks ago, there was barely any mention of which groups were at risk. Partly because we didn’t know – but even when it did become clearer that it was men who have sex with men who were particularly susceptible to contracting the virus, there was a fear that saying this publicly could foster stigma for a group all too familiar with bigotry.

But now the UK Heath Security Agency has at last unveiled its strategy to try and mitigate the spread of the monkeypox virus – and its main intervention will be to offer a vaccine to gay and bisexual men.

While I agree with using public health intelligence to target those most at risk of contracting this virus, they seem to have neglected one group that also face an elevated risk: female sex workers. Monkeypox won’t give a jot whether sexual intimacy happens between same sex or mixed sex couples. Those who have more sex, with multiple partners, are still at risk.

Not for the first time have women been overlooked when a virus emerges, and public health advice and intervention begin to be formulated. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, when HIV emerged and began spreading among the male gay community, women were ignored – particularly female sex workers.

There is an amendment which has been made to the online safety bill in the UK parliament. If this amendment goes through, it will effectively stop online advertising for escorts.  Hosting companies will be responsible for removing prostitution related advertising.  That includes twitter and escort directories.

Now, with a new law going through parliament with the intention of making online spaces safer, sex workers are worried that their jobs could get a lot more dangerous, forcing them into making riskier choices like Audrey found herself doing during lockdown.

A recent amendment to the Online Safety Bill (which will be scrutinised next week by the Public Bill Committee) will target online adverts for sexual services in a bid to stop traffickers from using online platforms to exploit victims. The Online Safety Bill is a huge piece of legislation with multiple focuses but is primarily aimed at protecting children and other vulnerable groups from harmful online content. However, the recent amendment lays out "inciting or controlling prostitution for gain" as a priority offence that tech companies must crack down on. 

Time for Yourself

2022-01-30 ExoticaEscortAaliyah

Hello Gentleman,

I'm stil your sexy mature lady with slim figure size 8.  I am a sensuous sinuos and experienced to have the best girlfriend experience.  And I am prepared to see you get a company of a friend who will understand your needs and be able to converse intelligently.




20 people caught by police at new 'hotspot for sex workers' in one night in Sparkhill

The area around Sparkhill park has become a hotspot for solicting sex. The police issued 15 crime prevention notices during the preventative operation, and over 20 individuals have been warned. In recent weeks the Sparkhill park is being used for sexual activities by some of the local residents," the force said. After a foot-chase and questioning a few individuals, it appears to be a new hotspot for sex workers. No mention as to whether those warned and given crime prevention notices where the sex workers or their clients.

(Image: Springfield WMP)



We all need a hug at Christmas

Happy Christmas Everyone 

It looks like Christmas isn't totally cancelled - so let's make hay while we can. 

Don't forget to spoil yourself ...


Annabelle xxx


Be sure to check out the blog post for Autumn 2020 tours on my website.

Student escorts need to be supported. This article is about a student escort who worked as a full-service escort during her undergraduate degree and then continued after her degree. She enjoyed the job. After she wanted to leave she had no choice but to continue because of poverty and then started to feel trapped by the job.

It is important in this job to plan your exit strategy, save your money and invest it to secure a way out in the future. (editor)

She then approached counselling and found no help. She was even discharged from a rape recovery centre because she was deemed as putting herself in debt. 

After many years she finally met a Community Psychiatric Nurse who believed her and told her there was no shame in being an escort.

From her experience, she has set up a group called Support for Student Sex Workers, a sex worker-led organisation. It is the only one in the country.  Her group has trained universities throughout the UK.

It hurts her that people have said we are ‘pimping out’ our students because it simply isn’t true.

If you are a student and want their help, the contact

A serial rapist convicted of a string of attacks on women in Birmingham has been jailed for life.

Esa Juwara, 21, violently attacked Birmingham escorts and prostitutes in the Ladywood area of the city from 2019, West Midlands Police said.

He used a bike chain to assault some of his victims, and punched one woman so hard she lost a tooth.

Juwara, who was found guilty of 11 offences at Birmingham Crown Court, must serve a minimum of 18 years.

A serial rapist who approached women on his pushbike faces a lengthy jail term for brutal attacks on five sex workers in Birmingham.

Esa Juwara began his campaign of sexual assaults in March 2019. He approached his first victim on Reservoir Road on his pushbike in the early hours of March 10.

When she refused his advances, he grabbed her and threatened her with a knife but fortunately her friends heard her screams and as they came running, Juwara made off.

Then in July 2019 Juwara attacked another sex worker on Ladywood Road.

Two women were tied up and 'feared they would die' when an armed gang burst into their home and demanded cash.

One of the victims resisted but was threatened with being shot and had a pillow and gun put over her face.

Now one of the raiders, Amaan Lone, 28, of Malthouse Lane, Short Heath, has been jailed for 13 years. He had previously pleaded guilty to two charges of robbery, possessing a blade, possessing an imitation firearm with intent, and possessing cannabis.

Aaron Gardner, 29, "derived pleasure" from "terrifying and humiliating" five women who he met and robbed in hotel rooms, a court heard.

Over the course of three months last summer, the court heard, Gardner "booked sexual services" and arranged to meet the women in London, Birmingham and Nottingham.

Judge Gregory Dickinson QC, sentencing, said Gardner had stolen cash - sometimes totalling thousands of pounds - and spent much of it on gambling.

Judge Dickinson, who said the offences were of "considerable violence and seriousness", also sentenced him to five years on extended licence.

For 12 years I worked as an escort, I also did occasional phone & cam work. I varied between working full time and part time, but around half was full time and the other half part time.

I've been put off doing one of these because of how they usually go but I'm always banging on about people making assumptions about sex workers and accepting stereotypes about us so I might as well.

To be clear, this is a thread for people who want to ask questions, not for people who just want to make a point about sex work or sex workers.

Anyway, if anybody cares...ask away

A woman has been arrested on suspicion of laundering money for a man who ran a network of over 400 properties used by organised crime groups involved in prostitution, cannabis cultivation and illegal immigration. She was arrested in Ipswich. She is alleged to launder money for a Birmingham based man, who operated brothels, cannabis farms and to house illegal immigrants.

A fascinating story by Lauren on how she became a sex worker. Starting from overheard conversations at work, watching films about escorting, taking the plunge and joining an agency and finally going independent.

An excellent blog post by Lauren Brook on how she became an independent escort.

I live and work near Birmingham. In the office, my colleagues walk past me with a nod and a smile, and no break in their step. We are all incredibly busy you see. During the day I’ll be wearing my glasses and my hair will be pinned back, my makeup if worn at all, will be minimal. Occasionally I may surprise a work friend, with a slightly risqué remark which may raise an eyebrow, before a brief pause and a surprised chuckle. However, for the most part I like to blend in…

City escorts are still meeting Brummie men for sex - despite the coronavirus lockdown.

At least 17 local call girls were still 'available and working' on just one internet forum on Monday (March 30).

The English Collective of Prostitutes demanded worker status for thousands of workers across the country.

The group said: "Much sex work involves personal contact – exactly what we are being warned against if the virus is to be contained.

"The virus comes on top of a crisis of poverty, especially among women. Most sex workers are mothers, mainly single mothers, who have been made poorer by austerity cuts.

"Figures show one and a half million people have been made destitute by government policies and four million children are living in poverty. That means that 100,000s of families in the UK rely on the income from sex work to survive."

The group continues: "Sex workers’ income is down and for some women it has almost disappeared. Some women are turning to non-contact forms of sex work like camming where possible.