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Escort Charlotte Rose from Nottingham regularly has to lie to rent property - 5th November 2019

Charlotte and escort and mother of two has opened up about the struggle she has to find a place to live with her family. The issues are due to her occupation, an escort and sex worker. She has previously been evicted because of her line of work and has since started to lie about her work when finding a place to live.  The article goes to pieces at the end, because it says she lives with her partner Colin Chapman. Colin died several months ago after a motorcycle accident.


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Nottingham-based sex workers and former industry workers urged to trial a new safety tool. Co-designed with sex workers, researchers ready for industry testing. Dr. Larissa Sandy of Nottingham Univ. Sociology School & Sam Richardson-Martin from POW Nottingham drive for improved crime reporting, targeting safety.

Tool aims to boost justice access anonymously; assists in investigations if reported to police, curbing re-traumatization. Stats show street-based sex workers face 12x higher workplace violence risks. Prevailing police relations limit justice access, hampering reporting.

UK's legal sex work is marred by illegal facets, deterring workers from reporting crimes fearing arrest or stigma. Initial workshops saw oversubscription; similar expectations for success.

Participants engage in scenario-based workshops and interviews, testing the tool with POW Nottingham's police liaison officer. Novel evaluation methods including cognitive interviews for question design and memory recall employed.

Dr. Sandy lauded sex workers' contributions, key in shaping the tool's usability. Richardson-Martin at POW Nottingham sees the tool as empowering for sex workers, fostering agency amid violence.

Excitement brews among POW Nottingham staff and supported sex workers for the tool's potential effectiveness in tackling physical and sexual violence.

Hey, did you hear about the police raid that happened last week? It was about some bad guys who were making women work as prostitutes and taking their money. The police went to three places in Milton Keynes, Nottingham and Peterborough and arrested four people. They also found a lot of cash and a fancy car that the bad guys bought with their dirty money. The police had some experts with them who could help the women if they were trapped or scared by the bad guys. The police officer in charge said that this was a very serious crime and that they were still investigating. He said that sometimes the bad guys trick women from poor countries into coming to the UK and then take away their passports and force them to do sex work. That’s so awful, don’t you think?

17th December 2021 marks the 18th International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers (or IDEVASW), a day when sex workers and allies around the world gather to remember those we have lost due to stigma, marginalisation and harm.

Last year, and in previous years, National Ugly Mugs (NUM) invited you to join us and say their names. This year, we ask you to do more. We ask all of you to take time to remember our colleagues and friends alongside us, and then resolve to continue fighting for equal rights for all members of society.

Olease watch the Nationl Ugly Mugs video which includes a statement fron @NadiaWhittomeMP Nadia Whittome is a Labour MP who supports decriminilisation of sex work.



Labour MP Nadia Whittome has donated thousands of pounds to a Nottingham charity which supports sex workers in the city.

The MP for Nottingham East has given £7,000 to POW Nottingham, based in Independent Street, Radford, as part of her “workers' wage” pledge.

When elected to Parliament in December last year, she pledged to take home £35,000 of her MP salary of more than £81,000 and donate the rest to local causes.

Five men and one woman have been jailed for running a brothel which exploited young Romanian women to be sex workers.

The gang’s business model was to advertise the sexual services of young women on the internet, and then move them from town to town across Lancashire - including towns near Bury.

“We want to offer help and advice for people who think they may be victims of human trafficking or slavery.

“There are a number of ways you can contact someone for help. You don’t have to speak directly to the police there are charities that can help you. You can also ring some services anonymously; you do not have to give your name or go to court or give a statement.”

Aaron Gardner, 29, "derived pleasure" from "terrifying and humiliating" five women who he met and robbed in hotel rooms, a court heard.

Over the course of three months last summer, the court heard, Gardner "booked sexual services" and arranged to meet the women in London, Birmingham and Nottingham.

Judge Gregory Dickinson QC, sentencing, said Gardner had stolen cash - sometimes totalling thousands of pounds - and spent much of it on gambling.

Judge Dickinson, who said the offences were of "considerable violence and seriousness", also sentenced him to five years on extended licence.

A SEX worker, who is in such high demand she sees men just two minutes apart, has revealed what her job is really like.

Ellie, 19, from Nottingham, who appears on Channel 5’s Adults Only, now earns a six-figure wage having entered the business three years ago at just 16.


Is this likely., customers seeing her when she was 16 and 17 were breaking the law.

Ellie, 19, from Nottingham, said she's close to earning six figures per year thanks to her sex work during a segment on Adults Only: S******* 9 to 5,' airing tonight at 10pm on Channel 5. 

The sex worker, who has been in the business for three years, was seen on the show waiting for clients in a Manchester hotel room she had booked for her 'weekend of work.'

A Nottinghamshire couple ran a prostitution ring where Chinese women would see up to 12 'customers' for sex each day.

Philip Godfrey, 47, and Lam Lai Man, 52, used encrypted instant messaging apps to find the women, who were often not familiar with Britain or its language.

The women would then travel to Lincoln and be taken to a flat where they would remain for almost an entire week and see up to 12 customers for sex, each day.

A review of the play 'Band of Gold'.

From the moment a minimalistic set slides into place and reveals Bradford’s red-light district, with Gaynor Faye’s hardened sex worker, Rose proclaiming ‘no one works the Lane without my permission’ – we enter a world of sleaze and crime.