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Nottinghamshire BBW - These are the larger woman, generally with a dress size of 16 and larger

Nottinghamshire Mature - An older escort. Mature means different ages to different clients. I presume the older the client is, the older the lady is to be mature.

Nottinghamshire Ebony - A black lady.

Nottinghamshire Models - A model refers to a girl who has a model figure, complexion and hair. She will be slim tall and beautiful. She will generally command a high fee.

Nottinghamshire Teen - A younger escort who is 18 to 21 years old.

Nottinghamshire in the news.

Police continue to target clients of Nottingham escorts in the Arboretum area - 3rd October 2019

Sixteen men were spotted over two nights attempting to purchase sex on the Arboretum area of Nottingham. Most will be reeducated on the evils of paying women for sex. Some other six vehicles driving through the area slowly, talking with the women have been sent warning letters. The actual street Nottingham escorts were spoken to and pointed in the direction of outreach organisations. 

Since 2004, nearly 1,800 men have been dealt with in relation to buying sex. Of those, more than 1,100 have been put forward for the course. Only 40 of those men have gone on to re-offend. I expect most have become more cany or decided to book the escorts by phone who work indoors.


Be warned Nottinghamshire police are turning their attention to indoor escorts - 23rd August 2019

Police are visiting residential properties believed to be used by women providing sexual services. They are using intelligence from local residents. Police state their main reason for these visits is "safeguarding". They don't want to criminalise the females, but third parties. We know of course the women will be deported.

More than 200 letters delivered to Arboretum residents about escorting in the area - 12th August 2019

More than 200 letters have been delivered to residents of the area, asking residents to inform on sex workers who are working there. OK, what defies believe is this statement from the police, the police have worked to build up a rapport with the women working on Forest Road and the Arboretum as well as weed out the unwanted kerb crawlers. This begs a couple of questions, are there wanted kerb crawlers? If there aren't any welcome kerb-crawlers, then I can only see this rapport with the sex workers is one way. I can't see any of the sex workers there want the police arresting their clients.

March 7th 2019 How sex workers in Nottingham are empowering themselves through horse therapy

POW a charity, funded by the Lottery is supporting mainly street-based sex workers in the city of Nottingham. Using Equine Therapy and building a relationship with a horse they hop sex workers can build trust and confidence. Some of the 300 street-based sex workers have been out to the fields to participate in this therapy. The charity says it is not trying to encourage sex workers to move out of the industry but to offer them lifestyle choices.

Read more at Nottinghamshire Live


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Agencies In Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire Sex Work News

Nottingham-based sex workers and former industry workers urged to trial a new safety tool. Co-designed with sex workers, researchers ready for industry testing. Dr. Larissa Sandy of Nottingham Univ. Sociology School & Sam Richardson-Martin from POW Nottingham drive for improved crime reporting, targeting safety.

Tool aims to boost justice access anonymously; assists in investigations if reported to police, curbing re-traumatization. Stats show street-based sex workers face 12x higher workplace violence risks. Prevailing police relations limit justice access, hampering reporting.

UK's legal sex work is marred by illegal facets, deterring workers from reporting crimes fearing arrest or stigma. Initial workshops saw oversubscription; similar expectations for success.

Participants engage in scenario-based workshops and interviews, testing the tool with POW Nottingham's police liaison officer. Novel evaluation methods including cognitive interviews for question design and memory recall employed.

Dr. Sandy lauded sex workers' contributions, key in shaping the tool's usability. Richardson-Martin at POW Nottingham sees the tool as empowering for sex workers, fostering agency amid violence.

Excitement brews among POW Nottingham staff and supported sex workers for the tool's potential effectiveness in tackling physical and sexual violence.

Date of Event: Thursday, May 4th 2023

Time of Event: 9:30 AM — 1:15 PM

Place of Event: Webinar

There were believed to be 105,000 individuals in the UK who are involved in prostitution, up from 72,000 in 2016. The vast majority of these are women. The cost-of-living crisis is pushing yet more women into sex work and forcing them to take work from violent and exploitative clients. A 2015 National Ugly Mugs Our survey with Leeds University found 49% of sex workers were “worried” or “very worried” about their safety and 47% have been targeted by offenders. Meanwhile, 49% were either “unconfident” or “very unconfident” that police would take their reports seriously. It is estimated that 152 sex workers were murdered in the UK between 1990 and 2015. The charity Beyond the Streets highlights that 76% of those involved in prostitution experience some form of post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of this work.

Currently, sex work is legal in England, Wales and Scotland, but many of the surrounding aspects remain illegal, such as solicitation or running a brothel. The UK government have stated though that whilst they do not intend to change the law around sex work, they are committed to tackling the harm and exploitation associated with sex work. The Scottish government has also been criticised for focussing their support in this area towards charities that are not backed by sex workers, and that are focussed on getting people out of the industry rather than supporting those in it.

The Home Affairs Committee’s 2016 report, Prostitution, recommended a shift to complete decriminalisation. Dan Vajzovic, the National Police Chief Council’s lead for prostitution, who is working alongside government officials to reassess brothel keeping legislation, has called on the government to review prostitution laws to ensure sex workers can work together on the same premises to remain safe. This would “better enable the police to focus our resources on protecting sex workers and tackling those who are controlling or exploiting,” Vajzovic argues. According to National Ugly Mugs, sex workers are ten times safer working indoors than on the streets.

Christine Jardine MP, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for women and equalities, who supports the decriminalisation of brothel keeping, has called for a proper government strategy to accompany it. Also supporting decriminalisation of brothels, Labour MP, Nadia Whittome, has highlighted that “Other laws aimed at sex work – such as soliciting – should also be repealed, to improve sex workers’ rights, safety and ability to leave the sex industry if they choose. Alongside decriminalisation, the government must urgently tackle the growing levels of poverty that are pushing more women into sex work to make ends meet.”

This timely symposium will provide sex workers, safeguarding boards, police forces, local authorities, and social care providers with an opportunity to identify and debate priorities for reform and develop strategies for protecting and expanding the rights of sex workers.

Hey, did you hear about the police raid that happened last week? It was about some bad guys who were making women work as prostitutes and taking their money. The police went to three places in Milton Keynes, Nottingham and Peterborough and arrested four people. They also found a lot of cash and a fancy car that the bad guys bought with their dirty money. The police had some experts with them who could help the women if they were trapped or scared by the bad guys. The police officer in charge said that this was a very serious crime and that they were still investigating. He said that sometimes the bad guys trick women from poor countries into coming to the UK and then take away their passports and force them to do sex work. That’s so awful, don’t you think?

A guide has been published with information on the law relating to sex workers, and where to get help. The guide has information on working safley.


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Derelict farm/ Chic Hippie Location

Swings – Use one our swings from tyre swings over stream, rope ladder swings and tree rope swings.

Barns and outbuildings – Two main barns and sheds to shoot in. The one barn has a beautiful Welsh stone outside staircase leading you to the barn loft. The barn loft features wooden floor and oak beans, beautiful Welsh stone walls and Welsh slate roof.

Derelict farmhouse – old derelict farmhouse although it’s perfectly safe to enter.

Derelict old kitchen, old dark bedroom, old stone and wood Mantle place, old stone walls with oak beams, and beamed walls in living room, old wood burner, cottage garden with old stone wall background.

Streams, natural springs, picnics

Are you brave enough for a nude stream glamour shoot? Or be adventurous on our robe tyre swing over the stream. We also have natural springs and ponds to shoot next too as well.  

Ever fancied a nude picnic shoot out in the countryside? Well, now is your chance! Put down your picnic blanket, set out the picnic table and strip off and start sexily posing in your birthday suit.

Old stonework backgrounds – The 18th century barns and outbuildings are built from Welsh stone and Welsh slate. Perfect for an Urban explorer feel photo shoot.

Haybale barns – Roll around in the haybales and have a farm country girl shoot!

Yurts, Tepee & Touring Caravan – shoot a hippie chick look in a luxury yurt, tepee, or touring caravan. Perfect for a relaxed hippie chic look or gypsy caravan shoot.

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Mud shoot -ever fancied a mud fight or a mud wrestling match? Then our location is perfect for you! Plenty of rain and mud pools in Wales. Remember to bring your wellies or boots, raincoat, and water.

Sandwiches, snacks, and flask of tea / coffee will be provided.

17th December 2021 marks the 18th International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers (or IDEVASW), a day when sex workers and allies around the world gather to remember those we have lost due to stigma, marginalisation and harm.

Last year, and in previous years, National Ugly Mugs (NUM) invited you to join us and say their names. This year, we ask you to do more. We ask all of you to take time to remember our colleagues and friends alongside us, and then resolve to continue fighting for equal rights for all members of society.

Olease watch the Nationl Ugly Mugs video which includes a statement fron @NadiaWhittomeMP Nadia Whittome is a Labour MP who supports decriminilisation of sex work.